driving miss Eastah (20 seconds of your life you'll never get back)



  1. Doesn't play for me. It says "This video is private." :(

  2. Make that 40 seconds.

    So nice I played it twice.

  3. Ja, works now!

    I don't care if it rains or freezes,
    as long as I got my chicken Easter,
    sitting on the dashboard of my truck.

    PS: There's room at the top of Mount Crazytown for all of us!

  4. Oh Hai MJ!

    (another 20 seconds down the draining with this comment)

  5. Glorious - and more aesthetically pleasing than sat-nav.

  6. bwahahaahahahaahahahahahahahaha.

    I love the song you're whistling too. I think we both have created our own Zip Code for Crazy Town. Weeeeeee.

    I love that bird.

  7. Delightful. What was Easter whistling?

  8. Oh that is priceless!! Had to watch it three times...so one minute with Easter, who seems to enjoy being..On the Road Again!!!!


  9. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Wait a minute where is her NHTSA approved chicken safety seat?

  10. ahhahaa haha hahahaha hahehehe..
    big grin here...
    and now i want a chicken too.

  11. I love Easter! She is so happy up there. :) I used to have a parrot that like to sit on the dashboard of my truck. So cute!

  12. CUT THAT OUT OR I'se gonna take a switch to yore laigs, chick9!

    NO MORE drivin' like ya doan luv yore life no more.

    "Local woman in head on collision wif' loggin' truck while joy ridin' wif' chicken on the dash."

  13. oh..what I came to tell ya' afore I got so hot under mah collar--I'se takin' yore name in vain on the Front Porch.

  14. That bird is spoiled like a Hilton, I swear. However, she does make a most lovely dash board ornament.

  15. A chicken riding on the dash board. Yup. It's almost happy hour.

  16. Bwahahaha. Now just drive safely, ya hear? I don't want to hear about any more ailing blogger friends :)

  17. I came back to download this video onto my computer so I can watch it over and over.

    ruh-roh, Aunty's mad?

  18. chickory doodle dandy
    smiling butterflys
    multiplying flowers
    eyes of summer skys
    meadows filled with color
    weaving on the scent
    beaming creativity
    swirling medicine
    of centralising focus
    harmonizing now
    brush a lifting heart
    seeds of loving sounds
    pounding inner rythms
    cosmicly embraced
    chase across the universe
    of inner pathway paved


    for you chikory,it just sort of came out like that,so I thought i would leave it as so...

    anyway respects neil

  19. Awww, Missy Eastah is just the cutest little chicken, what a beauty, no wonder you love her so much.
    xoxoxoxo ♡

  20. I can't even express to you how much I love this.

  21. You win!
    Now come on back down from the Crazy Town peak. I am with Aunty on this one, you need a good switching! You will feel way more than crazy if you squish somebodys dog while whistling chicken.

  22. i dont know about everybody else, but a chicken on a dash is a lot less hazardous then

    eating behind the wheel
    yakkin on the phone
    being on drugs

    I had two hands on the wheel. and believe it or not, i can whistle AND drive. Im just talented that way.

    Get real Aunty and Fishy

    and you have to catch me before you can switch me.
    Good luck with that.


    Next post: driving a truck with dog, chickens and a goat while chewin gum

  23. I love the way you love your children.

  24. Ain't gotta catch, ya' Pup.
    I'se stellar at sneakin' up on ya'--so doan tempt me none.

    What if that bird gits spooked an' goes to flyin' in yore face, huh?

  25. Here in Jersey, that's a violation of NJ-39:3-74 Obstruction of Windshield for Vision and will cost you $54. This is one of the new revenue generating tickets the local municipalities have jumped on to close budget gaps. I can't tell you how many people have been pulled over for crystals, parking tags and employee badges dangling from the rearviews. So don't be crossing over the Delaware River with that chicken on the dash. Bwahahahaha

  26. http://laughingsquid.com/a-chicken-made-using-eggshells/

  27. Crazy chicken! Doesn't look the least but afraid.


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