1. They are the fore runner of Spring, aren't they?
    I love snowdrops, and think the roots of my Magnolia have pretty much destroyed the handful I had.
    Absolutely LOVE your photos!


  2. Very nice. Are you some kind of artist? Bwahahaha

  3. Simple and elegant pictures. Makes me want to buy a new camera.

  4. Simple and elegant pictures. Makes me want to buy a new camera.

  5. Niceeeeeee! I really like the one shot from above looking down on the bottle and that beautiful, beautiful flower. From your yard? Is it Spring where you are? *sigh*

    How's the new camera? From this angle (pun!!) all looks good.

  6. I have not seen one of those before. Especially like the second pix.

    With the new camera, yes? Looks like you're getting the hang of it!

    Oh Hai Boxer!

  7. So pretty! We don't get those here, at least not in our neck of the woods. I love the bit of green - gorgeous! xox Pam

  8. Gorgeous photos, I love the simplicity of your compositions,the beauty of white and green; snowdrops, the first signs that Spring is not far away.

    Love, Dianne. xoxo ♡

  9. Absolutely love those photos! Happy soon-to-be Spring!

  10. ann huskey: mine are on the bank of the creek - i lost some when part of that edge fell in! I may try and plant more this fall. The naturalize -but very slowly.

    buzz: grherhahaha! im workin on it. I cant wait til somebody says are you some kind of farmer?

    MRM: i still dont get it. that really nice one at the top was dumb luck..just trying different f-stops. I just dont have an instinct for it yet. thank you though. Getting the new camera has been good for me - to get the best out of it i need to do way more than point and shoot.

    boxer: oh yeah - the new camera. still kind of hard. Yes, from the yard!! next are crocus then daffodils and iris. i dont see the tops of my giant allium yet and that concerns me.

    xl: not really!!! tell me again how to do that thing where the background is blurred but the subject is sharp. i looked for where you told me but couldnt find it. grrrrrrr yes -the second was the best that why it is now the first.

    yoborobo: we didnt get them either. i put them here. LOL. years ago.i had lily of the valley too but they died after a few years.

    dianne: i am working on nice clean minimal shots. so thanks for noticing. so weird that we are entering spring and you are entering fall. at least you'll be cooler.

    eggy! happy spring to you too! and thanks

  11. There is an austerity about these photos, a seriousness, that slapped me in the face with the realization that spring is right around the corner. I'd better get on top of a few things. Where does time go and who do I bribe to make it come back?

  12. Control the depth of field with the f-stop (aperture) setting.

    For example, Koby outside:

    f2.8 = blurry background
    f8.0 = sharp background

  13. Pretty. Austere. I don't think we have those in Troll County. But it IS officially Spring here.

  14. white and green hues..
    a bit of yellow..
    a neutral background
    make for really effective compositions!

  15. Waiting for a chicken.

    Hint, hint.

    Know what I mean?

  16. Lovely.

    My snowdrops are out and I can't wait for spring.

    I adore your pix, they show the gentle simplicity of the snowdrop. Fine work lady.

  17. how gorgeous! The green on the inside of the petal--jes' lovely.

    Thanky fer perfume fun....heh.

  18. I'm having a day and so wishing I had telepathic communication with the K9. I need a quick tongue.

    - Kymmie

  19. AW! Today is my day off and I am listing on Freecycle, bagging up stuff for Goodwill...Purging. Minimalizing. These were the Perfect visuals to spur me on. Beauty in simplicity. Always.

  20. So simple, yet so breathtaking!

  21. I bet those little flowers smell really strong too, most of the early ones that pop up in Spring usually do! Do you get lilies of the valley?

  22. Just great. Now I'm going to have that "Snowdrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" song in my noggin all day.

  23. v.nice, c

    just curious...
    are those bounty the quicker picker upper backgrounds? ;)

    × × ×


  24. snowdrops
    carry the purity of winter
    before the burning heat of summer
    crashes through all plant life
    leaving only the strongest to survive.

    i have a small cluster growing in the garden. this year they did not come up. the winter had not been cold enough.

    beautiful image capture.
    reflects a purity of heart.


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