Visual Haiku: "Summer Nights"



the truck knows the way
to the last of ochre light
cohutta moonrise


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  2. Wonderful visual, heartfelt haiku.
    That's some fabulous moonrise but really, how do you train a truck?

  3. chickory thats lovely.
    I have to write les a poem
    but after I will write another one for you..neil

  4. I love the sound of the word, "Cohutta."

  5. is that where you live chickory
    if you dont mind me asking..neil

  6. this makes me want to take a big wonderful nap in that field. Wonderful imagery and haiku.

  7. Something magic about that time of day, no? And lovely moonrise.

    Meanwhile, in case you're able to participate or are interested in checking out the entries, July Culinary Smackdown has been announced on my blog.

    Take care,

  8. well, as long as you are not asleep at the wheel.
    great photo!

  9. It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
    Ford slowin' down to take a look at me!

  10. moon beams
    weave flowers
    in summer times essence's scent
    indigo yellow blue
    orange green red
    sound of the frequency
    grandmother spin
    humming bird
    fly upon
    eternal wind
    round and round
    stirring flow
    river raw fly
    cosmic ray
    pierce through
    on tip of starlight
    mother earth medicine
    tru nature live
    by the power of the thunder
    buttercup lift


  11. "ochre light" - I like that.

    Like ditch lillies in
    the foreground welcoming the
    moon's first nocturne light.

  12. Such a nice time between daylight and night, the air feels different and the sky takes on a softer hue ...
    lovely haiku.
    I saw your sunshine yellow carrots on photostream, they are such a pretty yellow. xoxox ♡

  13. gotta
    love summer!

    × × ×


  14. Doan be givin' too many geo clues, Chick 9, lessin' some web nephew show up. Mayhap I'se be switchin' yore laigs fer bein' so careless.

  15. Hold the fort

  16. hold the fort

  17. Love the haiku. So sorry I've not really been here to take part. Love the sentiment about the truck knowing the way ... I swear my car knows its way home too.

  18. Hello! I saw a few posts back that you brought some of your kokeshi dolls to the market in Blue Ridge. Will you have them with you this Saturday on the third? I would love to admire them in person and maybe get one. or two. or three. :)

    BTW, I'm Lindsey. I'm the one who sent you a convo on Etsy from the Lindsey's Retreat account. We're now Highland Sundry. Anyway, I'll stop and say hi this saturday at the market. My booth will be set up by Tina's tie dye.

    And last Saturday I just admired the painting of the wild flowers. It spoke to me. Really really beautiful.

    Lindsey. Blogger's not liking me tonight.

  19. Hi Chickieboom! Haiku theme this week - Patriotism! Hope things are good in the woods this week!

  20. Hello yellow cabin. I want to come visit soon to innertube down the river. hello to easter. I can make some more art for your wall.

  21. * Cohutta * I can say that over and over again.

    Luv' the poem - can see the truck in my head knowing where it's going.


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