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  1. The very last thing Nanook Of The North saw!

  2. That is a great photo dear chickory, the snow looks wonderful, so too the trees, pines I would guess and Trout and Koby look like they are having fun. :)

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  3. Look at that snow! And your girls! What IS it with dogs and snow? Every one I've ever known has gone bananas playing in it. I'm worried about the Basset, though. Can she make her daily trek without bottoming out, do you think?

  4. cat: lemme tell ya; when Koby comes bounding out with that deep bark its impressive. but its Trout that will tear ya up. watch out for that slow stiff walk and bristle butt.

    dianne: its almost a good photo. i need better equipment or skills or both. i wish trout were in focus, but you got the idea! Its been non stop fun here since it snowed and i got well.

    moi: oooo you know what? i havent seen Bassett in a while. or "your" dogs -but i havent been to Big Sky in days. will check on your pack tomorrow if it isnt sleeting as predicted.

    faerie: im glad!! xo

  5. all that white is weird in jawja

  6. Love the photo. Dogs do love the snow so much. It's fun to watch them play in it.

  7. That is just downright wunnerful!

  8. Good afternoon Chickory,

    If they would just stand still, you could get the shot perfect. That's all. Considering it's a pretty good shot.

    What time of year would y'all normally see your first snow?

  9. xl: wow!
    dianne: woo!
    moi:right on!
    tinkerbell the bipolar faerie:no way!!!!
    Aunty Belle: you gotta be kiddin' me??!!!!
    Milk River Madman: you bet!
    nina: love you too!!
    Karl: absolutely!

    Ardlair: Yawn

  10. Ardlair, Ardlair, Ardlair.


    And clearly you are a man with no class.

    and you clearly have no idea what you've just done. And lost.

  11. Oh! P.S.

    LOVE the air borne Koby and love seeing dogs romp together.

    is is still snowy?

  12. Aw, Ardlair's a pigtail puller.

  13. aunty: not really. especially near the cohuttas. but your weather was weird.

    MRM: i wish sloan was running with them

    nina: pure joy of running

    Karl: january. but seems like february is always the big one. this snow was the best ive ever seen here. real powdery and light. our snow is usually heavy and wet.

    boxer: we'll gang up on him at the pen. he'll love it.

    moi: he needs attention real real bad.

  14. oh boxer - forgot to tell ya -i ordered a camera - not a DSLR but a really good point and shoot.

  15. ardliar: if you want to act like a little bitch, come over to the dog pen and do it.

  16. Them's some happy dogs !

  17. i coulda sworn i left a comment here as often as i've come to visit. anyway ... don't insult female dogs!!!

  18. Playful dogsu - Beautifully captured.

  19. Very cute. Every good dog deserves a romp in the white stuff.

  20. nice catch, c

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