Update on Two Summer Contests


Good News! Bohemia Beer purchased this painting. It was a contest that Troll hooked me up with. Usually I avoid internet contests because they are won by popular vote; and well, I ain't that popular. But this one was juried by a panel of judges, so on the day of the deadline, I looked around, found a piece of plywood, stained it and painted this piece and got it uploaded to the contest with about 4 hours to spare.
I did not win, but after the contest I was contacted by Bohemia and was told that mine was among their favorites and would I sell it. Im glad they wrote when they did because I was on the verge of gessoing over the piece and painting something else. So a hearty thank you to my friend TROLL. I plan to reward you with art - Secretariat in bottle caps, perhaps? grrhahahahaha.

"The Baptism: Flannery O'Connor" was accepted into the SAAG National Show. I am very pleased because I was worried it wouldnt make it in. 143 pieces were selected out of 600 entries. If you followed the week of blogging called "The Process" you know that I hope to win a prize. We'll see. Now that it is in I can rework some areas I think are weak like her hands and the water. In general, just make what I already have be as good as I can get it before the judge sees it in person. That show opens in October.

To all my bloggy friends that read this page and leave comments: Your support is such a gift. You are wonderful creative people (or else, why blog?), all of you, the ones Ive met and call real life friends, and the ones I hope to meet someday. Thanks a million! xo, Chickory


  1. How could they resist? I am confident "The Baptism" will win a prize in the show. You have to remember the first impression it makes, striking. I expect even people who do not know O'Connor will be stopped dead in their tracks when they see this painting.

  2. I am soooo glad they bought the painting because it is delightful!
    Bravo and thank heavens you weren't quick with the gesso....yikes!
    Good luck with the other piece; love the feathers.


  3. That is super news, congrats on both!

    I'm thinking the eyes in the O'Connor painting will mesmerize them.

  4. I have 3 white socks and I'm more muscular than you depicted me last time.

  5. John, Thank you, I hope you are right. I have always wanted to win a "money prize". Ive won runner up stuff...and received supplies. If the story of O'Connor is known, then the painting has much more meaning.

    AHL: i know - I tend to move too fast. FOr once, i waited. Or was it laziness? Great to see you. Im coming over tonight to check on your work.

    Lx: from your whiskas to God's ears! thank you, I hope youre right. no matter what happens, I moved outside of my comfort zone with Flannery,

    Secretariats Ghost: im not good with muscles or horses even. You need a pro. I was kidding. Maybe a kitschy folk art horse? How about a block of hay?

  6. You were going to paint over the Bohemia Beer painting? Nooooooooo! I'm glad you were able to make some money off of it because it was really good. Congratulations.

  7. YEAH! Your work is so gorgeous. And none of that I ain't that popular mess. I'm glad to see you get some recognition. Good luck on the rest of the show! WOO-HOO!

  8. Huzzah for you, Chicky! I adore both those pieces and am so glad to hear your good news! (And thanks again for your Process Week posts - absolutely fascinating!)

  9. Well, this is just stellar news on all fronts. Puts an end to any left over California fever too, because you have tangible evidence that you, exactly where you are, are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

    PS I just wanted to mention I had the opportunity to recommend Harley Farms to several different (and very enthusiastic) people this week. Thank you for that fabulous tour.

  10. WOOOOHOOO! That's great. I'm so glad you sold the beer painting. I think they'd be out of their minds to pass on it! Hope you got a good chunk of change for it! And the other is surely going to win!
    All that blood, sweat, and tears paid off!

  11. Congratulations on both!
    Your artwork is wonderful and should get all the due recognition it deserves... And payment! Well done.

  12. Yay Chick!!!!! It just validates the heck out of my judgement to read this post - hahaha! I know how talented you are (as do your other readers/fans),but it sure is nice when some recognition comes your way. Congrats, and thank GOD you didn't gesso over anything. Don't make me come over there...:) xo Pam

  13. Big congrats on both! Hopefully, many discerning people will see them displayed at the brewery HQ and the gallery and appreciate your brilliance.

    How's the lemon video going?

  14. Golden girl, Of course Bohemia Beer purchased this painting. It's bursting with your magic. Paint over it---
    You will give us all a heart attack. Stop , go to your garden and leave that delightful creation alone.

    Flannery O'Connor" was accepted into the SAAG National Show...why are we not surprised.Where is this show? You are on the road to a prize with this masterpiece Chickory. Add your finishing touches.We are all cheering you on.

  15. You can't see me, but I'm jumping up and down with glee for you!

  16. yipee !! not surprised
    & no, thank you !! my dear,
    thank you !! xo S & les Gang

    maybe we'll finally meet in NYC
    I have it penciled in ;-)

  17. Big smile here. So proud to know you and always very inspired by your gift of making art.

    Congrats! Congrats!

    When is the show?

  18. I just saw it's in October. Are you going?

  19. Oh! yippeeeee!

    reckon ya know yore Mama is up thar' arrnagin' thangs jes' so? Oh yep.

    (thanky to Troll fer the link to Bohemia , a Trollish friend is handy.)

  20. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU, SUGAR, THAT I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS!!!! seriously, i read this to the MITM and he sends his congrats as well! you'll be hearing from me very, very, soon! xoxoxoxo

  21. you were gonna paint over it? aaagh!!! Of course they purchased it and of coursr flan got in the show.
    And now I suppose I can stop my bohemia boycott :).

  22. buzz; well it had a limited appeal. I couldve schelped it around to mexican restaurants but that wouldve been hard and weird. So i thought -be green! recycle.

    hil: you sweetheart. thank you!

    eggy: what a coincidence. I was just thinking "bacon"

    nina: i have a ton of chickory chores - so much goes sideways when i leave! hummers without sugar; plants without water; decks to stain - but I am planning a post on california fever and why I cant leave here. My mom added harley farms to her wedding destinations - great idea!

    debora: good chunk not a massive chunk. It will help towards repairing my old gray truck! new engine coming soon.

    Princess:thank you, Dahlink.

    yoborobo: your taste is impeccable! So thank you! and its YOUR season. I bet you are on maximum overdrive in DOTD creativity.

    Troll: thank you! youre going to have to think of something youd like to have other than a horse. how about and akita folk board or something. Boxa is doing the lemon -shes better at the videos.

    J; everybody: this is my Mom in california! You commented!!! thank you! That show is here in Blue Ridge which is why i always want to win something. Its a growing show with entries open to the entire nation. Last year no locals won anything so...I will bump it up a bit, and hope something good happens. Being in the show makes me happy though xoxoxo

    moi: wheeeeeeeeee! xo thanks grrrrrrrrrrl by the way: missoni for target. wow.

    susan: i dont know! Ive been looking into surtex. Im not sure I can fill a booth. you could.

    boxer: thank you i am going. its a fun night!

    aunty: I know she is. In the studio, in the garden, in my heart. and indeed a Troll comes in handy

    savannah: sugar, youre the sweetest. thank you!!!

    foam: oh like youve never done that? grherhahaha. yes, you can enjoy a Bohemia beer now. Have one on me! better yet, come over here, and I will clink your bottle with mine.

  23. Sorry I am late to comment. I cannot believe you were going to paint over that beautiful painting ... so pleased that Bohemia Beer purchased it, though it should have won 1st prize.
    Congratulations,your painting "The Baptism:Flannery O'Connor" is a masterpiece, I am so happy that it has been accepted. I so enjoyed the 'process', you put your heart and soul into this painting, you are a winner already but 1st prize would be great. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  24. Congrats, Chicky baby! Woo to the hoo!!!! I love both of those paintings, so vibrant, you deserve it and good luck! I am glad your work is being judged properly instead of how many votes you get by marketing yourself. That is some bullshit and why I no longer participate in ANY online cooking contests, as a participant or otherwise. (our circle throwdowns excluded, naturally)

    Thank YOU also for your support, hope to meet you and Lady Boxer in the next 12 months!

    PS: Loved the little kid goats from a few posts back...yep, that was La Diva lurking about....

  25. i just rip my bad art to shreds .. and then i reuse it to make other bad art .. :)

    I'm thinking now that i've met the mayden (and x.dell a while ago) you should be next .. :)

  26. Ahhhh Haaaaaa!
    There is credibility in the art world. Had either of these works been passed over there would have been some screamin'.

    Soooooooo excited for you :-)

    Now please tell me you have:
    a) linked to your web page/ art shop with Bohemia? Not to mention linking to Kahlo enthusiasts?

    b) linked to your web page/art shop and "the process" blog with the Flannery groups and the museum in Milledgeville, GA?

    PLENTY of individuals collect beer themed art, latin vibe art, kahlo themed art, etc. Not to mention all the restaurants which could commission you to create a series of paintings for their decor. These people DO exist. You can create a way for them to find you.

    Not too sure how many Flannery followers exist but if fellow blogger Aunty is any indication at all, they are a devoted bunch.
    I suspect there could be a serious demand for Flannery paintings based on an individuals favorite O'Connor writing.

    And finally, this gives we bloggers opportunities to see more of your wonderful wisdom through art :-)

  27. May I borrow your painting on Flannery O'Connor for my blog? it's flanneryoc.blogspot.com

  28. I like to think it was MY suggestion that you depict Ms. O'Connor actually HOLDING the peacock - rather than mundanely have it flying overhead - which served as the catalyst for this painting's success.

  29. Here the post with your painting. Thank you very much for letting me post it.
    My blog on Flannery has nothing distinctly Spanish; maybe you can try Google translator.
    And I live in Santiago de Compostela, BTW.

  30. What a beautiful painting! I included it on my Facebook page on lupus. Could you please double check my attribution to you? Where can people go to see the painting? Here is where I posted a copy of it:


    Don Thomas, MD


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