visual haiku



buenos noches from
a lonely parking lot

apologies Dwight.


  1. I melttedd de klown witch!

  2. ha! Pup, youse got an ye fer irony.

    This qualifies fer too kool.

    But I hate ya bein' in banal-land. Aunty shure wisshes she could give ya a bed fer yore haid>

  3. this is one of the coolest pictures I've seen in a while. And I like your haiku.

    I'm back btw. thanks for checking on me. :)

  4. Banal Land probably doesn't have a mini bar or room service, eh?

    xoxoxo - great picture and haiku.

  5. I love this picture. The cat definitely looks like she's been up to no good. I agree, she melted the clown witch! :)) Happy traveling! xox Pam

  6. Not sure what it has to do with summer but it's a cool pic.

  7. chick'ry6/11/2010 9:59 AM

    xl: LOL

    aunty: aunty i am sure it would be better with you, fried fishes creamed corn and uncle. :-(

    faery: hello! how are your flowers today?

    kym: yes...whats been goin on, grrrrrrl?

    boxer: theres a bar but i cant drink. too headachey for that. i mustve missed the morphine bar. howwwwwwl

    yoborobo: the only buddy i have is that cat. we have a lot in common. we both hate BP and wont be satisfied until we see their execs behind bars for life. (itll never happen)

    buzz: au contraire mon frere; summer travel in orlando including a hotel stay. c'mon!

  8. Cute photo and haiku, love the kitty, I wonder what she is saying?
    xoxo ♡

  9. wandering alleyways
    climbing the fences
    chasing through bushs
    sharpest of senses
    quick as a spear
    know time to run
    tuned to the rythm
    of a different earth hum
    peace to the cat
    the chief of the hunters
    with other ideas different wanders
    so peace to the sky
    peace to all things
    from the womb of our earth
    all things spring


  10. hello chickory,I have been writing you poems as a thankyou for putting my poem up the other week and for all the good stuff that you do thankyou


  11. why sit here you ask
    stridently demanding what
    that you move your ass?

    Reeeealllllllllly bad poetry hee hee


    All unite in silent rhyme
    In Monet's line.

  12. The cat
    In the corner.

  13. dianne: "get me a pack of tuna and some Kools" grherhahahahaha. how are you?

    lucy: Ha! welcome and thanks for playing!

    neil! welcome. i love your poems and appreciate you posting them here. i loved "know time to run" veddy cleva.....

    burnie: hahaha! this is a good place to deposit sketchy haiku - not to worry!! good to see you

    bamatrav: how dreadful...

  14. your cat

    v.nice ;)

    × × ×



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