Palm Sunday



  1. The gallery is simply elegant. Palm Sunday perfectly beautiful. Wonderful background wash. The whole piece is easily as magnificent as Night Garden. Thanks for putting it up. Really, I just love it!

  2. I love this too. Wasn't gonna go to church this Palm Sunday but now maybe I think I should ....

  3. nina: thank you! this is gouache on board. impossible to get a solid background color, so the wash is a scumbled surface. with heave deposits of white, it reads like egg tempera. thanks for stopping by!

    pam: well, this painting IS church for me. this has been a distressingly hard week in catholic news and its not the first time. im angry that the laity once again are left to explain the unexplainable. my church is going to have to be the forest and my books for now because i just cant ...

    foamy: thank you!

  4. Chickory,
    how charming
    to produce
    a "piece"
    which clearly
    "Peace be With You"

  5. Pretty. Good on you for building your personal relationship with Christ Jesus in the forest and through your paintings.

    I WAS going to type something about the alternative but...

  6. It makes me calm and peaceful to look at. I love sheep.

    Also like the way you've organized your blog.


  7. This has a very old world religious feal to it.

    And is it me or is that a mutated pot leaf? It invokes a different kind of peace.

  8. This is lovely and evokes a feeling of peace with the subtle green background, the palm frond, the sheep and the symbols of alpha and omega ... "I am the Alpha and Omega,the beginning and the end, the first and the last".
    Book of Revelation.

    xoxo ♥

  9. Buzz,
    that's a Palm know for Palm Sunday?


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