Better watch out Better not cry


You might have heard all about Saint Nicholas; the frosty do-gooder who travels on snowflakes and delivers presents and bright tidings to the good little children.

Well Nick doesnt travel alone.

Just in case youve been a bit naughty this year you should be warned about Krampusz and you should repent. Immediately. Because St. Nick is not having it.

Naughty children have been warned for centuries about the potential of receiving a bundle of twigs or coal instead of toys. It's Krampusz that metes out this punishment for Nick. And it could be even worse. Looking at some of the art depicting Krampusz you might have to suffer an actual beating with the bundle of twigs or possibly be carried straight to hell on his hairy back.

If you fail to set things right with St. Nick, Krampusz gets to keep your loot

There is no limit to the amount of bad children that can be rounded up in one evening

the proverbial "slippery slope"

You better watch out; better not cry; better not pout; im telling you why!
Im sure none of the readers of this blog have anything to worry about. But on the off chance someone who might have had a bad moment here and there this past year stops by, perhaps they might leave some schnapps alongside the milk and cookies. Krampusz likes schnapps. And beer.

Merry Eve of the Eve to all!


  1. At work this year, the department and work group Xmas "parties" were mandatory attendance! Krampusz?

    Happy Christmas, Chickory!

  2. Schnapps for Krampusz, you say? Interesting. I wish you a happy Christmas and a great 2011. Luv u lots!

  3. Great post Ande! Hope you're having a merry holiday season!


  4. xl: sounds like a very Krampuszy cheer enforcement. yes Krampusz -you dont expect Nick to do the dirty work dressed in all that finery do you? Merry Merry!!

    faery: i figure a little extra something for the "muscle" wouldnt hurt. would it? I think cinnamon schnapps is a good call. I wish you the very best Christmas. and a blessed new year. xo to you sweet.

    darryl! great to see you. i see you mad manned yourself. i loved your solstice tree. have a very blessed Christmas. Lets do something in this new year!

  5. Mystery Solved! I'd been wondering what happened to all my stuff from last xmas. I guess he didn't like me banging that nail into his big bad biker wheel. Jerk. However, this year, the most beautiful garland I've ever seen is going into the vault. So there Krampussy. Humph.

    Merry and Happy to all!
    Special holiday greetings to Trout, Koby and all the sweet chicks.

    Love, nina

  6. My compliments to the overworked and versatile webmaster on her amazing collection of early Christmas childrens genre artworks. Beautiful. there's lots to learn here! Thank you Ms.chicklet.

  7. ROF....I'm stealing the slippery Slope pic an' caption.

  8. in germany st. nicholaus comes on the 6th of december. in the pfalz (the palatinate), my neck of the german woods, the pelzenickel (sort of a fur clad santa type figure) came by and left either coals or switches or the good stuff. i'm sort of glad ole krampus stayed stuck in the alpine regions of germany and down into austria, etc. frightening bugger, ain't he? lol ..
    have a great christmas, chickory.

  9. Excellent informative post. The World would be a better place if more brats knew about Krampusz.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. I have to say, he is a fairly scary fellow, isn't he? What is with that TONGUE! He could give Gene Simmons a run for his money. I, of course, have been my usual sterling self and have nothing to fear. My children on the other hand... :) Merry Christmas, chickory! xox Pam

  11. I have not heard of Krampusz before but he sure looks scarey.
    I've been a good girl, far too good, so I guess I am safe.

    Merry Christams sweet chickory, I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope the New Year is filled with joy, happiness and the best of everything.

    xoxoxo ♡

  12. These cards are great! My mother was German, so you bet your bottom I knew about this dude. Those Krauts love life tinged with just a little menace. Thankfully, my father is Italian, so the other side of me is balanced out with a lot of pasta.

    I wish you a Christmas filled with nothing but GOOD things. Enjoy!

  13. HOWL!
    Postings never get too saccharine at this site :-)

    Krampusz is not welcome at the Pond.

    In first or second grade, while we were busy making birthday cards for Saint Nicholas ( Dec. 6th )
    we all were made aware of Krampusz
    by our teacher, the nun, once we started gluing each other.

    Blessings on you and Mr. Chickory.
    Trout, Koby and the chickens don't need blessings, they have a perpetual one, it is you.

  14. nina: i count you among my many blessings this year. Krampussy? I think you better break out some schnapps tonight. What is missing from childhood lore these days are figures that have no attachment to a movie, disney or fast food. I think the spectre of the big bad K is a nice addition to the Christmas story - the many layered themes of redemption and salvation - and goodness being its own reward.

    be good for goodness sake.

    Merry Merry Christmas friend. Love to you and the fireteacher and bernie and the little pigs. Hope you all are safe and warm and filled with joy and love.

    auntie: nothing says holiday like a sled trip straight down ....with he goat man. kind of like how a severed rabbit foot is good luck. grrrherhahaha Aunty, heres wishing you a fine cracka Christmas...i count you among my blessings. You are a blog treasure to us all.

    foamy: i saw on the internet how many germans dress as Krampusz for that eve, and that in some villages, children are made to run a gauntlet of Krampii. sounds fun! i read that in Croatia if you are caught being awake by Krampusz on Christmas eve -you will be judged as naughty. sounds pretty effective to me. Merry Christmas sweet friend, i hope it is very merry and bright.

  15. Haha, you always offer a unique perspective, dear Chickory! (I'm sharing a somewhat irreverant holiday card created by a colleague of my dad's over at my place.)

    Wishing you a lovely holiday, full of schnapps and whatever your little Chickie heart desires!


  16. troll: as you might have expected from my haiku, i watched a full blown melt down at Target over a Wii. the stomping terror did in fact get the special attachment he desired...i could tell the mother caved to stop the theater of horror as onlookers gaped in disbelief. Where was Krampusz?! I think aunty has a story that comes close...with the non believer receiving nothing on the day. Oh chile, you will pay for your worldliness.

    Merry Christmas dear Troll. Your return to the blogs was an early gift to me...and now none of us will have to wonder about where you are and how you are this Christmas.

    Yobo: no, you have nothing to fear sweet one. I doubt your babes do either. I am merry knowing that tomorrow a sweet girl child will find your elf DIlby under her tree. A fine addition toher handmade plush collection. I wish you the very best of this Christmas and to your family. So glad i have grown to know you and your amazing work this year.

    diane: you have been a very good girl. I have no doubt that kindly Saint Nick would send Krampusz out on an errand when he reaches your home. I wish you a 2011 of goodness and beauty and adventure too. Much love and Merry Christmas!

    Moi: you should do a search of Krampusz. Look at the live ones that dress for the festival. really horrible. I would be scared straight for sure! Hope your meal turns out fabulous! You know that i treasure you and delight in your postings. As many have said, you are an amazing writer and a cherished friend. Merry Christmas!

    fishy: thank God for old nuns! Too much of the world has been sanitized. Im not advocating fear (well maybe a little bit) but even wee ones should understand the natural law of actions and consequences. And, i admit, i prefer a world of mystery with an edge of doom. grrrrrehahahahaha

    Merry Christmas to you sweet Fisher! Let the days be merry and bright and love to all the fishes in your pond. You are a blessing to me!

  17. NOT the Christmas Post you'd expect, but it's great. Love the tag about the number of bad children that can be rounded up.

    These are extremely cool images (of course you always have cool images) and I like the history lesson too.

    Merry Christmas to you, V, Trout and Koby!!!!

  18. Is Krampusz related to Gene Simmons because dang. I adore these old postcards and artwork. Seriously Krampusz will give you something to cry about.

    Merry Christmas to your whole gang, feathered, furred and funny. Hope you have a good one.


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