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folk art chicks

Im running a poultry production house over here.  fifty one cents of cull plywood cut into 8x10s were the substrates for today's series of hens. Their imperfections and raggedy surfaces make the paint look rustic and slightly weathered. Someday these birds will be carted off to the farmer's market just like the living.

a favorite color combination: crisp black and white on fresh green

Some are painted sweet and naive.

 A silver-spangled Hamburg. Looks a lot like Easter.

Others are more realistic.
This one has the one of the bottle caps Shamy sent  - I have no idea what drink this cap represents - but i love the simple design.

A Quail Belgium d'Anvers like Wren

Finished and ready to knock off for the night

the cabin luminaria 


  1. "Cool Brights and Trout"


  2. You make that look really easy. I particularly like the black and white with the blue background in the first picture. The black on the edges of all of them make them look rustic. Nice day's work.

  3. My fave is the "black-and-white on fresh green" with the crown cap.

    I have a "belt" made from a seat belt buckle and fan belts and festooned with vintage bottle caps. Does that qualify as "folk art", at all?

    Also, Jayson Atienza. I know he's not folk. But is he any good or a hack?

  4. They are all great dear chickory,you are an amazing artist. I love the colours and the fine details you put into the feathers; I love the white and grayish background on the last painting, it is such a lovely contrast with the soft charcoal feathers and the reds and oranges of the other feathers.
    Cabin Luminaria looks cosy and inviting, a place of love and creativity in the forest.

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  5. Love them all, but especially the black/white/green combo which is your fave and Troll's fave. Sorry I haven't been by all week to comment on your wonderful snow pics. Those doggies having a big play is just a hoot. And the cabin/studio is divine. I don't think you've posted as good a pic of the finished studio project yet. Wishing you much chocolate and peace and warmth this holiday season!

  6. Cabin luminara...sigh. Lovely image of Chicky Pup in her studio in the dusky cold nawth jawja woods all lit us fer The Light.

    is ya collectin bottle caps? Heh..lemme send ya a few. Butr ya have to promise to post the art ya make wif' em.

  7. xl: this was a fun photo shoot (for me)

    buzz: that's vera! a skinnier version. I had fun yesterday. and i try to do them as quickly as I can so i can offer them at a great price. like those wedges. they are only $15. its hard to get the total time under and hour. these chicks are about an hour and a half - maybe more if you count prepping the wood (sanding the edges and gessoing the surface) But it beats the hell out of that garden job i had last year. i was pulling heavy hoses around in bitter cold weather. no!

    faery: thanks a million. did you have a good birthday?

    troll: that is definitely folk art. i cant see a troll wearing such a thing though. i looked up Jayson Atienza - looks very urban/outsider to me. if he makes that art with spray paint then it really outsider art. kind of cheap materials is key. i have to say, the line between folk and fine is very murky to me. the way i look at my own work is that there are A B C D and E levels. and then there is illustration. but in a way, blogging. art, photography. its all the same thing.

    dianne: i agree with you. the begium d'anvers color palette is pleasing. i like how this breed has a slight look of dread to them all the time. like wren does.

    dani: i know you have a d'Anvers too! thanks Dani!

    Pam: well thats turned into a winner - I'll have to make more in this color combo for the truck market.
    You know, i made a grey striped cat...i will post it on the sidebar later today. Merry Christmas, Pam. I hope its a great one for you and your family.

  8. aunty: YES! send caps. weird off beat old timey caps is cherished. V has supplied me with PLENTY of beer caps. they just dont work as well -but sometimes i hammer them into the sides of the wood as frames.

    i have loved working in my little space this past week. Ive been very merry.

  9. These are of course beautiful, but I'm stuck on Polish Crested (buff laced, to be precise) and can't jump the groove. Yes, I'm still pouting.

  10. I've never worn it. Twas a gift. It has 22 bottle caps. You want it?

    We could practice bartering before the apocalypse. Pillow fight video for the belt!

  11. I've never worn it. Twas a gift. It has 22 bottle caps. You want it?

    We could practice bartering before the apocalypse. Pillow fight video for the belt!

  12. I am very tempted to sneak into your house and take all those loverly chicken paintings! Why can't I have a farmer's market near me with CHICKEN PAINTINGS???? Why does life have to be so UNFAIR! :)) xox!

  13. Glad you had a merry, and productive, week in your lovely cabin. Thanks for sharing all these chickens - they lit up my day!

    Stay warm and merry:)

  14. Winter Wonderland!
    LOL at the new side bar pictures.
    The tin man in winter could be the creative impetus for a great children's Christmas story ... just hanging around, freezing, hoping Santa will bring him an oil can!

    I will write it if you will illustrate?

    I am always impressed with your great sense of color and balance...so few artists have this.
    My favorite....the one on the blue background with the black and white speckled chicken. I think I feel a trip to Etsy looming.

    Will you be at the cabin for Christmas? Wherever y'all are, I hope it is as merry and bright as your studio in the last pic.

    Blessings on you!

  15. The Lights on the deck! Oh, what a lovely memory for me.... nailing in the lights for your Fall Feast in 2009. Your mountains are filled with intelligent and creative people. Love the chickens. When will you paint (my) Easter?


  16. you're
    a dynamo!

    "just in time for christmas!" ;)

    × × ×


  17. Wishing you a most merry holiday season. Sweet wishes to you and my other lovely blogger friends up at my place. And thanks for your always-inspiring art and photos.


  18. Family party today and they were serving pop in bottles and I snagged some PNW-y tops for you. Looking at Shamy's I have some just like that. Can't remember where they came from.

  19. I can't believe you have more snow than I do. Not that I mind. I was going to get to drinking more weird sodas but if Aunty and Troll are kicking in their caps you should be good for a while.

    I can't decide which one I like, I'm a sucker for them all.

  20. Chicory, I love the addition of the bottle caps and agree with Buzz, you make it look easy. Although I think you should be selling these for WAY MORE MONEY!

    Love the photos of your doggies romping in the snow and next time you stock up for provisions, please always include alkeehol and chocolate. What WERE you thinking?!

    Merry Merry, Joy Joy and HO HO! Stay warm and toasty! xo


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