8.5 on the Chick-O-Meter



  1. So idyliic! Especially since there is no SNOW. I really love watching the chickens, I can't wait to start my flock this spring.

  2. It is a beautiful place where you live, such amazing scenery ... that waterfall looks so pristine. Everyone seems to be having a great time, dogs and chickens.
    Has the snow already gone?
    Loved your video!

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. here
    it is illegal
    to allow KIDS to ride
    in the back of pickups... nevermind DOGS

    and freesing chocalte treats is just plain SICK ;)

    × × ×


  4. I give it an 11. My favorite part was the gratuitous chicken dust bathing scene!

  5. Loved it!! The dogs faces, the scenery, the chickens enjoying a dust bath~~and WES in the background!
    A solid 8.5 on the Anne-O-Meter too!


  6. faery: love you!

    jenner: every year, tender shoots and blooms emerge only to be smashed by a late snow or freeze. I have planted about 1/3 of my garden but i have a jerry-rigged greenhouse system. I can protect spring food better from cold than i can from heat on the back end.
    You will really enjoy having chickens. an endless exploitable pet for your photos and videos. what kind are you getting?

    dianne: it has for now, but i predict a late snow of freeze. today it is mega thunderstorms and high winds.the wind here is scary it whips between mountains and blows these amazing bursts. I've filmed it before havent ever included it in a movie.

    /t: thats probably a good policy. a few years ago some kids were hotdogging it down my road with a kid in the back of a truck, lost control and flipped it. you know the rest. i drive pretty slow with ol Trouter in the back. She has jumped out before: if she sees a deer.

    xl: dag! I shoulda made a chicks bathing label to up my SEO. grrrhahahaha

    anne-huskey: you cannot go wrong with the incomparable mr montgomery. so smooth.

  7. What a great gift for your mom.

    But dang it, it reminds me of the flip side of my travel bug: I sure hate it when I get to missing people and places. And dogs.

  8. moi: thank you. she started it, when she bought a river property when i was in high school. never got to live on it, but it started the journey.

    I have not seen YOUR dogs since our walk. I think they were spirit guides that made themselves available just for that weekend.

    trout and koby send regards

  9. No ... you don't mean ...not K. R. Roberts-ish I was honestly going for the much quirkier I. Schwarzish

    I do not approve of dogs riding in the back of pick up trucks, not ever, not any distance, not any speed

  10. all wonderful; chickens in the dirt, dogs chasing each other and it looks like the weather was beautiful. And, you know anytime I can see Easter in your kitchen I'm a happy person.

    Really nice job. So glad you had a 8.5 day and the dedication to your Mom made me tear up. In a good way. xoxo

  11. susan: i dont know who those people are...so i will look that up. but i did a search for you and will drop by later with a link. Be sure to sedate yourself before you visit north georgia...you'll be exhausted from attacks of disapproval. grrrherha

    boxer: oh but that would be miss peggy jean in the kitchen. It was beautiful....and today: rainy stormy windy. i like that too.

  12. Wory pas, I would be w-a-y to scared to visit north Georgia, Georgia, Texas, North & South Carolina ... & on... yikes.

    I meant Kelly Rae Roberts (not)
    and Iris Schwarz (oui)

    I appreciate your artist's feedback !!

  13. love the video. loved hearing your voice telling the dogs to stay put.
    hearing your voice brought back memories of the ganesh. and oddly your choice of music reminds me of that too.
    anyway, i'm just about 100 percent sure that folks can't ride in the back of pickup trucks here in nc. although that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. i'm not sure about dogs though. i see dogs in the back of pickup trucks all the time.
    so, the fact that trout was in the back did not strike me as odd at all.
    speaking of riding in the back of pickup trucks. my most favorite memories are about riding down a mississippi dirt road in the back of a pickup truck with a bunch of fellow dusty, sweaty and barefoot cousins.

  14. Dogs ride in the front Chickory. Please, please keep that beautiful creature up there with you. Not trying to lecture. Funny video.

  15. oh, who the heck is filming while the truck is being driven? huh? huh?

  16. @Foam - I figured Koby was driving.

  17. guess i wont upload that video of the dogs on the motorcycle after all

  18. Can't even EVEN tell you how much I'd love to part of this peaceful scene. Craziness abounds in my world. I want to head to the stream with the doggies. Like, now. Team Paul on my page.

  19. Around here, the law is, if your dog rides in the back of an open vehicle, it has to be tethered. Which only means to me that if it jumps or gets bounced out, it hangs itself.

  20. How nice! Thanks for the horse shot, too. Who was driving? ;) Tripp and I did a little dance to your music, too.
    LOVE the painting-link to your website. Is that new?

  21. The lecture:
    Is sharing a road with you more hazardous than sharing a road with a texting teen?

    Trout is not capable of evaluating the risks of her choices, that is why she has a human servant.

    There are orange safety vests for dogs to wear in the wilds so they are not mistaken for deer.

    There are safety harnesses for dogs who prefer to ride in the truck bed.

    Please note: This is a minor warm up for the Mom lecture coming to a future near you!

    The applause:
    Wonderful to be able to share a day in your life with your Mom this way. (Gives me ideas for my Mama)

    Impressive you can keep up with the speed of your dogs playing tag.
    I tried to video equestrian competitions and eventually had to just give up.

    We are having amazingly warm temps in the Carolinas too. If it holds, great!. If we have another freeze then Spring will be ruined and veggies will be expensive.

    Loved the chicken in the house video, were you lying on the floor to get that perspective?

  22. Chicky! Come stop by for the baby reveal! x.

  23. Soul Sister, please check your email. Something Exciting!

    (I am sorry, I can't see vids on dialup and the comments make it sound sooooo good. Bummer, but from reading the comments my imagination was running all over the place. Dogs? Pickups? Kids? The Hens? Hmmmmm.)

    Again, do see mail. >one love<

  24. Dang, how did I miss this? I think blogger has been shorting me on my favorites feed lately . . .

    In any case, a breath of fresh . . . springtime . . . air :) Thanks so much for sharing.


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