Riches in the Ditches


Walking along the roadside yesterday i found: pink clover, daisy, queen anne's lace, rudbeckia, false white indigo, butterfly weed, ditch lilies, and carolina vetch. Some were quietly hiding in out of the way places not likely to be noticed but blooming and brilliant all the same.

Thank you, Dianne for your sweet note and junkin' pictures which cheered me up.

and Thank you, Nina, for these words which reset my attitude ......."I am speaking of Mother Earth, her body, her species and her glorious (bow your head on bended knee) perfect, all supreme, most elegant system that time after time is shoveled to the back of the line, stumbling, battered, magnificent to the last, here we see honor and the definition of sainthood extraordinaire on its back still giving through its dying breath."


  1. Love these!
    Most of our ditches end up mowed. We used to have all sorts of wild flowers, the orange daylilies, wild ginger, wild phlox, daisies, solomons seal, trilliums, etc etc.....
    Now there are thistles and poison ivy, with the occasional ironweed and sometimes some yarrow.
    Seems such a waste to mow off the beautiful.
    Your gathering is exceptional!


  2. What a beautiful arrangement!
    I just wanted to say, on your last post, I went out today and bought a couple of bottles of more environmentally friendly cleaning products, and got a little book from the library to see what more I could be doing. I also found a wonderful book on the success of projects bringing species back from the brink of extinction - completely uplifting and inspiring.
    I probably wouldn't have done these things if you hadn't shared that post, so thank you!!

  3. I love the flowers that pop up in the ditches of Maryland. Right now we have the orange daylillies, and some beautiful blue asters that people around here MOW over. We just finished up our buttercups, and the pink clover is running wild. :) Have a great week! xox

  4. As I looked at the 1st two pictures and read your narrative, I was thinking that these flowers were actually growing next to the tree. Then I saw the 3rd picture, so you had me fooled. Very nice flora down there in Georgia.

  5. Such beautiful things to be found in the woods!

  6. anne: oh yeah, i forgot to mention the yarrow. I too have trillium and solomons seal in the yard...but it is too sunny up on the road for those. I hate the over-manicuring of public sad to know that the lovely volunteers were cut out only to be replaced by their uglier, more itchy stepsisters. LOL i dont know ironweed...i wonder if we have it here? xoxoxo

    dan: i really like "greenworks" dishsoap. I have a front loader washing machine so i have to us HE detergent but many of those are more biodegradable. little things do help.....the story of the coyahoga river in ohio is a good one...a toxic river of death restored to life with abundant fish and creatures. this is my ultimate prayer for the gulf.

    yoborobo: i had butter cups in my field...but we dont have those purple asters until much later! there are some roses growing further down the road that have the sweetest fragrance. i need to drive down there and get some!

    buzz: thank you! georgia has a few things to offset the terror of "nephew" grrrrrhahahaha. right now there is a wren insurrection against blue jays right outside my window. i wanted to mention again what a great job you did on your yard. its awesome!

  7. Pleased that my well meant message and junkin' pics cheered you up, :) don't like that you are so sad sweet girl.
    Gosh, these gorgeous flowers would cheer me up, and these are your wildflowers ... nothing so pretty or colourful like this grows wild around here, I would just love it if they did. xoxoxo ♡

    Beautiful words from Nina. ♡

  8. Our nicest wildflowers are Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush in April and May. Most often seen planted along the freeways by the Texas Highway Department!

  9. dani: indeed there are - i am also looking for interesting seedpods to put in my mountain potpourri!

    dianne: yes you are very thoughtful and i appreciate you so much! i have a collection of images ive been saving for a post for you...i am very close. the best of flea market style. and arty stuff.

    xl: man those two are so rich in color i bet that is striking together. the indian paintbrush is wonderful - i wouldnt mind having some of that along my own field. the GA dot does those really red poppies and cosmos on our roadsides..not every where...but sections of it. i love that. thats tax money i like to pay at work. :-D

  10. Nina's prayer brought me to tears and I appreciated it after reading your past post - so hellish to see, but necessary.

    I can't believe the bounty of beauty that can be found just by walking and looking for it. Lovely.

    Happy Tuesday Pal.

  11. I took a hike through a supposedly barren slot canyon this weekend–nothing but red rock and grey river stone and sage green scrub. Then all of a sudden, stand after stand of exuberantly blooming neon purple daisies. It was almost like a practical joke, but a really, really pretty one.

    I don't worry about mother nature for the long term. What's happening now is a horror show and I can't think about it except in the way back reaches of my brain or I'll just come to a full stop, but then again, are we really so self-centered as to think we could destroy it all forever and ever? Nah, long after we exit stage left, she will be here. Persisting.

  12. so beautiful. before I turned my camera to food, it was mostly aimed at wild flowers and if I could catch them, butterflies. just getting lost for hours was the best kind of relaxation.

    thanks for the lovely flowers.

  13. Chickory,
    Never commented here but have seen you comments on Nina's site. I love beauty and color, the pictures gave me a boost. Thank you

  14. Aw, thanks Chickory, you got a lot of saint in you. You said "Hope you approve", heh, I seriously doubt there is anything you do I'd not approve or do the same under most circumstances. I am honored to have my words put where they belong. Really, a perfect illustration of meaning and intent. Again, thank you.

  15. flower petals in the sun
    bee's and butterflys
    patterns in the clouds
    feathers floating by
    warm light breeze
    carry heavens scent
    mother nature never fails
    she always represents
    always their for all of us
    every summer time
    fixing up the flowers
    healing things she find
    I suppose she just cant help it
    she has to fix everything
    that is all she ever did
    only love she ever bring
    she loves us all equally
    if only we really knew
    maybe then we would help her care
    because I suppose
    we are all her too.


  16. Such lovely flowers, photos, and words. A much-need up-lift. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thanks dear chickory, I will look forward to that post ... it is amazing what one can find in these places, at sales or on bargain tables. xoxo ♡

  18. Ironweed is very tall, sometimes in good soil it will grow to 8-10 feet high. It has a TOUGH stalk, but in the late summer blooms out the most gorgeous shade of magenta purple, little fine tufts that seem too delicate for the rest of the plant. There seems to be some color variation on the flowers, but I suspect it has to do with soil nutrients. Butterflies love it, and eventhough it grows a main stalk, it frequently will put out side shoots of smaller flowers, which I cut for bouquets.
    I am not sure where the name comes from, but considering the storms it can remain upright through, I think it is aptly named!
    I do not know the Latin name to help with identification; I am sure from state to state the colloquial name differs.


  19. Ah Pup....

    This orb heals herself--Vesuvius? Mt St. Helen's?

    Ain't sayin this horror is OK , more like what Moi said--jes' sayin' it ain't the end of the Gulf flora and fauna forever.

    BTW, the Roosians know what to do--they cure their spills/ gushers by settin of a bomb under it--it caves the the gusher in on itself, closin' off the hole.

  20. Good morning Chickory,

    That's a beautiful arrangement.

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