Haiku Monday: "Pacific" ....still working on a winner


The theme was, appropriately enough, "Pacific". The entries were incredible this week, one of the toughest competitions in Haiku Monday history. I couldn't begin to pick a winner, so a real live "california person" was drafted into the duties of judging. You are in for a treat, Haiku People, because this judge is exceptional. She knew haiku, but took the responsibility of judgement seriously and even studied in preparation for the task of evaluation. We have discussed your haikus at length, their merits, originality, formal structures...our judge is funny, generous of spirit and spot on in her assessment. But a decision has not yet been made. (any day now, right Aunty?) The consolation for this delay is that every single haiku entry has received commentary. So hang in there.

in the meantime:

"Nest" the junk shop by the sea

HMB Marina
California people
We're just looking for a handout, not a hand
Ornaments for the ocean home
Where I would live


  1. Clearly the lunar aspects of this trip have had effects on you. Are you not the one who said early in the trip you were missing your forest? Now we are suppose to believe you would live on a naked mountain without a tree canopy?

    You need to run home now.

  2. "Where I would live"

    In a field of Cannabis sativa?

  3. I always say: Too many fabulous places to hang one's hat, not enough time.

    Terrific photos and a big smile to your handout comment. Pelicans are such interesting critters, but pushy!

    Tell your California Person thank you for her time and dedication. Can't wait.

  4. fishy: no. I am a southerner. bugs humidity and all. I just meant if i lived in this town? Id go "farm" not beach. the dirt is black black black. I have to say - i am impressed with MY garden skills. Cause it is hard where i am from (compared to this -throw out some seeds -and wait)

    lx: sadly, this is a field of brussels sprouts, which i hate.

  5. moi: indeed. maybe next lifetime? V would love to move here. but i resist. there is a way of being in the south that is like your best fitting jeans. the old reliable friend. it is my spiritual home -rebel blood in the ground - a bond to landscape - my only true inheritance.

    I have thrown some massive southern charm school around heah. representin'!

  6. Chickory:

    I remember driving north from Atlanta back when our older son was about 3 or 4. We got out of the car in Virginia, and he pointed at the ground.

    "What's that, Dad?"

    "Son, that's called dirt."

    Growing up in Atlanta, he just presumed everyone's ground was red. True story.

  7. Oooh who is the judge, your m-i-l??? I love the junk shoppe. Spread the southern girl.... Ha. My dad could turn on the country when needed, your comment reminded me of it.

  8. chick9 logged in as MIL right now8/17/2011 1:16 PM

    czar: LOL! "son, thats dirt"

    i am blessed at CHickory to not have red clay! Im low by a creek -earth is good by ga mountain standards. I used my first garden year just working on soil. I throw massive manure and compost and grow green cover crops in winter. My dirt isnt black like this california dirt -but it aint half bad.

    Pam: yes. I have the same daddy. he can go all mississippi on ya without missing a beat. I love turning on the country. my friends call my farmers market clothes my "costume" grhahahahaha

  9. I'd love to visit that junk shop and seeing the water and sea gulls makes me realize I will always need to be near salt water. I undestand your love of the South, however, it gets under you skin.

    Thanks for taking such good care with the Haiku judging.


  10. Well, dern it all--ya coulds SAID the judge would be a
    Real haiku judge--not jes'
    A chai drinker--live and learn: classical
    Should be default mode in all thangs--

    Whar' to live?? Is THAT what they do in cali?

  11. Oh...thas' Aunty above--sittin' on tarmac now
    Fer 26 minutes---folks is gettin" restless

  12. Love these photos - what a treat! Glad you're enjoying your trip.

  13. you make me want to be there.

  14. Love the photos... I'll fight Boxer for first dibs on the junk shop!
    the coloured jars and tree look fantastic... a real treasure trove I'm guessing....

  15. Impatience is a virtue8/17/2011 9:27 PM

    Is Aunty still on the tarmac? She might be home by now. . . .

  16. I would love to go shopping with you and find some earrings and then sit on the beach with some wine!

  17. Wonderful Photos! Sorry I missed your haiku contest. I'm hoping to make the next one.


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