Walkabout in my Yard


The creek bank in late afternoon

Native Foamflower are blooming in abundance
A Buckeye butterfly with Coreopsis and Dianthus
The lettuce box with Cardinal whirly-gig in the background
Giant Allium
Koby enjoying a roll in the field
Brown Hound Games


  1. Life post haiku frenzy. Especially like the doggie pas de deux in pix 8.

  2. The sunlight through the forest at the creek is beautiful! Did you have to lay on your stomach to get the lettuce photo? it was beautiful.

    What a wonderful kingdom you have created.
    Blessings on your day.

  3. I hope you were able to get some artistic inspiration from your walk. I especially like the creek.

  4. I can watch dogs play with each other forever, the behaviors and posturings and vocalizations are so interesting. How long do their bouts last?

  5. Wonderful photographs of your 'yard', the creek looks so lovely with its swirling water and verdent banks, such a soft light in the afternoon.
    I love the Foam flowers, so pretty and the coreopsis are so bright and vibrant, that sweet little butterfly is well camouflaged there.
    What a great place for the 'brown hound games',they look as if they are having fun.
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful world! :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  6. I love the expressions on their faces. Fierce Fun!

    It looks just beautiful. I can't wait to return. xoxox

  7. Good morning Chickory,

    I'm with Aunty your lettuces impressive.

    With the rate of flow you have in your creek, have you ever considered generating electricity from it? If it flows like that all the time you could probably go off the grid.

  8. Nothing like smiling dogs and gorgeous wildflowers to make you day, fabulous! xox Corrine

  9. xl: thats my favorite too. and yes that Haiku thing was labor intensive. are you taking the reins this week?

    fishy: early morning light is nice too...crisper. right now its mega wind. major storms are coming tonight.

    buzz: i have a show opening saturday night. I will have 6 new pieces all painted this week. not folk art. You will see...post to come

    moi: about 10 minute bursts and then it starts up again. they will go all day. I am happy to report Koby's leg issue seems to have improved with the Cetyl M and massive MSM glucose supplements. The tarsus is irregular but pain that requires a rimadyl at the end of the day is rare now.

    auntie: its so tasty and tender. The radishes are nice too. Soon I will harvest spinach. you should see the parsley - really long germination period but they taste much better than when you buy the started herbs at the store

    dianne: thank you and youre welcome. Its gorgeous when the new green comes out. I HAVE to get rid of some trees though. i need light, desperately. xo

    boxer; well we will have the dogs this time and you will have a big time with the big dogs. I cant wait!

    Karl: I can. ANd believe me, getting off grid is the big dream i have for my little doomstead, er, farm. Below me once was a a grist mill. There is a big drop along my 650 feet of creek frontage. I have two areas that are always white water. I would love to install a RAM pump to power the garden water and possibly even the power for the shed which i hope to start seeds in early. and heat would help. But I dont know how to do it. The monopoly power system here is installing smart grid. which means higher prices when you draw power at peak times. As fast as I can, I am learning what I can to work around this endless expanding controlling bureaucratic system.

    DosFishes: you got that right! and, welcome!

  10. I like all the dog pictures except the last one that's kinda blurry.

  11. troll: it is blurry but its crazytown! so i like it.

  12. So glad to see these pics of your slice of the world. Those lettuces look tantalizing, and I’m the radishes are as well. Looking forward to seeing the new pieces you’ve created for your show!

  13. Gorgeous area and I hope you are not in the path of that deadly storm swinging its way through southern Georgia right now. Sounds like things in Alabama are/were bad.

    Meanwhile: Photos -- Love LOVE the doggy action pics. But I'm not sure I'd like to get in between them if they were mad at someone!

  14. The first word that popped into my head when viewing these was "gorgeous." But then, I look up and see pam has already said that. So I have to think of another adjective.

    How about 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'?

    As to the haikus, I bowed out for I can only really judge things I can do myself, and writing poetry isn't one of them. I will say, however, that Foam's made me laugh the loudest.

  15. wrote a poem for you chickory,it seems it hasnt showed up....wierd

  16. well will have another go...

    ancient path of all ways
    leading through and in
    a walk in wonders garden
    the heart of lovings wing
    a springtime raging tempest
    a swarm of loves delight
    streaming beams of integrating
    embracing dove in flight
    a rise of essence blooming
    sunshine glinted breeze
    the reaching hold of mountains
    sky and earth in weaves
    mighty ocean currents
    lotions on the wind
    trails of loving medicine
    deepened peace within


  17. Woo hoo! Hounds cavorting! Man, it looks like full on summer at your place. I haven't seen a buckeye since I was a kid in Texas. :) Happy gardening! xox Pam

  18. eggy: i am cram schooling. I think I will have 6 pieces all of them made since last friday. no, 1 was from earlier. so 5!

    xdell: foams was my favorite image submitted. and her haiku are always funny. I was thinking about you a few nights ago - we've been getting in some great wild caught carolina shrimp. I fry it along with hushpuppies and vidalia onion rings. mmmm mmmm. wish i could ship you a plate!

    pam: i have a lot of trees down. there was a perfect little patch that my place was in - storms above and below. 40 miles away, the have 12 dead and counting. very sad - i know you know how it is with the storms you guys have had. remember when Koby ran into me last year? Messed my knee up for months. Ive been knocked down another time by them being to engaged to notice innocent bystanders. grrrrhahahaha

    neil: your poems are good medicine. I love your imagery too. thank you.

    pam: you dont get buckeyes up there? I have had some amazing night moths lately too. I need to try and capture one to post.

  19. I'm so glad you are ok! We've had wicked stuff close to here too, but not as close as you did.

  20. awww, you guys
    are in full spring...
    and it is so fresh and lovely

    we're just getting buds on the early bloomers here(!) -- but we're not getting those terrible tornados -- stay safe

    × × ×



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