Haiku Monday Challenge of the Chicken


You won't win this but it will be something like this

As the sentimental winner of last weeks Haiku Monday contest, I am the hostess for next week's Haiku Monday and I invite all the readers of this blog to participate. I am changing the rules a bit for this week and adding another element to the challenge.

The theme for this week's haiku is Chicken.

Your haiku most follow the traditional 5-7-5 format and it must be accompanied by an image. Judging will be based on how well the image and haiku work together. For example:

Barred Rock Vera
resplendent in black and white
the barnyard jailbird

You can post your haiku on your blog with an image and I will go and get it and post it on this blog as well. If you do not want to post your haiku on your blog, or do not have a blog, but still want to participate, then you may send your image to


and I will post it here with your haiku.

Another added element to the contest: Vote for your favorite haiku in the comment section. The popular vote winner will receive a popular vote prize: a surprise chicken themed arty something or 'nother. And the comments on the haikus may well influence my judging - I am open to hearing the assessments of the haiku from the other haiku masters in this circle of Haiku Monday players.

The grand prize will be an original folk art painting that is based on your haiku. In fact, It will have your haiku written or collaged or in some way incorporated into the design. This is a retail value of at least a buck twenty five! You might say to yourself "hell, i dont want a piece of plywood with a chicken on it". Well, theres christmas and birthdays to consider. I just saved you a trip the mall. (You're welcome.) So get busy and get your chicken on.

Deadline: 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 26th.  (all the way to Tuesday you ask? its a nod to last minute people such as myself) Winner will be announced by 9 p.m. tuesday evening.
Good Luck.

Need help with Haiku? Consult Google!


  1. holy cow!! ..err.. or should that be holy chicken. i already have a haiku written, but the image! oi vey .. i'm gonna have to do some major rummaging. i hope i can find it .. it's about 45 years old.

  2. Can I just go ahead and buy the chicken art posted here?

    Yea! to the VISUAL haiku format.
    It is my favorite. Like you so well demonstrated with your "jail bird" the relationship between verse and vision raises the bar.

    Is there a limit on entries per person?

  3. I have a haiku over on my blog at lifewiththequeens.blogspot.com!!

    Great contest!

    Lisa Q

  4. foam: no. I want you to draw or make something NEW. i know you have loads of free time art teacher. grrherhahahahha! (im kidding -sort of)

    Fishy: this is your own area of expertise. I 'spect you will be stiff competition. You may submit as many haiku as you like but only one can be judged so indicate which one. Alas, the chicken in the post was given to the Humane Society for the auction last saturday night and now is the Property of a Lady as Sotheby's likes to say. Good Luck!

    Lisa! welcome to Chickory. Im glad you are playing! I loved your haiku and image. I will post it on this page soon - I am crunching a deadline today.

  5. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I just bought the folk art painting of the Barred Rock!!!!! I'm so happy, oh so happy..

  6. "Hertzog said "you know
    evil is stupidity when you
    look in chicken eyes..""


    This also works with
    "T Rex's children fight
    and squabble in spring garden:
    eat or they eat you.."
    Bill Alexander (who is not a fan of fowl..)alexander@ellijay.com

  7. Dani: Oh Dear. I forgot that was still in my shop. Its gone darlin. I am refunding your money. I will send you an alert with the next ones I upload. I am so so sorry!!
    (maybe i should do a silke)

    are you going to compete this week? You should!

    xl: great!

    Bill: LOL!! youre talking Werner, right? He might know a thing or two about that. I like them both but I think I love the play on T. Rex on the second one. Glad you played and see you at the PEEP show next saturday night.

  8. PS bill - i saw the chickens gang up on a mole once. definitely the children of Saurs

  9. :( damn.....o well. :)

  10. p.s. love all the folk art painting on wood you been doin' lately. They all make me smile. :)

  11. I like the direction your going with the chickens on wood and the bottle cap accents. I may try to play this week if the schedule permits.

    @Dani - Chickens are right in your wheelhouse. That's not fair.

  12. I love that you're hosting, giving the prize and think the theme will result in some really great haikus.

    I'm glad you said no one was winning the picture on this post because when it first popped up I thought "that's a really good prize". The kind of prize that would make me count better.

    I'm in and I have tons of visuals. hee hee.

  13. ooooh fun theme and wonderful prize ... can't wait for this one. I better start thinking ..

  14. BTW, is that one project we talked about still a "go"?

  15. Chicky, what are the rules about how many entries? Can we enter more than one for judging??

  16. What some call love,
    Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.

    ––Iggy Pop

  17. Great prize, and love the theme. Now if it had been red penguins, I would have had a visual :). No doubt I’ll be haikuless once again this week. But I am definitely looking forward to checking out the entries and attendant festivities!

  18. somebody get Fishy a chair.

  19. Cool beans. Happy Easter!

  20. Great idea for this round Chickory...
    I'll be up early with a post at mine
    for Monday's Haiku Competition.

    I've done three but you can choose the one you like best...

    Things are pretty hectic around here at present.

    Have a lovely Easter.

    Ps I just love your new website...

  21. OK Miss Chickory; I've never participated in this Haiku thing before; but here goes...
    My post is complete and can be found at http://thingsthatarelovely.blogspot.com/2011/04/haiku-monday-chicken-theme.html
    Is that all I need to do to enter?


  22. dani: thank you! Im about to show a piece or two from my gallery show -not the folk art. I hope you like that too!

    Buzz: please do! Im glad you like the caps. I loved the one with all the green beer caps that Boxer bought. did you see that one?

    Boxer: no - the prize wont be that big and it cant be made until the winner is selected. It will be very specific to that haiku. Im looking forward to the art challenge.

    Pam: you betta get ready! and yeah, we are a go.

    Kym: only one can be judged but as many as you want to post can be posted. The one you pick for judging will be posted here with a visual. Im looking forward to yours...you have been so close so many times...

    moi: iggy. he has a chicken neck too!

    fishy: one for JUDGING. still you should do your usual assortment. see comment to Kym.

    eggy: c,mon! youre a foodie. im sure you can pen and ode to the staple base of a zillion meals!

    boxer: har!

    Troll: hope so. and happy easter to you too

    Princess: yay! I'll be over tomorrow then. Im glad you liked the site - thanks for letting me know you went over there.

    Debora: terrific!! Im glad. Yes, I will go over and steal your image and haiku and post them here. then everyone can look at all the entries on monday. Tuesday night the winner will be announced. be sure to come over and vote for your favorite as there is a peoples choice award too.

  23. Chick9,
    I done posted a Holy Saturday Chicken Haiku at Ether Capacious. Wif' visual. Come see--youse gonna be amazed that ya' ain't the FIRST to make chicken art.



    (sorry fer all them deletes--could not get the embed code to work)

  24. Chicken neck. You had to go there. I'm going there, I'm afraid, but do NOT intend to haiku about it. Gobble Gobble! Yay, keep me posted re project! :)

  25. I did it....

    when do we find out the winner???

  26. came to write you a poem mrs chickory doodle dandy,but you took the lamb or sheep picture down or its still around somewhere and I cant find it,so will try and write a haiku for you a bit later but I dont know how too post photos and I havent got any aswell,so you will have to make do with a haiku all by its self..

    sorry ...neil

  27. Wait. Just wait one damn minute.

    Who'd have thought Haiku Monday would turn into This Is Your Life?

    Mr. Bill! Bob Land here.

    Bloggers, Mr. Bill and I go back, oh, about 33 years. I am the ever-so-proud owner of some of Mr. Bill's work as well. Just about the best damn stuff we have hanging in the house. And we have a lot of stuff hanging in the house.

    Bill: Let's catch up elsewhere. We're up in SW VA now. I'll drop you an email.

    Chickory: I'm emailing you my haiku and image.

    Bill . . . geez. What a world.

  28. Hi Chickory,
    This is my first time posting a comment on your blog, but I have been inspired by your artwork for quite some time! I am an art teacher/artist in RI and have two ridgebacks (Kintu and Tamari) and a love of folk art in common with you. I have a blog that I run to showcase my junior high school art lessons, as well as one for my love of anything "deer" related.
    I am hoping that I can get in on the fun chicken haiku of the week contest. Living in RI you can probably guess which one I chose to write about! Keep up all of your fun and interesting posts! I love your updates :)
    I will send you an e-mail with the image and the haiku. Thanks!

  29. hmnnn...curiousm,so I looked up the Herzog quote, an it ain't ambivalent:

    "Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world."

  30. I'm in :) Let the floodgates of blogging be unleashed with this new post! :)
    And I agree with Fishy! The more I think on it the more I want to write about mothering hens, and the duty to the brood, and scratching for bugs and eating peanut butter :)

  31. Love the haiku,
    and the color too
    Deep water



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