Chicken in a Bookcase


Easter in the studio bookcase

Just mindin' my own business

Yesterday I was painting and Easter kept coming in and jumping up on my tables. Its a pain because she will step in wet paint, or maybe walk over my computer keyboard, turn over water glasses and in general be a hazard to the artist and herself. But she wants to be with people, not other chickens. Every time she came in I would pick her up and throw her out as hard and far as I could and she would fly down and within minutes be back.

For a while, she just sort of stood on the steps outside the door. Which I thought was cute and I also thought maybe she understands to stay out now. But while I was focused on my work, I forgot about her until I heard some scratching from the bookcase. I found Easter had inserted herself into an out of the way perch, and I let her stay. Sitting upon those books, who could say no?

And to the skeptics: you cannot pose a chicken. I didn't set this shot up.


  1. I think Easter's spirit was supposed to go into a person and inadvertently got sent into a bird. Good luck with that. But I think it's kind of cute.

  2. I ♥love♥ Easter! That chicken knows where the living is good!
    And yes, believe me, after being on grandfathers cannot pose
    a chicken....
    Although, Easter does look comfy in front of the camera! ;-)


  3. I see she's trying to catch up on her poultry news.

  4. Hello, I was directed here by MJ. Easter seems to be a very sensible chicken and very cute!

  5. Is that her baby portrait on the shelf above?

  6. ah, the fairest fowl
    of them all

    studio mascot pour quoi ?

  7. Are those chicken cookbooks she's sitting on? Fearless!

  8. What a cutie! I've found that the antwerps seem to like people more than the other breeds.

  9. That's so cute! I love her choice of books too!

  10. Having spent time with Easter I know you didn't stage this picture and I also know she really does want to be with humans and not her flock.

    So, all I have to say is:

    Chicken Diapers!!!!

  11. I don't think chickens have a very long memory.

  12. I absolutely love this photo. It takes me miss my flock so much. Especially our bantam hen who would fly over the house, knock on our front door with her beak, and then hide.

  13. I love these photos, Easter is such a pretty chicken, it is nice that she wants to be with you, she has her very own endearing personality.
    Maybe you could incorporate her 'painted footprints' into a painting of her.

    xoxoxo ♡

  14. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Neat set of pictures. Perhaps she's thinking, this would be a nice new roost, temperature controlled and close to the person that feeds me. Let those others sit outside, they can pick a little and cluck a little.

  15. What an adorable shot - that Easter set up for you :)

  16. Oh my gosh, she doesn't look real! She is gorgeous. She can hang out with me any old time. If she doesn't mind dogs and cats and dust. :) xox Pam

  17. Sitting on books about chickens! I say that is a pose for a new artwork myself! She's trying to tell you something! P.S., i need your e-mail address!

  18. moi: damn i hope i dont come back as a hen. id rather be a rhodesian ridgeback.

    AHL: bird rode to town in the truck today. big star on our visits along main street today. Everybody wants to meet "the chicken"

    MJ: you know, there actually is such a thing.

    scarlet blue: welcome to chickory. shes the smartest of the flock, no question about it. willful though.

    xl: ha! no, that's Ski. He was a rooster. I gave him to a guy who kept him with some other roosters but Ski refused to eat or drink and died. Scott (the guy) said he missed his great life with me. *guilt* it took me a while to get over that. I loved him too. But the crowing didnt fly on the city leg of the chicken tour.

    susan: at least she doesnt shed.

    buzz: grrrrherhahaha nay they be photo books of pretty chickens. easter is a fancy chick: a golden campine. not good layers tho'.

    dani: easter isnt an antwerp. Peggy and Wren are though. Theyre pretty friendly - easter is a golden campine. lays a white egg.

    dan: you back bloggin? she is cute isnt she? thanks.

    boxer: i cant. that would make me insane. bwaaahhahaha

  19. troll: i dont know bout that, i see evidence of learning.

    jenner: grrrhahahaha! i can believe that. why dont you have a flock anymore? Easter flew on top of the barn during the snow days. when it started to get dark she was still up there and i worried she would freeze. So i threw snowballs at her until she flew off. that was fun.

    dianne: what a good idea. i think the painting
    elephant is rich and famous!

    Karl: it scares me how much you think like a chicken

    eggy: grrrrherherhahaha youre right!

    yoborobo: dogs she likes -cats are bad news. you'll have to make a plushy skele hen.

    pam: ha! first, God willin, I gotta finish Koby. gah.

  20. My flock was killed by a raccoon when I was 7 months pregnant. I was chasing the damn thing around the yard in knee-deep snow with a shovel. Only one production red rooster survived, my beloved Ruphert, and he passed away a few months ago. I miss having chicken so very very much!

  21. Love this image!
    I actually thought it was a lucky thing she didn't roost on that neck brace since there are no chicken diapers.

    I find it interesting how companionable you find this bird.
    Endearing too. Thank goodness it isn't Koby getting up on the table walking through the paint!


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