Haiku Monday: Memory


seeing Mama's memory
in Evening Primrose

About the Haiku:

Apparently my grandmother gave my grandfather the heave ho. So he stole my mom out of the house in Louisianna and spirited her away to a dusty place in California. She was raised by a wild outdoorsy irish man and his mama, my great grandmother, and an extended cast of characters rich in aunts and uncles. I've seen the pictures, know that she was bit by a snake or maybe it was almost bit and often traveled by train because my grandaddy worked for the railroad. The fragrant air of New Mexico and the flowers in California brought my mother's voice to me; telling stories about her childhood out west. She would have spent a trip in the same way I did; in a love affair with the plants and animals and farms and weather; tidal pools and rabbits on the road and the dogs; my mom would want to meet all the dogs. What follows is a valentine to both my moms. Thank you Judith, for a wonderful visit and for being such a good friend to me. Thank you Mom, for the eternal flame of love that burns like Polaris to guide me through this extraordinary life.


  1. Your mom sounds like she had quite a life and V's mom sounds like she's still living quite a life. How wonderful to have their energy and spirit around you as you make your way through yours.

    Also, don't you just love bumblebees? They seem so lumbering, like the C-130s of the insect world, but they do somehow get the job done.

  2. This is even more encouragement for me to get out of Hellish TX and move to the Pacific coast!

  3. The pictures/video, back story and haiku are a wonderful blending of everything good about you .... and your family. Happy Haiku Monday.

  4. moi: what a sweet comment. thank you. today has been hard, and I have wept over missing my Mom today. Its V;s birthday and she always sent him a funny card. there is no envelope waiting for him with her cute little address labels she used from giving money to animal rescues. Some days the loss of her crashes around me with force. She was extraordinary and I took it for granted - not always -but enough to recognize.

    yes i love bumblebees. they are quite improbable arent they. ive often wonder how the c130's stay in the air as slow as they pass. we get three in a row in the ATL around 11:10 am weekdays.

    dani: it is, it was. a now at home, i am anxious about the dried up creek down the street. the fish are all crowded into a puddle, basically. We desperately need rain.

    lx: only you could top my heat horror show. what is it now -2 solid months of high 90's? I loved the PNW. and boxer says the berries are good. so go! go now!

    susan: xoxox

  5. boxer: thank you sweetheart. its good to see my friends today. I think I will be better when i get to the cabin. it was not an excellent week. but...guess what i am doing right now? Making Emeril's key lime pie.

  6. I'm sorry you're missing your mom so much, but you turned that feeling into a celebration. Just lovely over here today!

    Take care,

  7. Very touching. You're a good person.

  8. Many, many hugs to you my dear. Grief is a sneaky ninja. The only cure is a good cry and lots of hugs.

    I'm sorry mine are only virtual.

  9. what a great post! i miss my mom daily, although she has been my spirit guide for 19 years. sunday, i showed my 12 and 17 year-old daughters, each a picture of my mother at their age. it freaked them out because they saw themselves, but i got to hug her again...


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