Perfect Timing (Happy Easter)



  1. What a tiny thing!

    Found one in the yard two years ago. It lives in the front yard beds.

    ooh wait! it's not that holy grail rabbit ..

    in that case, merry easter!

  3. Happy Easter to you, Chicory. Very sunny, beautiful weather here. Took my son to the Easter egg hunt at the church... then playing in the backyard with a friend's two kids. Simple pleasures. The sun really helped to burn out some moderately nasty bug that was going through my system. Spring really is a rebirth of spirit, as well as the physical world!

  4. Neat video. Good thing Jimmy Carter wasn't visiting!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Simply Kissed Photography4/04/2010 10:25 PM

    I can't believe you just hold that thing and it didn't even run. You're like the bunny whisperer :)

  6. awwww

    that's so cute

    now, where are my bbq tongs...

    × × ×


  7. new pet? Bunny feels OK to let you pick up?

    Sunshine at Chickory?

    I'm glad to see goodness. Happy Easter.

  8. Now that is very very cuuuute! Just the cheer i needed.

    thx for this and happy easter to you.

  9. I can't believe it let you get that close and then pick it up. The buunies on my property are realy skittish. You must be a distant relative of Dr. Doolittle.

  10. Easter blessings on all of the Chickory Kingdom!

  11. I was out shooting photos yesterday and discoverd many more rabbits on the property than I thought I had! It was fun watching their little white powder-puff tails take off through the shrub!
    Hope you had a great day!


  12. What an adorable little rabbit, so small with beautiful eyes ... it seems that chickory is blessed and abounds with all that is beautiful in Nature ... it looks sunny, I hope you had a lovely day. xoxoxo ♥

  13. So much cuteness that I can't stand it!

  14. xl: so widdle. and dear. *sniff*

    foamy: youre me. i had the same thought as i approached it, grherhahaha

    publius: i hope you had a great easter too! sounds like it. spring is the greatest....its when i am in love with the world. with the earth. i never think of romance (like the birds and bees do) in spring. for me, thats fall, when you have to hunker down and prepare for cold weather.

    troll: what do you mean, about jimmeh cawder? happy easter

    edith: ha! it was terrified...and glad to see me. the dogs flushed it out. i returned her to the hedgerow and hopefully she will be fine.

    /t: you certainly are an omnivore! lambs, wabbits....

    boxer...yeah, it was scared. i wouldnt have bothered it but the dogs were way too curious and even if they didnt bite her they might have mauled her or scared her to death. shes a wild thing..not a pet. but i hope she has a long happy life here (away from my lettuce!)

    faerie: happy easter. i loved how you observed it on your blog. just gorgeous. xo

    buzz: im working on the dr doolittle thing. im going to talk to the animals: "dont eat the blueberries please"

    fishy: blessing to you, fish. was yours a good one? did you see the mermaid?

    anne: hi! what a great blessing to have some many creatures on your place. thats a testimony to your good heart.

    dianne: it was a perfect day. blue with the occasional puffy cloud...i watched sense and sensibility last night and thought of you often.

    pam: insane crazy cute. i am reminded of a cartoon: "im gonna hug it, and love it and squeeze it.....*repeat*" grherhahha

    dani: *nose twtiching" ditto!

  15. chickens

    × × ×

  16. /t: noooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. Thank you for thinking of me dear chickory, I just love that film ... something strange is happening as I cannot see the comment I left here for you ... maybe my computer is going awry once again. xoxoxo ♡


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