Farmer's Market / Half Moon Bay


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  1. I'll have some pork tamales, por favor!

  2. Is that a setting on your camera you used to get that vintage-y look, or did you do that in photoshop? Really lovely. And I dig those lace-topped socks with the cowboy boots. (Am now on the hunt for THE perfect cowboy boot dress for fall.)

  3. Oh, my, do I wish I could go to that farmers market! Hope you're enjoying your travels.

  4. soooooo very, Northern California!! I just love knowing you're on the West Coast right now. xoxoox

  5. Lovely ... hope you're having a great time .... xoxo

  6. Enjoyed your photos very much. Such pretty flowers!

  7.'d this farmer's mkt compare to your own? Other than footwear?

    Looks like a busy camera day.

  8. loverly!

    who'sthe dude?
    i like his duds.. his glasses.

  9. Lovely pictures and produce and eucalyptus leaves, they would be so fragrant. Hope you are having fun?
    Yes, who is the dude with the unusual glasses?
    xoxoxo ♡

  10. lx: we bought the salvadoran tamales. delicious -a bit too much masa for me, but flavorful and fresh.

    moi: i idid that street fashion for you! thanks for noticing! I liked those lace top socks too...and still looking for the right cowboy boot dress...its what we had at the summit: almost, but not. The photos were a lucky break. I forgot my camera. So i used my phone. I have an app for Android called "polaroid camera" and used it to snap. Nice change isnt it?

    Eggy: i saw some pretty and fancy eggplants! none as lovely as you though

    boxer: so cali. but, where is your haiku? I will not take no as an answer

    faery: i am. i hung out with my uber cool friend from san fran yesterday. lots of laughs and some great italian on north beach.

  11. tres interesting
    + we heart nutty brown
    xo les gang


    perfect for you. no fan voting. decent prize. easy entry.

  13. wonders vitality
    green as the spring
    galloping horses
    starry sky wind
    naturaly versatile
    full open course
    ascending on moments
    unions wise source
    walls of imagination
    pierced by the sound
    clouds of disturbance
    collapse to the ground
    crown fills with harmony
    sun and the moon
    earth fills with sanctity
    universe bloom


    have another poem chickory,a smile and some love.....neil

  14. Chickory,
    Italian in North Beach? What restaurant? (I used to live in Telegraph Hill.)

  15. debra: crazy easy flowers. throw out some seeds on the black dirt. wait. flowers. nobody should be without them here. NObody. wheres your haiku?

    aunty: more hipster; less country. more expensive. more formal. Nicer merchandising. less dogs. lots of vegan options in baking.

    foamer: the dude was the dapper one at the market. great looking guy. his wife is the cowgirl in the other photo. They had style. Loved them. He was great to chat with - very friendly, both.

    dianne: there is a eucalyptus forest down the beach from here. You can smell it all over. its nice. the guy was the only male I wanted to photograph at the market. doesnt he have a nice style?

    susan: nutty brown is the best dog. thanks girl! xo

    troll: damn I just remembered about the lemons! I want to try that too. thanks!

    neil: i could make a body of work based on your words. always a treasure. thank you.

    Life in Creation: lets see. tables with tile tops facing the street. Inside, deep red walls. Short stocky waiter. Gnocci and prawn fettacini. thats all I got. but guess what!? I saw the wild parrots of telegraph hill - the whole damn flock. crazy good.

  16. hmm, that describes many of the italian spots in north beach, so it will remain a mystery.

    so you got to see the parrots, very cool! you're making me nostalgic (though a few days in the city again and i'd be dying for my mountains and forests, so it's all good!). enjoy for me...'

    love, life


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