Pear and Cherry


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  1. they look frozen, or suspended in time. Really cool. So pretty.

  2. spring greens
    easter yellows

    v.nice, c

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  3. Your photos? Lovely, truly! Look at that pollen, I sneeze in support!

  4. where's the like button?

  5. The pears are just getting started here. The first cherries, Sakura, have spent themselves out ... now waiting for the second wave! The camelias ... the magnolias ... ah, they are so beautiful they make pre-mesntrual me cry. Do you have camelias there? They're so amazing, every time I walk past them, on or off the tree, my new camera jumps at the chance to fotograf them!

  6. Lovely, lovely!
    I can feel those tiny silky petals, just from the photos! :)
    None of that here yet.....


  7. Beautiful pictures - I think they would make lovely paintings, too. :) They do make me want to sneeze. haha.

  8. My cat Lola would love to get at those flowers!

  9. Oh, they are just so beautiful, my kind of colours, I adore them, the stamens with their yellow pollen are so pretty. xoxo ♡

  10. Happy Easter to you dear Chickory, Val, Trout, Koby and the hens. xoxo ♡

  11. boxer: what a great way to put it!

    joanna cake: thank you!

    /t: spring bonnet sonnet

    fish: yip yip yip! goodbye freezing days. i wont miss you.

    pam: i love the texture the pollen adds. atchoo.

    foamy: right here!

    faery: yes we have camellias! i like the one called candy cane which is red and white varigated petals. i dont have one, but i pass one on my walk. one of the posts had camellias...i have two pinks a bright and a pale. i love them too. your photos are wonderful.

    anne: i shall wish them your way then!

    yoborobo: funny you should say that..i am painting one from a few weeks ago now -lenten rose and cherry blossoms. i bet i have something to show this weekend.

    xl: what a pretty picture that would make- kit n blooms.

    dianne: these are your colors! and mine too. i love yellow and fresh pale green with white. mmmmmmm

    happy easter to you , and all!

  12. Culinary Smackdown notification is UP, LMAO !

  13. Sigh..............
    big sigh.....................

    Love yore new look. Quite elegant.

    tryin' to catch up readin' backwards--3.24 got to me. Sorry fer yore mama troubles--is it the season for our dear sweet ole mama? (yores, Foamy's , mine?) Lovely tableau.

  14. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Springs busting out all over. Here it's Cherry Blossom and Daffodils


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