Haiku Monday: Birth


Caterpillar. Then,
a transforming chrysalis
makes Black Swallowtail


I counted 47 Black Swallowtail caterpillars on my parsley crop. They love any plant in the carrot family; dill, Queen Anne's Lace and of course parsley. I've harvested plenty and am leaving the rest for the butterflies. I saw the eggs nestled into the cup like leaves before I went to California; when I got back to Chickory, the 'pillars were fat and fine from heavy feeding. When they are alarmed, they discourage predators with their osmeterium; a forked orange gland that makes a horrible smell. That's why the chicks won't eat them. (They love tomato hornworms though)

Here you can see the osmeterium "stink gland"
I froze my parsley in ice trays and bagged the cubes. When I make soups and gumbos this winter, I will just drop a few parsley cubes into the mix.
While clearing the garden in preparation for fall, I startled this Mantis who flew into the hedgerow 
Back in Atlanta this afternoon, Koby broke out of the yard and was brought home by the POLICE. He said that he followed her home from about 5 houses away, and that she was a pretty big dog and could "scare somebody". Scare them with a big dose of affection, maybe. We found the problem: a dead tree fell way in the back of the yard and smashed down the fence. V got to use his chainsaw; chopped up the tree,  repaired the fence and now she is stuck at home with her boring ol' pack tonight.

Now I have one autistic dog and one outlaw dog. And four "shitresses". And 47 caterpillars and one praying mantis.


  1. The first caterpillar and mantis pix are stunning! Excellent camera work.

  2. Umm, why is Nutty autistic? I must be behind on my reading.

  3. lx: thanks to your excellent (and repetitive) guidance.

    John: when you hug her, she leans away. I am mostly kidding - because she exhibits joy and interacts with other dogs okay...and she is loving and engaged with our family, but there is something NUTTY about nutty. (not that autism is nutty. oh boy, digging a hole here)

  4. What? No partridge in a pear tree?

    Beautiful photos, and words. I found this interesting because of my ignorance of both caterpillars and plants in the carrot family.

    Interesting parsley tip, btw. I'll have to remember that.

  5. I'm a little slow. You've got an ATL crib as well as Chickory?

  6. oh great, Koby now has a record?

    how do you stay sane, pal?

    I spent too many hours today in the ER with my bidness parter (he's ok) and I actually put a second fence in front of a big fence to make sure Coco/Mickey/Lucy don't escape from their city yard before I left.

    Your photos are amazing (as usual)


  7. As the official legal representative for the Autistic Dog Anti-Defamation League, I have no choice but to pursue litigation on behalf of my disinterested client base.

    My assistant Mr. Mantis shall be in contact shortly, with a summons.

    I shall attempt to be somewhat lenient in the damage amount request, since your post was educational (for instance, I now know why you never see a Black Swallowtail caterpillar wearing glasses).

  8. ...and 47 beautiful butterflies... after their depresssion!!!

    Beautiful haiku!

  9. It's always a fine idea to count ones blessings. Outlaws, nuts, feathered divas, osmeterium defenders and chain saw wielding hubbies included.

    After that line up, parsley cubes are just a bonus.
    Happy Monday.

  10. That mantis photo is incredible--what is zoom on yore camera?

    Doan besmirch Trout--she doan lean away from EVERYbody.

  11. Beautiful pics. Go Koby, yeah, an outlaw! My afghan hounds were a little autistic, too ... lol.

  12. Love the caterpillar shots, inspirational...
    Happy Haiku Monday.

  13. They are very pretty caterpillars, lovely colours and a beautiful transformation into a black swallowtail.
    Love the shot of Koby's butt, I cannot believe that she is now an 'outlaw'...Lol sweetie, you sure have an unusual menagerie at present.
    xoxoxo ♡

  14. Great haiku and beautiful photography. I guess I have to agree with the police though. Koby is certainly big enough to alarm some people whilst roaming about loose. People walking their small dogs, for example.

  15. I didn't know that about Swallowtail caterpillars or Queen Anne's Lace. It grows wild around here (except for MY yard), and we do get a lot of butterflies. I will plant some and some parsley next spring. Great idea about the parsley for soup! As a big dog person, I don't worry too much when I see one wandering, it's the little ones that make me nervous - lol! xox

  16. Swallowtail caterpillars are about the prettiest yucky critter I know of. Praying mantis scare me, though. They'll cut a bitch.

    Yeah, yeah, Mr. Cop, about one in a gazillion dogs is going to be a so-called "problem." The rest just wanna have fun. We forget that a dog's first instinct is to travel. As for Trout, can you say: completely self-motivated?

    Oh, and I'm about to do with my basil what you did with your parsley. You would have been proud of my "farming" ability in that regard. I grew BUSHES.

  17. D'oh! Forgot to say: beautiful haiku! I especially like the bounce of those Cs in caterpillar and chrysalis.

  18. gorgeous

    we love caterpillars & we love insects, especially big, human like, gangly armed insects & we love you and your "all creature" lovin' self.

    xo from the seaside S + Gang

  19. a bit off topic here but I thought I'd let you know both of our work was included in this Etsy treasury:


  20. So glad I stopped by here for your fine photos, even if I am a bit late. Gorgeous! Have a great week!

  21. That dog's bred for one thing. Of course it's autistic. Your raindeer caught my eye. It's beautiful. I'll buy a litho sometime I've got some spare change. It's worth more. After I looked I said,"Hey! That's not a reindeer." Then I looked closer. Duh! Great photography!

  22. i am the shape shifter
    that captures the divine intelligence
    from flightless to flight

  23. butterfly moon tip
    form of the stars
    heavenly flower
    spring of all heart
    medicine lotion
    sentiments dream
    beyond and above
    tips of the tree
    wilds of the river
    charge of the sun
    drum of the mountain
    lifes rythm hum
    all things and allways
    all within all
    stiired on a moment
    the universe pull


    sorry its not a haiku chickory,and sorry its late,

    anyway have some love..neil

  24. Those are great photos, chickory!
    And as long as those shitresses do all bidness outside ..
    Trout used to be able to climb or jump the fence, didn't she?

  25. xdell: Its a great way to preserve certain herbs - tastes very fresh when used. Its great to see you; did you have any problems from Irene?

    czar: my husband has an ATL crib where i enjoy most favored status

    boxer: im not sane. remember? Im racing you up Mt. Crazytown. made any halloween costumes for the dogs yet? grrrrrrherhahahahha

  26. puerileuwaite: youre pretty funny for a bipolar harelip.

    deepblue: thank you and welcome!

    fishy: yes. i am a caterpillar farmer. this year is a big success!

    aunty: its not that good a zoom. I pulled the branch down with my other hard. Trout doesnt lean away from everybody? how do you know? grrrrrhahahahha

    faery: you love the outlaw dogs! i know this...xo

    princess: hey you. thanks a million!

    diane: that dog gets by on sheer charm. shes pretty good - i think i might get some more chickens. Im building another pen out in the field by the garden.

  27. troll: ha! its the little dogs that run up and bite people. youre safe with Koby unless you are a K-I-T-T-Y

    yobo: yes! right! its the little dogs! Ive always had a lot of queen annes lace around but i never saw this many swallowtails until i grew parsley.

  28. Moi: they'll cut a bitch grherhahahaha! They are the gardeners best friend for that reason! you really called it on Trout. very astute...and she loved you for it. Basil likes it dry. It was wetter earlier this summer and mine suffered.

    susan: they would go so nicely with your pinks! xo

    hil: i saw it !! I love that we are thrown in together. I love your pinterests too.

    eggy: you are never late and always a treat to see.

    curmudgeon: welcome! Im glad you liked the raindeer. Im going to make many more of those big colorful paintings for christmas shows. glad you liked the photos -thats one really great thing about blogging - it sure made me work on my photos!

  29. su: very nice riff on the swallowtails. so good to see you.

    neil: that is some good love, haiku or no. the universal pull!

    foamy: yes. We had to resort to the invisible fence (shock therapy). She still leaves but rarely. and at the cabin, she does leave the yard, but you can almost always whistle her up. with the chickens...now and then we have a sneak in and an accident...late day poops are nice and dry so its an easy pick up. but those morning poops...oh no. no no no


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