Haiku Monday Challenge: "Pacific"


As the winner of the Haiku Challenge "Veneer" I am honored with both the Badge of Great Honor and the duties of hosting. This week, the theme is, appropriately enough for my 20 this week, "Pacific". I do believe that the word has a broad spectrum of meanings not limited to the ocean, or North America or even nature. Although, as we have learned from Master Basho's Ghost, indicating a season is a good practice.

Two early entries:

The Wild Pacific.
And over Sado Island:
River of Heaven.
- Troll

High translucent crest,
roaring into the shoreline
Cowabunga dude!

- Karl

You may enter as often as you like. The haikus will be assessed and judged by a panel of California people that my Mom has assembled. The winner will be announced on Wednesday morning, and will be awarded the Badge of Great Honor and a fine archival print of one of my best Pacific photographs.


Seeker: "where can I find the best chai on Earth"
Babaji: "This secret must not be reveled to the undeserving. Therefore, I will whisper it in your left ear once, just like the rishis of ancient times did when they imparted deep secrets to their students. You will find this nectar in Half Moon Bay, California at 101 Main Street"

Raman's Chai Shop. I loved it. I have had chai maybe one other time. I asked Raman to prepare it as he would like. This seemed to please him. It was very very good with pieces of fresh nutmeg swirling in the elixir.  I was amused (no, delighted) by the signs in his shop. Instead of writing "Please don'ts", his notes offered opportunities for character development, and spoke with some degree of authority as well:

A folk art duo played their original songs in the shop which was attended by a nice selection of generations; mothers and children, road worker guys, us, lots of ladies and couples sipping chais at tables arranged around a stage set under a hindu painting Hanuman a part monkey and part man figure bowing prostrate before Surya. While Raman was in the back of his shop, a lady came in and started calling for him. When he emerged, he instructed her to not be so impatient. I just smiled. I really liked Raman.

After Chai, we stopped at the Hastings House, which is one of the most lovely gardens I have ever seen. In addition to being a riotous explosion of color, the composition was masterful. Consideration of shape and texture was a priori and the artist/gardener Linda said that photographing a garden in black and white was a great way to work on garden design so that you are not distracted by the colors. Clearly flowers love cool consistent diffused light.  Proof:

Last night on my way to the beach at dusk, I saw this rabbit. I miss the companionship of animals; the Rhodesians and my hens. I think the reason I don't travel more is I hate to leave my animals. I miss my husband too - but I never worry about him like I do our beloved pets. Im sure he is taking great care of them, and appreciate him loading the hens and traveling with them. It takes a special man to endure that.

Today, we are headed to the farmer's market, and of course the Moon Ceremony is tonight. Have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to submit your Haiku. 


  1. Oh gosh. That isn't my entry! That's a translation of a Basho haiku from 1696! My own, original and not nearly as good, will be forthcoming.

  2. Karl inspired:

    Riotous colors
    expressed b'neath half moon light.
    Cowabunga blooms!

    Chickory photos:

    Hydrangea envy,
    Pacific pinks for your Mom!
    Mine look like bruises.

  3. I love that top photo - you must be loving being by the sea xo S

  4. Gorgeous photos.

    Very good, Fishy!

    Here are mine:

    Golden Mountain

    Land of Golden Dreams
    lures with shimmer, and betrays.
    Mirage, far from home.
    (visual at my blog)

    Hawaiian Honeymoon

    palm fronds and flowers
    blushing limbs and seaspray tang
    lava buries us

    Cedar Closet

    Mohair sweater hangs;
    a bittersweet souvenir
    of Sausalito.

  5. South ———. Swimming in it . . .
    Like Rodgers’, Hammerstein’s heirs:
    Nothing like a dame.

    September plunge brings
    Santa Monica surprise.
    Warm sun; sea fall fresh.

  6. Like the bright orange flowers pix.

    Haiku sent via e-mail.

  7. 101 Main Street:

    Churlishness denied.
    Raman's peace shall reign upon
    the unwasteful

  8. Nothing but jealous whimpers from me, for those gorgeous stripey roses.

    Have a brilliant time away. Enjoy your ceremony my darling.

  9. Southern Oscillation

    A boy or a girl?
    December's choice warms or cools.
    Real Climactic Change.

    Corp of Discovery

    Courageous Captain:
    "Ocean in view. O! The Joy!"
    Wet winter awaits.

    I have somewhat different versions up with visuals at the Troll Stroll. I thought they depended too much on the visuals for clarity.

  10. Drinkin' chai, strolling gardens, flirting with bunny wabbits?

    I will whisper this in your ear just once: "Aren't you supposed to be working?"

  11. Troll: I am going to enter it anyway, and see how everyone stacks up against Basho.

    Fishy: oh dear. bruised hydrangeas. and the alkaline didnt help? Loverly haikus.

    susan: its very beautiful. i dont miss the heat or the bugs. But I do miss my forest home. I cant help it.

    fleur: you are the master (mastress?) of beauty tempered with wistfulness; melancholy. Golden mountain is my favorite

    czar: culture and nature. Youre covered! Santa Monica surprise. flowin....

    xl: Got it! thanks and great visual

    Fishy: oh..great strategy. there will be friends of Raman in the circle of judgement.

    roses: I have astonishing photos from the Moon ceremony. Wait til you see. very mystic. appropriately. Candy Cane roses.

    Troll: very clever. el nina? el nino! Both have their good points, depending on your 20. the second? hmmm my free association may be incorrect. better check the picture.

    Moi: Im about half finished with the work. Ive laid the structure down. TOday I will shoot video in the redwood forest and then knock off; head for the City to hang out with a friend for the afternoon. On monday? Back to the rock pile for real.

  12. Neither hippie nor
    holy holds the key. Peace, bro?
    Fight the current’s flow.

  13. Vortex of refuse ..
    Great Pacific Garbage Patch:
    Plastics, sludge, debris.

  14. Okay,
    love the photos, the colors, the chai master. will you sponsor me when i move out there?

  15. Oh-oh Can't count please disregard
    101 Main Street.

    Pacific vibe:

    Churlishness declined.
    Raman's peace shall reign upon
    all unwasteful guests :-)

  16. I wish Raman would start a movement with these ideas! Would love to see more thoughts from him.

    My entry:

    Cranky baby cries;
    his bottle is not ready.
    here's pacifier.

  17. Hi Chickory.
    I have 2 entries for this week if I'm not too late!

    Great Barrier Reef
    Coloured kaleidoscope
    Beauty lies beneath

    Battle of the North
    Japanese unrelenting...
    Them Yanks sure could fly!

    With Visuals over at mine!

    Your trip looks fantastic!
    I'm loving the photos!

  18. fantastic hydrangeas!

    Pacific Pinnipeds

    Remember how we
    climbed mist sprayed rocks--And the
    stench of Sea Lions?

  19. ESALEN

    Ghosts of Kerouac,
    Huxley; Human potential-
    clothing optional.

  20. Becauase I love you:

    Lake Burning, car full
    travelling to a new coast,
    my forever home.

    xoxo. Cool post. My ora is feeling churlish. Is that bad?

  21. Aunty does Beat/New Age. Yow. Woman's got more turns than your average bag o' pork rinds.

  22. Good morning Chickory,

    Watching bubbles rise
    Decompression pondering
    Half Moon Bay haiku

    Seductive Sarongs
    Trade winds, baguettes and Bordeaux
    Tahiti beckons

    August Forty Five
    Uranium's fury
    Ends Pacific War

  23. All Right Darth, you scared me into it. Here's something reminiscent of my days on the west coast.

    Wild waters to left.
    Certain death highway - pshaw!
    Frisco here I come!

  24. Got your message! I do have one above with a play on the word pacific (not literally the ocean) ... so here's another one.

    California dreams
    were manifest destiny.
    Young man going west.

  25. Love the seductive sarongs from Karl
    It SOUNDS like a Gauguin painting!


    Phosphorescent waves
    heave upward , reaching point break,
    curling into me

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.


    You may say I'm a
    dreamer;Strength is peace. Price of
    pacifism? War.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Bodega Bay Baleen

    Beneath moon-silvered
    waves, Ancients of the Deep rise.
    Blue--blue as lupines.

  30. Jane Meadows Brackett8/22/2011 12:19 PM

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Saving a link to this...will be the perfect view on a cold, wintery day!!!


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