A solid 9 on the Chick-o-meter


I look like a junker, but I've got a shiny new engine and transmission


  1. Beautiful photos!

    You know, being under that immense canopy of trees felt to me very much like being in church. Both a transcendent and warmly enveloping experience and at the same time, one that made me feel like I needed to run run run until I could find myself a fifty-mile view somewhere.

  2. gorgeous photos.
    I just officially got my paint on.
    lovin' the flora & fauna garland !
    love from les Gang

  3. Under-the-hood pix of the new engine and tranny, please!

  4. I was there just about this time two years ago and I love seeing the trees empty and the leaves covering the ground. I also really love seeing the "new" truck. yay!!!

    and if you're going to show LX the engine, could I request some shed pix?

    have a great weekend. xoxoxo

  5. I think I'm a bit scared of this sblack-ish work, my feelings are very easily dashed ya know. there is no deadline for gypo - you could sign up week5

  6. I'm so excited that you were able to save the truck! It is a classic that will never be out of style. And those dogs need to ride in style! I am sighing heavily for your opportunity to be among those trees. I envy it greatly. Beautiful pics. Beautiful life.

  7. I hope you know I have serious truck envy. There is a pick-up down the road from us that I salivate over every time I drive by. I'm just waiting for the 'For Sale' sign to go up on it. LOVE these pictures. I think I'll go for a stroll myself. xo

  8. Yeay the beast is running once again! Love the colours in those pix.

  9. Huzzah that your pick-up is back in gear! Gorgeous pics, all. What is that cluster of berries?

  10. moi: i know what you mean. sometimes i get in a weird frame of mind and walk up the mountain where I get big sky openess and say - yeah, its okay - it was just dark. Thats why I like winter! After I get the tree work, it wont be so canopied.

    susan: i hope you will be pleased! You know I am a fan of yours. GYPO said on their site the deadline was oct 20. so - its okay. I gotta make stuff for my studio sale anyway. xo to les gang

    von LX: okay! It's coming

    Boxa: almost there with the shed pics - i had some but there was still construction debris laying around so nyet to showing that. soon...

    Pam:: thanks a million! i have to say -it is a beautiful life here. so pretty in fall i say to myself all this time "this is crazy beautiful" the truck runs great and is fast now.

    yoborobo: its certainly strolling weather! classic trucks, hound dogs, and fire on the mountain (red leaves)

    faery: thank you, darlin'.!

    Eggy: i have no idea! They arent for eating (unless you are a bear or deer)

  11. Gorgeous Fall foliage images dear chickory, such a beautiful place to live ... and I am so pleased that your truck is all fixed.
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. Leaves - why did have to be leaves? I'm sick of them already and we have less than a quarter of them on the ground. Our peak foliage should be next week. I like that you kept the truck. They don't make them like that anymore.


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