Mid-October Mixed Grain


Haiku Monday: Homecoming

Flower of the field,
daredevil flying low; crash
into eternal


Halloweenish in the air lately:

I shot a little video of the changing leaves on my street, set to the music of the most elegant horror movie of all time. (guess) ****only 24 seconds!

You know you're a redneck when.....

this is your actual living room.

How'd that thing you were in turn out?

You may recall the week I spent posting about the process of making this painting of Flannery O'Connor. You'll be happy to know I managed to eeeek out a 2nd place prize which involves actual money. It was the perfect reward; it left me the "best of show" to aspire to. It was an excellent exhibition 0f 143 pieces whittled down from 600 something. This year I got lucky with a judge that wasn't married to realism. The grand prize winner was way off the reservation. Big paintings are the way to go.

Yet another excellent (and free) internet platform:

Edging into my blogging time is Pinterest. I have always been an image archiver with most of them loaded into a hard drive and retrieved when curating little essays, like, say, on bad easter rabbits. But Pintrest makes it fun to organize content. Here's a screen shot that shows a few of my collections. You can "follow" me there -and anybody else too. Or follow by topic or search imagery. Its great, I love it but it is addictive.

You know I also have a Tumblr. Pillbox Elk. I use it mostly to store GiF's that I like. And movies, like  the  Luche Libre video featuring Javier Solis singing "Payaso" and an introduction to sacred geometry.

Have you looked at your blog in dynamic views yet? It looks great! I will be making the switch. The sidebar goes away, though, when you do, so I need to figure out some ways to work around that. I've also been trying to use my Google Voice phone more too. The coolest thing it does is when you click on a person on your email list, google calls them, and rings your cell phone when their phone starts ringing. In a very google big brotherish way, it pulls up the person's picture as it appears on your cell phone. Oh yes. 

My friend Started a Blog that is about a big public art piece she did. She doesn't know anybody on blogger, and isn't likely to become a frequent blogger, but if you have a moment, would you pop over there and answer one simple question? By participating, you expand the project, keeping it alive and in flux. The address is: http://www.onemillionthoughtsofjoy.blogspot.com/

What's everybody doing to celebrate this gorgeous autumn we are having?


  1. Love your autumn-y photos, specially the sleeping dog in the chair...the colors are so rich!

  2. Love the squirrel, and of course the doggy in the chair, haha! I had no idea you had a tumblr ... me too, tho i haven't been on it for ages.

  3. Hooray!!!!!
    Congrats--oh mah heavens!--on yore win wif' the Flannery portrait. Thas' spectacular, chile. Know how pleased ya must be. Tres cool.

    have just decided to go tumblr for one of mah other lives--not sure how it will serve mah purposes--an experiment. it wuz presented to me as Blogger does Twitter.

    The pinterest looks addictive--how many of these thangs is we gonna load into ether whar' big bro knows yore innerds?

    Yore video is an invitation,right? please have some hot mac 'n cheese ready.

    Lovely autumn --in France they called their Indian Summer, "St. Michael"s Summer."

  4. Congrats on the win! Yay! As for pinterest, I have had a ton of invites to join, and I am fairly afraid of finding yet one more thing to take time away. I know I would become addicted, that being said when/if I join, I will follow you. :) Love the pics. I think that is MY living room (different dog). xo

  5. debora: its all that piney wood. makes the cabin glow like a jackolantern

    faery: well its just a storage unit for now. I like Tumblr. Its much younger than blogger - but Im not on it to socialize. I do enjoy learning about different systems and trying them out. I am reformulating this blog with the DV soon though. I didnt take that squirrel photo or the jack o lantern btw...

    aunty: thats exactly what it is all about. why do they offer this schizz for free? its not free - they mine it for information of course. But my Pinterest isnt all that interesting to BB as it is to madison ave. I do like Tumblr...like you hadnt quite decided how i plan to use it but i want to integrate all my various digital presences somehow. Welcome home from France. SOrry bout your camera being a bear to download. what you described doesnt sound right.

  6. yobo: well, I dont have time for any of it which is why my blog is so lame lately. But pinterest was perfect while i was building the shed. check out my shed space board and youll see why. COme visit me - i'll serve you and aunty my moms eggy mac and cheese. since its YOUR living room you will be right at home.

  7. Congrats once again on the prize!

    Thanks for the heads up on Pinterest, although that's all I need: another addition. Also, I can't help it about Marky Mark, either :o)

    And what is Koby doing stuffed in Trout's chair? Huh, huh?

    Our weather is glorious, but I am locked in solid behind the computer with this book. I'm running 3-4xs a week and try to do a bit of clean up in the garden every day, but it's not enough. I'd love to have more time to be outside and take some car trips around the area.

    P.S. I was expecting Tubular Bells on the video. Then again, I guess you couldn't call The Exorcist "elegant."

  8. Not the Omen - but it is elegant. C'mon - dont ever'body know what my favorite horror movie is? I know ya'll wrote it down!

    Moi: marky mark. thanks for the tap on the show - i have a little extra money to buy one fun thing - or maybe i already did: a sign for the shed that reads:" this is the life" I wish i could run - im walking the mountain everyday but i am still fat. Now i am having a green drink for one meal each day and might go to two drinks and one meal and if that dont work...i dont know what. hope you get out from behind soon to enjoy the best month of the year.

  9. I love your mixed scratch posts and I'm so happy your painting brought you a win and some cash. What are you going to do with it? The shed? :-) Congrats!!!

    Did you make a Shining Autumn video? It was on a few weeks ago and I watched a few minutes.

    We're having glorious weather right now but I'm inside working. I loved seeing the changing colors of BR in your video. Our leaves will be mushy brown very soon.... but after reading this post I'm going to make sure I take a long walk at lunch today with Coco. So thanks.


  10. This is a great time of year to be outside. I love the fall. Do you think winning the prize will make your painting more valuable (assuming it's for sale)?

    Nice that your hard work paid off for you. Something the occupy wall street crowd probably wouldn't appreciate - but I do.

    I recently discovered Tumblr. The art crowd really seems to use it alot. Some interesting (erotic) stuff on there.

  11. Salutations to you for your talent and to the judge for recognizing it. The Shining?

    I was hoping it was going to be the Ramones doing "Pet Semetary".


  12. Congrats on the second place!!!!!! It was really a beautiful painting.

  13. Might I suggest, with a portion of your winnings, for Koby:


    Either that, or her own house. That dawg BIG.

  14. pumpkin pic

    v.cool, c

    × × ×


  15. Love the video and your Halloweenish photos. And congrats on Flannery! (P.S. Any chance you'll be joining in this month's Smackdown?)


  16. October has been so warm that to celebrate I went swimming in Buzzard's Bay...(Cape Cod). Other joys have included picking wild cranberries, taking walks, and enjoying the spring flowers. Yes. The spring flowers...When hurricane Irene came through, she stripped the leaves off many plants, and salt-killed a lot of other leaves, especially the wind-facing ones. We have had honeysuckle, beach roses, sheep laurel, blueberries, and more. On Main Street in Falmouth, MA, could be seen pear trees, autumn foliage on the lee side, and all white of blossom on the other side. In 1991, we had the same phenomenon from Hurricane Bob. Lilacs in September!

  17. boxer: I am going to buy some double loop fencing! (not going to disney world) . yes! the shining is on every few days or so - AMC has two solid weeks of horror. I tend to watch them in ATL with V home. At the cabin, i dont need the psychological stress! grrrrherha.

    Buzz: thank you for recognizing the work that painting was -almost a solid week. I dont know about the prize increasing the painting's value but I am definitely going to mention it when i start cold calling on Georgia College, which hosts a symposium on Flannery. I'll send pitches to my researches best prospects and maybe I'll get lucky!

    Tumblr is fast and image based. I love that. and as storage, it works very well. Great to see you out and about!

    troll: how are you!? thank you! about the painting. the shining is correct! what a soundtrack. it reminds me a little of antique japanese movies...the weird symbol crashes and punctuations.

  18. Dani: thanks a million, grrrrrrrrrrl

    moi: please. you are joking, right? these dogs have beds. plenty of beds. I took a phone photo of Koby on her dog bed last night to text you if I go to town today. a NICE shearling bed. she also has a temperpedic at the Big House. but she likes to drape herself over things. She is a living hanna barbera cartoon.

    /t: i wish I could say I took it - i didnt, i stole it off TUmblr - it was not sourced so its all kind of wrong 'cept you enjoyed it - which makes it all worth it.

    eggy! thank you -well, lets see -I'll be over to see what the smackdown theme is. if its mushrooms i can say no now. grherhaha

    silasisgolden: that is so weird! In a way, there is something similar with the mountains - the cold side and the warm side. but no lilacs are involved! It sounds beautiful I have never experienced fall in new england. You know why? I cannot stand to leave Chickory in October. It is perfection here. Today is rainy so tomorrow will be gorgeous with the colors getting water. I'll show you....

  19. whoa! congratulations on your win!!! way to go, chickory. but, you know, i'm not really that surprised.
    your photos are wonderful. love the pumpkin photo especially.
    i watched your video and i have to admit that i'm not familiar with the music since i don't do scary very well. (i watched 5 minutes of a scary movie last night and up dreaming about it).

  20. Congrats on the win for Flannery!!! Yippeee....hope the prize money covers your materials and more!

    LOVE the video, isn't it amazing how music can create an emotion?

    I LOVE Pintarest, took a look at it a few weeks ago and promptly forgot about it! I'll check yours out. Great photos as always chickory! xo

  21. Congrats on the picture contest! Well-deserved.


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