Haiku Thursday: beverage


my next door neighbors 

distilled spirit
lightning and moonlight conjured
into mountain dew

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  1. Love the photo and the haiku! I wonder if today's version of these dudes are growing you-know-what up in your hills? Now there's something I'd like to see: a hillbilly hippie.

  2. Dew for the Nephew?
    Naw, he pukes his shine into
    the mountains dew

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Hillbilly Hippie?? I see my future; I plan to retire to my woods and no one should be surprised when my still goes up.

    Lovely Haiku. "mountain dew"

    bizzy elf!!

  4. i prefer to be called a "hayseed" LOL

  5. neighbors

    aha haha ha ha

    love "lightning and moonlight"

    v.poetic, c!

    × × ×


  6. "Lightning and moonlight conjured" is a world-class Haiku line. Truly.

    Mountain Mama's fire.
    Lightning and moonlight conjured.
    Country road cure-all.

    Surprised Moi never heard the song about dope-growers replacing moon-shiners. Steve Earle, maybe?

    Copperhead Road the title, I think.

    "20 pounds of yeast and some copper-line. Everybody knew that we made moonshine."

    "When I got back from Vietnam. I came up with a brand new plan".

  7. troll: i believe the link that white cat posted above addresses that very thing. thanks about the haiku line...what makes a good haiku line, btw? is there a master basho guideline crib sheet?

  8. Do you ever drop into a post and get lost in the words, pictures and especially the comments? Love the picture and the Haiku, the witty repartee afterwards is totally over my head - too clever for me!!

  9. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Very good and that picture resembles a few folks I know.

    This is not haiku, but it's about a friend of mine:

    A friend of mine retired
    To start making mountain dew
    He mainly uses potatoes
    As a basis for his brew
    He gave up Washington hustle
    And move to Tennessee
    Where there is no tussle
    And he feels completely free

  10. Well, it doesn't look very sanitary but I'm guessing the moonshine will kill anything. Very nice haiku.

  11. I've never understood why making moonshine was illegal. People minding their own business and producing a product that makes other people happy. "Jethro, fetch my my rheaumatism medicine" "Yes'm Granny".

    This haiku is brilliant BTW.

  12. The picture reminds me of the Clampets. Love the haiku.

  13. Love the photo, love the haiku, it conjures up all kinds of visions.
    Your neighbours look like mellow chaps, I was just looking to see if Jethro, Nephew or even Burt was there somewhere. ;)

    xoxoxo ♡

  14. hey!! dem's my neighbors and kinfolk!!!
    could be true, actually...

    just recently shared some blueberries that had been soaking in 'shine for years with a fellow from up north.
    we sprinkled them on ice cream and ate them that way.
    i tried to convince him that they packed a punch .. but he sprinkled his ice cream quite liberally ... hehehe ...

  15. i do love the haiku .. been sitting here trying to be clever with one as a response .. but, alas, my body hasn't consumed enough caffeine yet this friday morning.

  16. Hehehe

    Me an Granny read this together up at the ole folks home....ya gave her a giggle. Great job, pup.

    Foamy! Caffiene? then come see Aunty's Haiku too.

  17. Chicky - I received the long awaited package last night. Drop on by the Buzzkill why doncha.

  18. do you get free booze? That's the only benefit I see of having bootleg neighbors.

  19. Could you please post new "Badges-of-Great-Honor"? One blank. One that says "Winner" on it.

    All I have is one that says "Haiku Thursdays Winner".

    It be on Monday now.

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