Haiku Monday Challenge of the Chicken / THE WINNER IS.....


Update 10:48 PM:
Congratulations to Lisa Queen! winner of the peoples choice prize:

Congratulations, Lisa. Send your mailing address to sparringk9@yahoo.com to receive your full set of chicken cards illustrated by you-know-who!

Happy Haiku Monday everyone!


UPDATE 2 PM: The judge has spoken and here is her commentary:

Easy to select the top three and each for a different reason. That said, hard to select just one. Here's my rationale: 

I base a lot of my choice on instinct, which I realize has more to do with how the piece scans, its ring of “truth”  and that quarter teaspoon of je ne sais quoi that appeals simultaneously or not to my sense of humor.

Xi’s haiku took some reading because the scan is rough (the second line) and am confused by missing punctuation, but I loved “barnyard long ago.” Also loved the "understood" reference to chicken.

rocks: a memory
southeast texas pineywoods
barnyard long ago

Auntie Belle’s spiritual haiku spoke to my Lenten soul, especially the bite of rejection of her last three syllables. Bitter and accusatory. Tasty.

 Holy Saturday Haiku
O Jerusalem!
I'd gather you as a hen
her chicks; You would not.

And finally, Moi at Bite the Apple. Ah, sufficiently stuffed with humor, irony and a recipe.  My ultimate favorite and the winner:

Faithful feathered friend—
chopped, plucked, garlic-stuffed. Sunday's
sacrificial lamb.

Congratulations MOI - you are the winner of an original folk art painting featuring your haiku. which will be a challenge. and what a nice birthday bonus.

Everyone: well played, all of you. Please do continue to vote for your favorite haiku. The poll will close at 9 PM with an announcement of the people's choice winner.

UPDATE: thirty players this week!! I invite you all to play next week too. The winning haiku receives a folk art painting based on their haiku. The winner has the option to choose the theme, display the Badge of Great Honor on their blog, and to host if desired. If not, the hosting duties return to Troll, where the Ghost of Master Basho resides.

Please vote for your favorite Haiku on the poll below. One vote per player. Visitors may vote too. Winner of the poll will receive the peoples choice award. Thank you all for your wonderful entries. Master Basho is very pleased. Winner will be announced by 9 PM this evening. Good Luck!

Who had the best chicken haiku?

Below please find the entries (so far) for this week's Haiku "Challenge of the Chicken." A big welcome to all the new players this week! I hope you come back for each weeks contest. To participate, please review the contest guidelines in the post below. The winner will receive an original folk art painting based upon their winning haiku. There is also a "people's choice" award for the haiku that receives the most "best haiku" votes from other players. An official poll will be placed on the sidebar to calculate the peoples choice winner after the 9 AM deadline on Tuesday.

**I will add the haikus as they are posted and sent to me so keep checking back for new entries. I have also asked the multi-talented Alicia Griswold, professional writer and editor back for judging as there are too many of my friends in this contest making it far too difficult for me to judge them myself. And Alicia gives great commentary too. Good Luck everyone!

Shall we begin?

From Deborah at things that are lovely:

Think your sky is falling down?
Henny Penny did-
turned out to be an acorn!


From Lisa Queen:

Love my sweet chickens
They start from a little egg
And grow to be fat


From Dianne at Here is My Heart:

With hope in my stare
so many look but pass by
please give me a home


From Moi at Bite the Apple

Faithful feathered friend—
chopped, plucked, garlic-stuffed. Sunday's
sacrificial lamb.


From Pamokc

England’s oldest pub

St. Alban’s historic past

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks


From LindyCoyote:

She’s no spring chicken
Fearful that the sky would fall
Never crossed the road


From Yazzybel:

Green chickens with little chicks,
quieter than most


From Foamy:

Sunny lad at six,
chicken whisperer supreme..
On me they just pooped.


From MJ (the Infomaniac)

I say, boy, I say
Pay attention to me boy
I’m Foghorn Leghorn!


From Amado Grabiel:

Gus watches the flock.
Successful with the ladies,
check out the chicks!


From Auntie Belle:

Holy Saturday Haiku

O Jerusalem!
I'd gather you as a hen
her chicks; You would not.


From Casey Thomas:

Fresh air fowl living
free beneath a smiling sun
oh how bright you are


From Lady Dame

"Childhood Chickens"

"Bok-Bok Chicken" flap
kids fly beneath feet, mother
won't let the sky fall.



rocks: a memory
southeast texas pineywoods
barnyard long ago


A singing partridge 
is sweet; a partridge as a
chicken is fowl play.


From Princess:

Bird industrious
Feathered "egg-a-day" layer
Scratch me a living


From D. MacCarthy Farm:

Dye your Easter eggs
with Ameraucana hens.
The natural way.

From Boxer:

Fussing and clucking
She rejects straw for cotton
Unusual fowl.


From Czar:

"Thanks to Harlan Sanders. "

Frogs, alligators,
Squirrels, possum, maybe snake.
It all tastes the same.


From Conrad Boterweg:

"On Guard"

Ready for battle
this chicken defends his turf.
Like he, so should we.


Golden tiny fluff of love
one tooth glossy eyes scattered shell emerge
cocks head fluffs wings perfection



     "A hero ain't just a Sandwich"

          A stranger threatens?
 There is one thing you should learn
          Super-Chicken's name.


From Bill Alexander:

"Hertzog said "you know

evil is stupidity when you 

look in chicken eyes."


From Karl:

Big blue and beautiful.
A wonder to see, flesh so tasty.
Chicken of the sea.


From Buzz Kill:

Know southern fried pride?
F-ed with genetically?
Could be Last Supper.


From Blazing Scarlet:

Birth of the Chicken Wing

Right there on Main street
Home of the original
Buffalo Wings


From Kym at  Kymical Reactions

He like a peacock,
She with lovely pale colors.
Quite the poultry pair.


From MilkWeedMama:

Bwaaaack buck buck buck whaaat?
sorry you can't have a chick
with me you are stuck



counter-balanced skeleton
defines this raptor


  1. wow!! these are great! I'm up, btw. I also sent you an email.

  2. What a great bunch of entries so far! I'll be back to check out more tomorrow. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter, and Happy Haiku Monday!

  3. I'm up Now!... Did I mention things were pretty hectic?

    Fantastic entries from all. It's going to be a tough week!

    Happy Easter...

  4. Auntie and Czar are my faves so far! Hehe, what a variety and I knew you would have a fun time with this. I have another one whirling around but may not get it down in time. But I have one up for judging ...

  5. What a great contest
    A Hoppy Easter to all
    And to all...good luck!!

    -Bace (Mayden's other half)

  6. Well done! You're getting a really impressive collection going here!

  7. wow-zer! First, I love the prize will be painted for the winning entry. Tres cool of you. Second, I like seeing the haikus here so I just sent mine to you.

    What a great collection so far. We get input on which ones we like? I'll be back tomorrow when everyone is up.

    Fun contest!

  8. Looks like the judge is going to have a lot of work to do.

  9. Okay, I have another one I want to use instead. Because I love the visual so much. I can't help it. I sorry. But I became inspired a little late in the day :)

  10. Good morning Chickory,

    Hope you had a good Easter. A truly impressive turnout. Judge and should be quite a challenge.

    Big blue and beautiful.
    A wonder to see, flesh so tasty.
    Chicken of the sea.

    Sorry I don't have time to post a visual. Think of a blue fin tuna swimming or big plate of sushi.

  11. My haiku is posted at my blog dear chickory, there sure are some great entries here.

    xoxoxo ♡

  12. foam: got it. and i love that photo. he looks just like you. and the delight on his face charms. Good Luck!

    Eggy: are you not going to try? you have time! make a foodie haiku. hope you had a lovely easter.

    princess: hectic yes but you got 'r done! I loved the two photo approach. is that your own "chook'? I love her.!
    Good Luck!

    Pam: Okay I will change them out. But which chicken car should i take? I like auntys too but she thinks because its from the bible it cant be judged. I disagree. what do we all think? GOod Luck!

    Bace: thank you! You should give it a shot BaceMan!! Im sure you would have a sporting chance. c'mon.

    xl: well, i have a few of my friends from the "real" who wouldnt mind having a chicken haiku painting. Good Luck!

    boxer: I am going to post an official poll tomorrow for peoples choice vote. so you do get input. and of course Alicia, our judge, will see all the comments before she begins the process. Good Luck!

    troll: im thrilled she agreed. It is a lot to do - but I just cant do it. I love all the players! Good Luck!

    Karl: I posted a visual for you. I hope you like it -if not, just find on on google and send it on. Im glad you participated! Good Luck!

    Dianne: how did you know that is the very chicken i would love to have. a partridge wynadotte! wow. what a gorgeous hen. Good Luck!

  13. Sadly not my own but I am building a chook house and yard over winter for some just like her...

  14. Alicia has her work cut out for her. There are some really good ones here!

    I'm up and good luck to all!

  15. OMgoodness! These are fabulous! :) I love the angle Troll Stroll took on this one :) Adorable! And Foamy's is precious to me...there's no way I could judge this impartially ♥ Bravo everyone! :)

  16. Hmmmm,Iguess stick with the pub haiku for me. But I do love the chicken cars. However, I have actually been in the pub and not in a chicken car. That is my deciding factor.

  17. I see you have mine up there already. Huge turnout this week. MJ's and Troll's made me laugh.

  18. Amazing entries! Mayden Voyage's is PRECIOUS.

  19. Hi Chickie -

    I have a few up with visuals, and the last one for judging.



  20. Chicken party!
    Lots of good entries, but the phrase
    "scratch me a living"
    continues to echo in my head. Maybe it is the sybiosis .

  21. Shoot, Princess is my competition.

    However, I did reference nature, and the universal feeling was invoked....

    just saying.

    plus it is my birthday

    not that it would count,
    on Tuesday that is....


  22. NONONO judging text taken from scripture, No Ma'am

    Karls is my fave.

  23. PPS:

    Mine has a title too,

    It is called

    Childhood Chickens

  24. I share a birthday with Lady Dame. Does that make me in competition as well for preferential treatment? I am also hoping for a pony.

  25. I sent you mine .... but I think I neglected to give you my blog address.
    Yeah, i'm brilliant like that.

  26. hot dam ... !! many more great haikus and visuals. i could never judge this ..

  27. princess -once you go fowl.....grherhahaha

    moi: gotcha. and glad i delegated once again.

    mayden: foamys is precious. that kid looks just like her. amazing. I love the photograph.

    Pam: i can switch it - no problem but you have to say so for real soon. after late tonight Im making no changes just taking in new people until 9 am.

    buzz: youre a sukka for animation

    fluerdeleo: yes it is!

    kym: got it

    FIshy: get the definitive haiku ready for transfer

    lady dame: i thought your birthday already happened! DOnt try and sway the impartial judge. I can tell you integrity runs through her veins grhahaha

    okay Ill add your title

    Moi: and 180 acres of prime rolling hills. now wait, thats MY birthday. grrrrrrherhahaha

    Scarlet: I got it!

    foam: insane haiku turnout. im thrilled

  28. Oh chIck of the land
    Your visual is perfect
    The seas majesty

    Thanks, I couldn't have picked a better photo. You certainly inspire a fine turnout.

    @ Lady Dame: Thank you.

  29. well uh, it is in fact tomorrow
    and carol burnette is on the 26 too.

    my mom used to collect those chickens, she is not a collecting type, she said she did it because her mom collected them sort of, but mostly because when she got married, her mom gave her one that she remembered seeing in her grandmothers house. my grandmother was kinda mean buy ALL accounts.... however, my mother reports that HER grandmother was kind, and so thus her and ergo my, affinity for the chicken basket (glass) was born.

    and i dunno who has never yelled "Bok Bok CHICKEN!!" to infuriate a sibling or playmate. Somehow, my mother could block out that kid-noise and keep all things calm.

  30. Chick9, jes' a point of clarification, may I please?

    On the matter of Aunty sayin' her Holy Saturday Haiku ain't likely eligible fer the contest cause it comes from scripture....

    The thang is, it's NOT that it is from scripture per se thas' the worry, but that I made mah formulation from a well known verse--any verse or lyric from any source that is the main content of the Haiku could be problematical.

    Does ya' recall that PamOKC wuz (mildly) zapped fer takin' a Haiku theme /words from song lyrics?

    It's a good question fer us to address: how much of another source (songs, advertisements,book titles,TV lines) may ya' incorporate in yore own formulation when writing Haiku?

    I doan think we should be *too* restrictive or we deprive our Haiku of fun cultural markers/ irony/ spoofs/

    Examples from this week's (fabulous number!) of entries would be

    Karl's use of "Chicken of the Sea" which Aunty thinks is GREAT! It evokes a "HA!" from the reader an' gives his Haiku that unexpected twist and is SO Karl (who lives on an' fer the sea).

    LindyCoyote's very clevah use of chicken lore:
    Why did the chicken cross the road/ Henny Penny's sky is falling/ an "no spring chicken" depends on other sources such that the content of her Haiku is all other sources--BUT has she juxtaposed them such that the result is unique an' funny and hints at the truth in all them ole-timey chicken sayings such that we "get" why we yell "chicken!" at the timid?

    Fer the record, Aunty thinks Lindy's entry is good an' fair use of the familiar sources because of the way she assembled and connected the phrases.

    Deborah an' MJ have the same question---maybe others too.

    Or, what of Bill Alexander's direct quote from quotable film director, Herzog--is that fair use when put to Haiku? Bill made sure we knew he was quoting someone-- no attempt pass the sayin' off as his own. I think that changes thangs as Herzog hisself becomes part of the Haiku, so I'se good wif' that.

    One last factor is that the rules is different at Chickory (heh!). When the visual is declared to count as much as the verse, then is it a new game? does this give greater allowance to use of verses/themes/ from other sources? I think mebbe so when the image is added in such a manner as to create a new story, an ironic POV, or a funny "gotcha", etc.

    Well, gracious! I done run on too long heah, but I reckon y'all git mah drift? I doan offer no solution--I can happily leave that to Master Basho's Ghost an' other expert consultants--Czar as an editor may have a good idea whar' to draw a line, or Alicia as a poet herself will have good feel fer whas' poetic license an what is cribbin'.

    What do all y' ll think?

  31. I am signed in but my vote isn't showing, it's Conrads battle chicken for me.

    Awesome hosting, great game!

  32. Me, too, on the voting thing. I am signed in, but the Vote box is grayed out. Want an email for voting?

  33. Voted now. Good luck Peeps!

  34. Master Basho's Impartial Ghost4/26/2011 10:18 AM

    I voted for Fishy but I think The Troll should get her prize since he fixed her haiku.

  35. I agree with Aunty. Unless you're directly stealing line for line from something, then making reference to, and using direct quotes from, a famous lyric, poem, saying, ad campaign is fine with me.

    Thirty entries must be a record, huh? Awesome. I'm glad I'm not judging, but I popular voted for the haiku that kept playing sing song in my head all day: Princess's.

    Good luck, everyone!

  36. I had a cluck of a time choosing.

  37. listen: if you have any friends (grherhahaha) have them vote too. the poll will only let you vote once from one I.P. just sayin

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Wait. What? You're kidding? Best birthday ever! I'm stunned and honored and so looking forward to seeing what Le Artiste Chickory is going to come up with. It is sure to be awesome.

    Thank you, Alicia, not just for the win but for the time and energy you took to judge the entries. Thanks to Chickory, too, for her inspirational theme and for hosting the rockin'-est Haiku Monday ever.

    As for hosting next week, I'll be traveling and most likely not able to host. XL or Aunty, would either of you like to host? I could even come up with the topic and prize, if either of you offer up your blog as the gathering spot. Otherwise, it will bounce back to Troll.

  40. Great pick and great job hosting Chickory. I can't wait to see Moi's prize. You'll post it, right?

    Congrats to Moi, XL and Aunty. And everyone. What a fun contest.

  41. Congrats to Auntie Belle and Moi!

    To the other entrants: very well done!

    Thank you judge Griswold!

    Thank you Chickory for hosting a wonderful event!

  42. Good evening Chickory,

    Congratulations Moi! (See...You're not getting older, you're getting better) And to Aunty Belle and xl, well deserved.

    What a fun turnout this week. New folks joining in make it entertaining and more of a challenge.

    Ms. Griswold, thank you for judging.

    Chickory: Thank you ma'am, you sure throw fine party.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Hooray for all the fine winners!
    Thanks Chickory for raising the ante and revving the players! So fun .
    I too am looking forward to the vision of the Moi Haiku/Birthday prize.

    @ Master Basho's Ghost
    Thank you twice :-)

  45. Fun, fun, fun challenge! Thanks, Chickory. Great job contestants and congrats to the winners. PS, I picked Moi as my fav!

  46. Geez, Moi. We're gonna have to retire the prize in your name. Give the rest of us a shot, huh? You're lapping the field.

    Chickory: What a host. You win the award going away for the most beautiful Haiku Monday hosting site -- not to mention one of the more glorious blogs around anywhere.

    Professional writer + professional artist. Ringers. But we love it. Thanks to you both.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Congratulations, Moi and happy birthday!

    Kudos to Auntie Belle and XL too.

  49. Wow! It's Moi's birthday? Ho ho! Well done
    Congrats to Moi and That White Cat.

    Alicia, how sporting of you to take
    the time to read all these entries--a huge
    "Thank you! "

    Chick9, gracious, din't ya' make this
    One Amazin' Haiku Monday?? Youse priceless.

    What a fun crew of foks--thanks to all fer

    Aunty (who ain't signed in)


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