Haiku Thursday: "Virgin"


Henri Rousseau "Virgin Forest"
fireball sets over
a primordial shelter
where the wild things are


Haiku Thursday is a weekly multi-participant game that anyone can play. Visit the Haiku Host to find the topic for the week, then post your haiku on your blog, and let the Haiku Host know that you are up. The Badge of Great Honor will be awarded and the winner may display that badge on his/her blog.


Have a great weekend everyone! I am leaving early tomorrow for the sunny state. (TSA protest shirt is posted in the dog pen.) I will be back Sunday and look forward to catching up on your blogs.


  1. I had this print as a poster in my dorm room in college. It finally fell apart after many years of decorating walls in my life. I just love it. Lovely haiku too.

    Travel safely! Love the shirt.


  2. Rousseau, civil servant!
    TSA agent, un-civil servant!

  3. Brilliant! The Haiku and the shirt!

  4. Exceptional haiku!

    Speaking of where the wild things are, S.B. and I saw the movie this weekend. One of the better ones I've seen in a while. I think you'd dig it.

    Good luck traveling today!

  5. burning rush
    ball of fire
    brush the tips
    climbing higher
    living spring
    forest heather
    gathered wild
    mountain feather
    cross the passage
    love sweep
    heart waves
    touching deep
    deep within
    bringing out
    stir the stars
    each devout


    sorry its not a haiko thing chickory

  6. Henri sure makes a good case for unschooling, doesn't he? He was an illustrator by trade and veered off into wonder and awe, THANKFULLY. I adore all of his works, but this one is very special. Its lovely to see it here.
    I am very grateful.
    Have a safe and happy trip. Tell your Mom we love to hear all about her and wish her a delightful, fulfilling holiday season. (Whatever naughty things you did as a youth, if such a thing is possible, you sure have made up for all of that by now. She must be incredibly proud of you.)

  7. Beautiful, loved it.....


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