Live Blogging Thanksgiving


My official thanksgiving cheers is the post below but now we goin' LIVE

A grill and a grill

Southern elegance is inherited; it cannot be learned.

Elemental life: Man and Dog
Congratulating ourselves for not having to drive anywhere or do anything we dont want to do. Nobody knows when the turkey will be finished. This meal is a mystery every year.


  1. Bwahahaha. It is a mystery when my meal will be ready too :) With luck, before those crazy Black Friday shoppers head to the big box stores. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie! what a fun way to do thanksgiving. and you are right! .. southern elegance IS inherited.

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday, with all the time in the world to cook, eat, and drink! We're done. One dinner down, one more to go (Saturday). In between, I'm a running' and eaten' salad, and not shopping :o). I hope your meal is as smashing as it looks like it's going to be!

  4. Oooooh, coveting that turkey! Looks gorgeous! And our kind of holiday also! We barely left the house today. Happy Turkey Day to you and yours. Fave photo? Grill and grill.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. Way cool! Wish I could spend my Thanksgiving doing what I want, however I have tons of Hispanics and Italians in my wife's family that can cook great which is good because I hate turkey.

    Went to Gunnison. I can't believe there is no snow there as Gunnison is usually the coldest spot in the nation. The temp was -30 for the last couple days and gelled the diesel in the cars, but it was an eight dog day thanks to relatives and their pets. Someday I'll remember a camera.

  6. Big-ass pickups, dogs, and cooking and drinking outside! What a wonderful Southern Thanksgiving!

  7. Not sure what live blogging is but have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

  8. Chickory,

    I just love your big dogs. I keep looking at your art, and wonder how you come up with what you put on the paper - it all goes together so well.


    Haiku Monday is at the address below - "Energy/Energize" is the theme.

  9. when did you eat? My brother in law made turkey for the first time and thought it would be ok to only cook for two hours (it was a small bird) We ate hours late (as usual) I think yours looks perfect. I love seeing all of things you love most in one place. xoxoxox

  10. One thing that's not a mystery: whether or not man and dog have the same thing in mind regarding that turkey.

  11. Great post sweet chickory, lovely images, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving doing what you wanted to do! :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. What a great time you had! Love the glass!

    I hope you had a great thanksgiving - I can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas!


    PS. I LOVE your little felt hen - will it be for sale?

  13. Good evening Chickory,

    Happy Birthday to you!

  14. YAY!! thanks everybody for the visit. I know you know I am crazy busy and will be around soon to visit. thanks for the birthday wishes. xo

  15. Somehow I just like you guys. The more I learn the more I like.


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