Sister Moon (nothing like the Sun)


A rare celestial sighting
four directions; one feminine side
shared chalice
seagull silhouettes against the moon
the missing are called to the circle
moonlit kayakers gather
for the August child, a blessing in one word
herons call from the evergreens
to the labyrinth by the sea


  1. A magical celebration! It must have been amazing!!!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with the moon. Yes, it's big and beautiful and a most impressive sight through my telescope when full. I could stare at it for hours.

    But it also keeps me up, robbing me of much-needed sleep, and its shine is second hand, delivered only because of the great good grace of the mighty, mighty sun.

    Still, I hope you had fun.

  3. It's a weird moon. Moon kills, you know. It feeds off the earth. On a night like this, one of us could get up in the middle of the night, grab an axe and cut someone's head off. - shameless movie quote from Meatballs.

    How come there's no guys here?

  4. lx: that was nice. Im moving to where ever that video was shot.

    dan: it was definitely out of my everyday realm. Good to see you dan!

    susan: yes!

    moi: thats because you are heavy on your masculine side. me too. I loved when we faced the "south" and they read about its virtues. it was the best. Man it is hard to sleep when the moon is pulling your blood like a tidal pool. or maybe you need sedatives.

    buzz: oh. there were guys there. yeah, we processed their hearts with a Vit-a-mix and drank the cup. grhahahaha. I got your axe murder, and raise ya one.

  5. Why is it that I love any photo with candles in it? Hmmmm...I'll think about that one. I love going outside and looking up at the moon, listening to those froggies in the woods, and trying to spot a bat or two. Nice respite from your sun, chick. ;) xox Pam

  6. Never thought of it that way. You're probably right, though (I prefer sharp, angular personalities to round, squishy ones), but how does one go about measuring that quantity, exactly? Does it involve immersing myself in water and chanting something? What about baking? And vacuuming? Where do those fall? Gah! What if I'm really a gay man trapped in a woman's body?

    Hmmm. That could be cool.

  7. i love the full moon! it just so happens that i was born on a full moon. i spent hours on the beach when the full moon was out last month.
    this looks like an interesting and beautiful celebration. i wonder if i would like being guided through a ceremony though ..

  8. I'm crazy about a full moon. I'd be out howling at if I could. I open my blinds and sleep sideways to keep moonshine on me. Mr. Boxer says it keeps him awake, but it puts me to sleep. I'm not sure I could participate in a ceremony, but I applaud those that feel the pull and want to celebrate.

    This is a great photo and poem

  9. pam: candles are de rigeur for a day of the deader! thats why. today, after working on the computer ALL day we went to see the creatures in the tidal pool. teeming with tiny life. amazing. xo, you!

    moi: all my best homies are this way. it is a way of being. i do not mean not feminine, but there is a will to power thing about the sun types. thats why you have a reserved spot in the doomsday foxhole. I'll get you a solar baking pot and you bring the AR.

    foam: so that explains it all. full moons are cool and everybody in the town was out for it. bay was crammed fulla boats. Its rare - they see so few full moons. the fog is back today. they got 3 clear days and bam...back to misty gray. I think you would have really enjoyed the moon ceremony.

    boxer: interesting. i like the moon in the window too. that night i went out with trout and easter in the full moon -it was so bright it made heavy shadows - like a day only blue. thanks - im glad you liked the photo. thanks for saying so - i had to photoshop out a blanket in the middle ground.

    troll: dude! i know

  10. Lunatic ...
    there is a reason the root word is lunar. Powerful stuff, changes tides in oceans and mankind. Apparently it banishes fog as well.

    I think a new series of paintings are being spawned in California :-)

  11. Fer Pete's sake, Pup. Cut out--NOW.

  12. Beautiful image of what looks like an amazing night ... I think the moon is beautiful in all of its lunar phases but especially when new and what powers she, yes 'she' possesses.
    Happy that you are having fun.
    xoxoxo ♡

  13. The film was shot mostly in the Umbria region of Italy.

  14. ROTFL at Aunty and Troll.

    All joking aside: Your poem is beautifully written. Now go find some sun.

  15. fishy: in the south, full moons maketh the murder rate rise. but only in summer. new paintings. I am looking forward to returning to art. too much computer work is really really bad on my neck. I have to stop. But the website is built. Only ad/min details are left to do.

    Aunty: doan worry. I was Margaret Mead like.

    dianne: i did not know the moon was a lady. after all - they say that face is a man!

    lx: im packed and ready. shall we?

    moi: guffaw! as if! theres no sun anymore. it was a fluke. its all misty out - heavy overcast. no hint of blue at all. Im ready to return to the south. I wonder, could I live here? Yesterday, we visited a tidal pool (no camera!). Clear water with lots of living things. Im going back.

  16. LOL ...I think there are some territorial statements here!

    I loved the images form the nest junk, wondered if Neptune and his Mermaid were the real "California people" judging the haikus and thus explaining the delay. Not for one minute do I think you could live in that picture with no trees!!!! Clearly the lunar aspects of this visit have already had their effect on you. Either that or you are in the throes of fur withdrawal and it short circuited your thought processes. No trees! No way.


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