Christmas Eve



  1. How sweet! Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a grrrrreat 2011.

  2. Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you.

  3. energizing graciousness
    beams of sanctify
    whispering through loving trails
    a lift of paradise
    stirring in the oceans
    ever reaching deep
    circulating moments
    rush and then a leap
    a meeting of the all things
    gathered round the circle
    fire in the center
    warmth of the eternal
    turning up the frequency
    tuned within the now
    everlasting everything
    indefinable profound.


  4. merry christmas chickory to you and everyone here....neil

  5. I am relieved to see that is a creamic dog angel after discovering what you did to Trout this time. (So cute.) I was thinking of putting Hannukah lights on Bernie as a an answer to your silliness.

    Please give your Mom special Christmas Greetings and Happy New Year wishes from me. Tell her I was inspired to make your garlands and her friends will love them if they have not got them hanging up already.

    Merry Christmas dear chickory and love to you, V, the dogs and chickens. nina

  6. What a sweet little dog 'angel'.
    Happy Christmas dear chickory,V,Trout, Koby and your sweet family of hens.

    xoxoxo ♡

  7. All dogs are angels. Even if they don't act like it. Hope you and V, Trout, Koby, the Cheekons and everyone you hold dear enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

  8. So now you're putting stuff on dog statues. Where will it end?

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas Chickie Chick Chick. I hope you have a very merry one.

  10. may your day be easy
    and interspersed with some
    deep abiding chuckling
    that continues on forever......
    with increasing momentum and


  11. I love this picture. Merry Christmas to you! Wishing you a wonderful day.


  12. Lovin' this photo ! the folk art fowl are fantastic and snow falling on Chickory achingly lovely & beautiful.

    Merry, merry sister
    SO happy to know you & your gang

    loads of love Susan & Missy D
    Sam & Doug avec les Chats

  13. merry christmas, chickory!
    love the little dog with halo.

  14. merry christmas, chickory!
    love the little dog with halo.

  15. So... is this another way to say all dogs go to Heaven?
    You know, it's true?
    There is no Doggie hell.
    Only dog Heaven.
    There's NO cat Heaven, though. There's a cat hell.

    It's called...

    Doggie Heaven.

    (by way of Dana Gould)

    Merry Christmas!

    (ps, that snazzy looking artists shack looks fine over dandy!)

  16. Eva Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas, Pup.


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