frosty greetings from the doomstead

I've been sick with a cold. I know i am really sick because out of 80 photographs i took of the dogs playing in the snow, not one of them is worthy of being posted. For entertainment yesterday, i tried to get out of my driveway and made it to about 10 feet from my gate. The truck just isnt heavy enough in the back to get any traction. And i cant risk Silk ending up in a ditch. Damn i wish i had a horse, i could at least ride to the country store and get some chocolate. what kind of moron goes to the store to buy pre-snow provisions and gets not one fun thing to eat? I must have had a fever my brain wasnt functioning properly.

okay well here's one of Koby in her first snow
the feeder saw a ton of action yesterday
I had enormous flocks of Pine Siskins yesterday. Flying with them were Slate-colored Juncos, Goldfinches, Nuthatches, Chickadees and Titmice. I also had Doves and Downy Woodpeckers. I did manage to get some nice video of the feeder and if i feel better later I will edit it down to something worth watching.

This one's for you, Boxer
The chicks stay under a heat lamp all day - just like fast food
This is the best time to walk in the woods
Nutty wants to go to Big Sky
It's about 8 degrees right now. The unofficial Mayor of Blue Ridge might come by and pick me up if she can get out today. If not, ive got to make do. without chocolate. *wail*

stay warm everybody!


  1. I'm sick, too! I hope you feel better soon. Take a nap and dream about the Chocolate Fairy. :) xxo Pam

  2. That's just wrong without the chocolate. Here's hoping you feel better soon. The Mayor is a good woman.

  3. Me too, grrrr, i'm sick with a cold/bronchitis. Chocolate. Yes, I hope you get chocolate very soon!

  4. Thank you for the picture of my girl. Glad to see she's staying warm with the others. I figured she was in "the big house" with you.

    Here's hoping The Mayor arrives with provisions. I'd be baking cookies to keep my sugar fix happy.

    I love the snowy pictues of the woods. I bet it's really quiet.

  5. No Vestal virgin
    embraces new sensations thus.
    Pup's first romp in snow.

  6. Send the dogs to the country store to fetch you some hot chocolate in little wooden casks around their necks!

  7. Show more willpower woman.

    I give up something every year for a whole year.
    Then I - usually- go back to it.
    I'm just completing a year without chocolate.
    Not a drop has passed my lips.
    It has been difficult at times, particularly when nursey-nurseys cottoned on and started tempting me........
    but I have kept good.

    I am however looking forward to slowly pressing my fangs into some warm and rich and tasty dark chocolate on January the First...So if I can do it for a year you can do it for a week.

    So, I need a suggestion for what to quit for a year next year. Long Lent I call it.


    PS did coffee the year before. how's that for willpower.
    PPS alcohol a non-starter

  8. Reckon I have a suggestion fer A, but reckon he knows what that'd be.

    Pup, I cain't believe it--ain't ya always onto how to be prepared fer the Big Thang, an now looky, youse hole'd up wif no Chocolate?!

    Now ya know a side bidness: get a snowplow an' make the rounds of stuck in the snow folks--carry chocolate, Advil, java, Jack Daniels, dawg food an' ear plugs on yore snowplow/ candy wagon.

    Bundle up yore throat, an doan be trampin' through the dern snow. Ever'body knows snow is fer lookin' at, not walkin'.

  9. Good afternoon Chickory,

    If it's 8° out, just fill the bed of the truck with enough water to weigh it down for traction. It'll freeze and you'll be good to go. When it warms up and you don't need it anymore, it will melt.

    I'm amazed, you don't have two weeks worth of rations for everything you need stowed there.

    One or another, hope you get resupplied. Get well soon.

  10. Feel better, chickie. Maybe you're best off enjoying that lovely view from inside until you're on the mend. We got our first serious snow this week too, with more on the way. Too early in the season, I say!

  11. Snowbound and no chocolate? That's harsh. How about a Carhart insulated onsie? Grrrrrl, u gotta get a onsie. Tres sexy :o).

  12. Hey Aunty, I have a suggestion for Arlair...

    stop blogging?

  13. Love the photos, it is nice to see Koby in her first snow and Easter looks as if she is dancing, it's just nice to see chickory in her Winter coat of snow.
    "Nutty" is that Trout? I guess she wants to go walking up to your favourite place in the woods.
    How sweet you are to warm the hens and feed the birds, all people should be so caring.
    Sorry that you have a cold, I hope you will soon be well and I hope you get some chocolate soon, don't forget to stock up for there are times when only chocolate will do.

    :) xoxoxoxo ♡

  14. Well now, have you never seen the pictures from the Iditarod? I'm thinking if you hitched up the mighty Koby she could get you to the chocolate and back. I'd be sure of the brakes first.

    Love these images.
    Hate that you are ill.
    Companionship of a fine beast is very therapeutic. I predict recovery.

  15. There can't be another Rhodesian Ridgeback that has it this good!

    Get well soon, puleeze rest and down plenty of liquids (herbal teas) to wash that cold out of your system.

    Is that the studio on the right? Wow, it turned out beautifully. And BTW, your area is still blue. Really.

    I love all your animals and birds. Thanks for showing us your special paradise.

  16. Well, we got the cold but no snow. Only bone chilling winds. Bwahahaha to the chicks under the heat lamp like fast food.

    And how do you keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder? I had to put one of those shields on mine and move it away from the deck. I watched a squirrel leap about 10 feet from the deck rail and stick to the side of the feeder. Those things are fearless.

  17. yobo: oh no! lots of people are sick. was it the extreme weather changes or was it just the season? however it happened to us i hope you feel better soon and get back to making cute plush things.

    shamy: i got out and the Mayor didnt. I offered to pick her up -but she was enjoying the stay at home rarity. i drove by main street -it was dead- she didnt miss anything.

    faerie: you too?! grrrrr. i am so sorry. it never went to my lungs...i have a dry hacky couch but its going away. i actually think i turned the corner today. get well soon!

    boxer: very quiet. no traffic on the road. i can hear branches on the trees groaning from the weight of snow. i havent let Easter come in much lately. she is very spoiled and demanding. she thinks she is equal to Koby and Trout. she has to stay out with the others: they need as many bodies as possible to stay warm -even with their lamp


    bright sparkling powder
    and canine gladiators
    the best of tuesday

    xl: an excellent idea! im sure the cats would do that for you...right?

    ardliar: no sympathy for the sick? tsk. well i have given up cussing. and its a big job requiring beaucoup willpower. at least as much as chocolate or coffee.

    aunty: naw - i love being out in the snow -sick or not! the cool air feels good on my face - i think its making me get better. well i do have critical provisions...but this shows a weakness in my planning for sure. reckon powdered cocoa would be a good barter supply?

    karl: great idea about the water...except it would just flow out of the rust holes in the bed bottom. im proud to report that today i got the truck out and i went to the store. i got the chocolate - dark with almonds. mmmmmm. and you are right - oh i have provisions...but they are not all that "fun". i should add some treats to my pantry for "morale"

  18. eggy! how are you? i did make eggy mac and cheese to eat on ...but i was tired of. actually when i am sick nothing really tastes that good. amazing snow this time. very fluffy and light. usually it is heavy and wet.

    moi: thats a good idea. i was thinking i needed some snow pants to pull on over my jeans. do the onesies come with shearling inside? love that.

    dianne: youre right. only chocolate will do. you know, there is some research about how for women in particular, its like a vitamin or something. we need it - to live. taking Karls advice i am going to stock some cocoa so i could always at least make hot chocolate. I call Trout "nutty brown" too. she has a lot of nick names - as does Koby; "double stuff" LOL

    fishy: i have all the beasties with me. and they are a supreme comfort. i hadnt thought of dog sledding but i did think about maybe a little sicilian burro.

    nina: thank you! isnt it grand? 192 square feet with great light. its very cold though -all those wonderful windows let lots of cold in. i have a space heater and it really cant handle it. but i stay way bundled up and its okay. Im glad you come here to visit

    buzz: just out of the picture frame is a squirrel baffle. its like a wide metal tube they cant get around...its funny to watch them climb in the tube and come back out. its so far from the trees they cant get on it by jumping. they used to get on it before because it was hanging from a tree branch. but i have a squirrel feeding station too. they get corn and peanut butter crackers. i like squirrels. and last year, i had a flying squirrel living in the barn. I was really happy about that. wish another would take up with me.

  19. Sympathy for the sicK???!!!

    Why do you think it's called a "common cold"

    Because it's common


  20. And p.s. To the boxer woman.

    I'll stop if you start.


  21. no no no this was an extraordinary cold. but i am much much better today.

  22. Nope, but shearling would rock. Still, this would work for just about every situation, including a Road-like nuclear winter:

  23. of course it was an extraordinary cold. all colds are extraordinary when they happen to you!
    anyway, these photos are great as always. don't know what yer doin' on the snowy road with trout. esp., if there's the potential of a yokel who doesn't know how to drive in snowy conditions passing you by.

  24. Just stopped to say hello..


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