Dim Sum Sunday: Peeps challenge


Over at the Karmic Kitchen theres an epic and iconic spring showdown brewing; the battle of the peeps. Peeps exist to rot teeth, fuel sugar meltdowns and provide sustenance to post-apocalyptic roaches.

They are not suitable for eating, only art. I didnt have time to make a museum piece like the peep kimona, so instead i went pragmatic. Peep wreath.

ingredients: peeps, glue gun, ribbon, flowers, cardboard, krylon varnish

I chose one sacrificial guinea peep to submit to varnish testing. I was concerned the varnish would destroy the peep, but nope, the peep took her coating with out so much as a...well, you know. It was clear the varnish and the peep were simpatico on a very molecular level.

i cut a cardboard form and made the bow.

started filling the board with peeps

I filled all the spaces in between the peeps with leaves and flowers.

The final

My review: the finished wreath has a truly sinister vibe. Its like a big plastic funeral decoration that mocks you on the way out. Perhaps this wreath could be the cautionary logo of a childhood obesity campaign. It looks innocent enough ( ha! Like marionettes do). This wreath reminds me of a Jeff Koons sculpture , whom ive always kind of hated, but now i think i will appropriate a koonsian stance and say this piece is an ironic statement on american culture.

This wreath should be as effective as lambs blood on your door when the weird passover smoke.... (you saw the ten commandments with charleton heston, right?...) comes creeping up your street. Happy Easter!


  1. Freakishly good. Can't take my eyes off and I am jealous with envy that you knocked this out. :-) And your critique is even better. I think there's probably more varnish in a peep than in that can, so all is good. I will be working on mine this week.

  2. i think there is a museum of the tackiest schizz on earth. i demand to be included! its surreal its so YELLOW for starters and all those little eyes. I knocked it out in just under 2 hours not counting the excruciating line at the mexican dollar store.

  3. You have rocked the Peep World to it's core. Martha Stewart is seething with Peep wreath jealosy. A most excellent Dim Sum creation.

  4. Love your take on this challenge, especially your self-review :) I have a feeling I will be haunted by strange peep dreams tonight . . .

    Happy DSS!

  5. I'm horrified. I will sleep with the lights on forevermore. Sob!

    Damn, if that weren't so frightening it would be so-kitschy-it's-cute. Haha Well done, well done. How much do I love that you varnished the damn things?! LOL

  6. My first encounter with Peeps was buying them at the after Easter clearance sale at K-Mart. Classy in every possible way.

    By serendipity, I am plagued with Peeps this week...

  7. Awesome in a scary kind of way!!!lol.

  8. Well, Chickory - have the peeps stopped screaming?
    You still wake up sometimes, don't you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the peeps.

    That thing will not only ward off the myst of death but vampires and Amway salesmen too. I would have thought the hot glue would have eaten through the peeps but they look like they're holding fast. I think this will do for Halloween too. Pretty sick.

  9. Excelente! I instantly thought of it as a funeral wreath. Dark. I like it.

  10. you know, i have a collection of disturbing easter rabbit photographs. looks like i need to expand into disturbing craft projects as well.

    the wheel of tooth decay

    the yellow pollen peep plague

  11. Tee hee! Yes, a nice foil to all the sweetness and light of what represents Spring and Easter!

    The gray background on your blog makes the colours really pop!

  12. Oh my. That's simply beautiful. So cheery and yet, at the same time? So weird.

  13. chick'ry3/29/2010 11:09 AM

    im modifying it now. either adding more pink flowers or taking them out and having only purple accents. thus accentuating the funerary vibe.

  14. moi: shall i ship it to you? lol

  15. Preserve this! Display the peeps memorial the next time you must get out the executioners board for prolapsed hens.
    OR ....
    hang it over the shower head for "V" to discover. Very psycho I know, but then V will never wonder if you are mad at him. He will know in a very goose bumpy way.
    Do I hear someone saying,
    " NO! Peanut NO!" ?????

  16. I think this wreath might outlive us all -- all that preserved sugar varnished to last a lifetime!! Long live the Peeps Wreath. Interesting that you chose the chicks instead of the bunnies, but then maybe I'm not surprised. However, that artist I highlighted also has some freaky Easter pics somewhere, let me go see if I can find them!

  17. http://www.eyefetch.com/image.aspx?ID=288913



  18. the easter bunny3/29/2010 9:07 PM

    AHHHHHHH! you stole my peeps!

  19. kamar varnish, eh? i might have to try that on children..

  20. it just gets freakier and freakier.....

  21. You must, you simply must, send the wreath to the Peeps manufacturing CEO. Who knows, you might get a free trip to China.

  22. That is so cute, I have heard the word 'peeps' mentioned on so many American blogs before and thought it was a shortened version of 'people' now I finally realise what it means...thanks chickory dear. xoxo ♥

  23. I keep coming back to visit to see the wreath again and again. It's like I'm hyp-no-tized.

  24. Good afternoon Chickory,

    My blood sugar is going up just looking at it.

    You should send it to the manufacturer. You'd never know, you might earn the price of finishing the studio.

  25. beautiful. I sorta want it just to have it around. :)

  26. Nah,
    Shamu is Peep-no-thighzed

  27. sure,
    it's beauty,
    how is it on the BBQ?

    × × ×


  28. Ande, a true southern creation---something that looks so good and is so bad like all that fried food.
    I’ll bet Hallmark would snap it for for a card design.
    You are a mad genius and I love you.. Mom

  29. thanks for stopping by, sugar! i am feeling so damn unworthy and surely, void of any possible talent! *sigh* almost need to hid out here on the plantation i'm such a southern disgrace. but i will try! xoxox


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