Eola Park: Escape from the nursing home


I dont mind pigeons. some people call them trash birds. they're okay by me.

wussup shamy? i watched this fellow take his prize, a pancake, from the dumpster.

an american coot mother rushes to a trio of chicks being harassed by an ibis.

a crazy mix of birds! it was hard not to think of the magnitude of loss in the gulf while admiring them.

This was me, many years ago. God love the child of this time - she will need more strength and fortitude than ever.


Grateful for this time, this chair and the proximity of this amazing park.

* Edith was killed by a hawk this morning at 7:05. V watched it on the security camera. It was a very unhappy phone call to receive. i do hate it for him, for this could have happened on anybody's watch. what to do? confine them in a pen at all times? thats no life, even for a chicken. I would never hurt a hawk, or hold a grudge on a hawk. a hawk does what he does and there isnt any meaness to it. However, I am heartsick once again, for Edith, for every creature with the sad misfortune to live in the Gulf of Mexico and for all the sorrows of the world. I hope this note finds you all well. xo chickory


  1. gorgeous pics, c

    sorry for edith, tho

    i love summer!

    × × ×


  2. I would expect nothing less from a squirrel to be a Dumpster Diving Varmint. Did he mug a rat down in there?

    Sorry about Edith. Heartache finds no matter where we are.

  3. yes...better a hawk than oil, but, sad none the less.
    I guard the robin babies here (bunches of them this year) and the cats had no idea I was that accurate with a frisbee.
    Even so, they get a few, the redtails snatch a few.
    Nature...still not as cruel as oil.
    That's classified as total waste in my book.
    (I'll stop at that or else start a blue streak that'll gain nothing.

    It looks like a feather party down there.
    Some fun...(even though swans can come on as grumpy bullies occasionally)
    At first i thought it was YOU in the chair...
    Not the sharpest tool in the tool box, eh?
    (course, who wants a sharp hammer?)

    Nice photos!

  4. S.B. recently had a standoff with a squirrel while out on the trails. Thing ran a couple yards right out in front of him, stopped cold, and let out a hellish twitter before scampering off. Freaked the you-know-what out of S.B.

    I tell you this only because it made me laugh my butt off and I hope it does you, too, in light of your loss of Miss Edith. Regardless of the circumstances or the way of the worldness of it all, it still sucks to lose a beloved friend, furred, feathered, or skinned.

    I'm sorry, hon.

  5. thanks, 't. always a comfort to see your face here.

    shamy: indeed it does, and it seems to be a season. thanks about Edith, she was so pretty. and a really good layer.

    boney: cats on birds is probably my number one nature freak out -that isnt nature in the classic sense...theres nothing to check the cats cause DOGS arent allow to run free and coyotes are killed. and the amount of feral cats really take a toll on ground nesting birds. oh boy dont get ME started.
    boney - on the gulf thing. i just cannot stand it.

  6. moi: i love when you say "im sorry hon"... it helps.
    and it does suck big time to lose a feathered or furred or any friend. i loved her! now i only have one speckled hen and there are no more available in 2010. funny story about SB -wonder if that squirrel had eaten a catus button or something?

  7. Now I understand, you were visiting your Mom in the nursing home in Florida, I hope she is well. It looks as if you had a nice visit and a day out together in the park watching all of those amazing birds.
    Beautiful photos, all of them, I can imagine you as that little girl, you are a friend of the birds, a protector and bird whisperer.
    I'm so sorry to hear about Edith, all of these losses do break your heart, I know that the hawk was doing what hawks do but it still hurts to lose a beloved pet.
    Take comfort in knowing that my cats cannot harm any birds or creatures who visit my garden.
    Take care sweet girl and try not to be so sad. xoxoxo ♡

  8. dianne: yes, i guess that was not clear? it is my mother in that chair. this is no joke, the end of life. terrifying to not be in charge of your body! at the mercy of....anything. very vulnerable.

    i KNOW you are a good cat owner, dianne. many people are - i am just saying...cat predation is only second to habitat destruction for the depletion of songbirds. but you know that and i admire your conscientiousness on this matter.

    you are too sweet my friend. i am sad but i am still in it - i will have more hens. and just think - i will have new baby pictures too...probably next spring though.

  9. I love all of the pictures and your thoughts about the young child is so true.

    Edith. What a bird. She had a great life and died actually LIVING so I admire you for not keeping them captive by your fear of everything that could happen. And often does. *sigh*

    But still. What else?

    XOXO You and yours are in my prayers. There are brighter days ahead.

  10. oh no!

    SORRY for that, Chick 9

    But what a lucky chicky to have been yours.

  11. So sorry for your loss ... big changes for me ... read about it here. I'm okay, tho' (despite it all) ... and hope you are, too.

  12. Chickory dear I knew it was your Mom in that chair, it was Boneman who got confused.
    Yes it is a terrible way to be, helpless and vulnerable,having no voice of your own, relying on the ones who love you and the kindness and integrity of those who care for you.

    I know you will have more hens sweetie and that is something very nice to look forward to.
    Take care, there are brighter days ahead ... xoxoxo ♡

  13. Girlfriend, I am so sorry about Edith! ((hugs))

  14. I refuse to have kitties for all the reasons you mention. And because, well, Ivan kills 'em. Hence, my property is a freakin' bird sanctuary. A goshawk showed up all how do you do at the birdbath last week and bullied all the other birds until I scared him off with my camera. And have you ever seen two crows fight a hawk mid air? That was this morning's entertainment.

    As for the squirrel, I think it was a momma protecting her squirrelettes. Or stash of nuts. Or maybe she just didn't like S.B.'s looks.

  15. Dear Ande, Please accept my sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved Edith. Time will heal this wound, but not the memory of your love which will spring fresh when you meet again where Edith guards your place next to her in Heaven.
    Love, nina

  16. The park, the bird, the water, the sunny day and so much vegetation, my how you love your Mom. And what a precious child you were, always the animal lover...

  17. hey friend, just took the time to read through and back to the Cliff Notes (thanks for that, a great idea and swell illustration). Feeling a little caught up with you. Thanks for posting the SF Gate blog. You're right, it's the best one. Not that I'm reading much. What is unfathomable stays unfathomed. I'm a coward but understand that this disaster is ours, all ours. ag

  18. Chickory,
    Glad you had a vacation. Was that the one in the marginal motel a few posts back.

    Glad you got to have a visit, and an outing, with your Mama. As you may remember my mother too is in a precarious state of being. So I treasure every opportunity to see her no matter how I loathe her reality.

    Sorry to learn of Edith's exit.
    I know there is really no comparison but ... in reading your observations of your mother's state of being, I completely understand why you would choose to offer Edith the opportunity to have the full life experience of a chicken.

    I too have a deep since of grief about the Gulf. I fear this is a bell tolling.

    Get back to your forest, your pups, your art, your garden and enjoy all you can.


  19. I'm thinking I need to send Tommy Lee over with some of his beverages. You are really going through it. I'm glad you got to go to the park with your Mom. These are hard days to go through as a daughter, aren't they? You are a good and loving daughter, and I know none of this is easy, but she loved seeing you. I'm so sorry about Edith. I'm sorry about the Gulf. Hard days. xoxoxox Pam

  20. boy i'm telling ya ..
    that last photo really struck a chord.
    i just came back from ms.
    we finally were able to bury my mother.
    you know my heart goes out to you ..
    as well as aunty belle. i know she is going through the same thing.

    these are wonderful photos, chickory.
    i know you love your chickens and i'm really very sorry that you had to loose edith to a hawk. xxx

  21. Good night Chickory,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I just got back in town after a long and tiring week and what did I find on my desk...your package, it made my day! As soon as I get it hung up, I will send you a photo.

    I'm so sorry about Edith, bond you have with your birds is special. The Coots winter with us, they're are so fun to watch.

    It's good that your mom can get out and enjoy that lovely park. For mine, the room is all there is.

    Enjoy the market this weekend, Thank you again!

  22. I feel very badly for the loss of Edith.

    I keep my kitties inside. I am concerned for what would be "natural" for them. Inside, they are protected from coyotes, disease, parasites, autos. They watch life go on outside through the windows. But they would lead short, violent lives out there. They would also prey upon the ground squirrels, rabbits, birds, lizards out there. But they don't need those as food, only as hunters. So, it's stuffed toys inside.


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