Riffin' on: 29 Black Street


In an effort to avoid my actual work, I took an afternoon off to play. I decided it would be fun to do a series of paintings riffing on the work of other artists. Fittingly, I chose to start with a piece inspired by Susan Black of 29 Black Street, because she had taken a class where I believe this was one of the assignments: riffing. Here are the pieces I used for my reference:

I composed my 4 bird painting by dissecting Susan's Dandelion piece; I drew the birds and then began to layer paint in each birds' background, then adding the linear details and finally, the collage elements. I liked her warm palette with black punctuation. Instead of watercolor, I used an opaque acrylic gouache and I added a bit of sea green to the palette - just enough to show through the warm layers.

I had this old frame and mat laying around and made the bird painting to fit it. The image size is 7 x 11. After it was framed, I determined that red dots were desperately needed to bring this tepid frame into the land of the living. Now we have a modern folk art vibe! I gave the piece to the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Center to auction off at their Spooks and Spirits benefit tomorrow night, but I really wanted to keep it! Thanks, Susan! xo


  1. It's gorgeous - lucky person who bids on this - (prints perhaps?) thank you for the vote of confidence - votes always welcomed & tres needed xo S

  2. Luvin' the riff--Hey Susan, grand stuff!!

    But uh...not comfortable wif' this new template--hope I'll git used to it.

    HAIKU Theme is up--come play--bring yore dawgs--an' yes yes yes--prior post? A very solid 9!

  3. new template? I haven't had my coffee yet so I thought it was me. :-) I love the painting and really love how the inspiration came from another wonderful artist. The red dots on the frame is like lipstick and how kind of you to donate this to the arts center auction. How very "you". have a great weekend. xoxoxo

  4. I dig the new format. And this painting. Curses that it is no longer available!

  5. TBPF: really? youre TOO kind, thank you!

    susan: no - i dont have a scanner here to print with - and, I think i am burned out on prints. they are a pain to ship.

    AUnty: spooky fun for haiku monday. I know this template is difficult, but i hope to tweak it into an enjoyable experience. If not, i will go back. i think they will work out the sidebar issue eventually - its the biggest disappointment.

    boxer:you sweet girl . the red dots made that piece - it gelled the whole thing. thank you - we'll see what they got for it. I hope enough. yeah -so how do you like this new dynamic view? you know you can look at this blog however you want - not just my default. just pick a mode up in the navbar.

    moi: bless you. there will be more-

  6. I love it, what a great and creative idea, the colours are so vibrant and the red on the frame was a lovely addition.
    Sorry I have not been around, I have a beautiful baby grandson, born on Monday.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. folk art and sunshine
    birds of the sky
    delicious spontaneous
    flavours of high
    sweethearts and dandelions
    echoed effects
    spinning on lotions
    where nature projects
    with melodys wandering
    where moments collide
    in spontaneously focused
    deeply inside
    and rise like a fountain
    from the brush sent
    chickory doodle
    beautys essence


    sorry havent been around much chickory,....anyway have a poem for the lovely atmosphere that seems to surround your blog.....

    love and respects.... neil

  8. i love this!

    it is at once so bold
    and delicate, subtle, as good art is

    the arts center got a treasure, c!

    more, please

    × × ×



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