Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Chickory


The Harvest Hen one of 12 felt hen ornaments made for my Handmade Holiday starting Dec. 2 
Thanksgiving miracle! Easter in the laying box trying to git 'r done.

Kobayashi Maru looking all Field n' Stream

from the "you know you're a redneck when" collection: chickens just asking to be thrown in a smoker

Nutty Brown headed in to investigate the turkey proceedings
I started the morning, after a lazy and cozy sog under the quilts, with Paula Deen's recipe for squash cassarole. Since I started growing food, my tradition is to cook my frozen summer squash on Thanksgiving day. Its made with sharp cheddar and sour cream, onions and a top coat of Ritz crackers. Its the worst thing I make, health wise. Then I made sauteed green beans with almonds and a light sauce of turkey broth and a tiny shake o flour. Next I made apple crisp because V read that pie crust is the absolute worst thing you can eat. So I found a recipe with mostly apples and a crunchy top made with rolled oats. I also made some chocolate whoopie pies to try for the Handmade Holiday opening night, and they are a go. Delicious! Then I peeled my sweet potatoes (also home grown) to mash and my part is complete. V handles the turkey, the asparagus and the booze. I bought him a brand new Weber smoker on monday for 41 dollars - a close out down from 299! He is thrilled because it got a great review in Cook's magazine. At 3 pm i will have champagne and hope I can stay awake for the meal. And the rest of the day will be shot.

Yesterday I was up on the mountain where I got lost a few weeks ago and looked over the ranges of 3 states from the summit. It was so beautiful watching the still somewhat turbulent sky make its pinks and cool blue cloud sunsets. You only see those colors in winter.  The wind from the south had calmed but there were still whispers in the pines and the maraca like rattles of brittle leaves clinging to maples and birches and ash. My love for these mountains and forests of north georgia is so big sometimes I think I will burst of joy for living here. It is a privilege to live in such a natural setting that still has some wildness to it, and I am indeed giving thanks.

I wish everyone in my blog family, a very blessed day, today, tomorrow, each and everyday and extend that blessing to all that you hold dear. xo Chickory


  1. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. Really cool pix of all the Chickory cast-o-characters (and pickup!).

    Wow! Great deal for V on the smoker!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, my sister!

  3. Looks like a glorious day in your mountains, Chicky! Enjoy some fine hand-made, hand-raised vittles, and if you have a chance, more about your chocolate whoopie pies, please!


  4. Happy thanksgiving Cat!! the smoker did a great job on the turkey. im very pleased.

    susan: happy thanksgiving darlin'!

    eggy: very nice today -cold but not shiver cold. night light. very relaxed. ahhhh. I will tell you about the whoopie pies! I also have a gumbo post coming.

    happy thanksgiving!!

  5. What a deal on that smoker! Another blessing. Love the felt harvest hen and Ol Easter trying to contribute to the feasting. You are a blessed woman and we blogers are all blessed by your sharing with us.


  6. love that felt hen! great photos as always.

  7. Oooooo I'm having major felt chicken envy! (I tell ya, girl, I'm getting tired making those little tiny crosses over and over again. I think I might have to take up crewelwork . . .)

    And did I see that correctly? Easter actually acting like a chicken and not a house dog?

    That Koby's a freakin' supermodel, you know that, right? But Trout, man, every time I see a photo of her, my eyes sting.

  8. Oh wow, Ande! I love the Holiday Hen! I want to see what you have! I should feature a tree with your ornaments on my blog: www.thedecoratedtree.blogspot.com.

  9. Yore mountains is grafted right onto yore hart, Chik9--ain't no tearin' ya apart now.

    Happy Thanksgivin'!

  10. I was out of radio/internet contact until late yesterday, but glad to be here now. LOVE those chickens. Love/love/love. I know they will be a big hit.


    Hope it was wonderful.

  11. here's how good those chickens are; I'm jealous I didn't make them because they are really cool. I've been looking CAREFULLY at them; tweed/rhinestones/embellishments. Perfect!

  12. Easter is laying??? God Bless her.

  13. Wonderful photos and narrative of your Thanksgiving day, thank you for sharing it with us.
    The harvest hen is so lovely and I love the photo of Easter, she is such a pretty little hen. Will the eggs she is sitting on hatch, I just wondered as you were talking about getting her some fertile eggs as she so wanted to be a Mummy?
    Happy Thanksgiving sweet girl.
    Sorry I have not stopped by before now, my blog disappeared earlier this week, it took so long and so much work to retrieve it and my computer is also not opening for me sometimes when I try to log in, something is awry.
    xoxoxo ♡

  14. I was so thankful to get to spend some of the weekend with you guys - you inspire me every day!! Love the shot with the champagne flute on the truck - damn, you have remastered my image of "country french".


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