Almost Perfect Sunday


buttercups in the field


fellow-traveler fellow traveler rides the wild sweet pea

crimson clover over and over

queen of the natives


queen of fragrance

*why almost perfect? see poem "Thinking About a Friend" on sidebar. have a beautiful day.


  1. Your photos are beautiful. The crimson clover is stunning. We don't get that out here.

    Your poem? You're a good friend to all Chickory and I hope it's read and understood. XOXO

  2. Photographic poetry!
    Really beautiful images ChickLady.
    Does this mean more beautiful art is coming soon? How was your show?

    Loved your thinking of our friend, who I too am missing. Who taught me this fun game of Haiku? My thoughts are these:

    Vanquishing our Troll
    Cannot be achieved by rude
    Humor gone awry

    Some words are fierce swords
    Actions must replace regrets
    Offenders speak peace!

    Trumped many a muscled foe
    Warriors don't stand down

  3. lovely, hope your mothers' day was, too :)

  4. Stunning photos! The clover is my favorite. The last of our winter snows melted beginning of the week and the spring wildflower flush is spectacular around here. It makes me so happy.

    I hope your poem can lure a special someone out from under the bridge to at least say, "howdy."

  5. You have sweet peas!! I love the fragrance. It's been years since I've had a garden space where I could plant sweet peas. I love the other pictures too and feeling the poetry too close to home.

    Living well is the only revenge that matters. Keep it up.

  6. Beautiful! I love "unfurled" the best. Wishing you a wonderful week.


  7. I love the poem especially. I missed whatever the drama was that must have happened to run off our Troll. Maybe it is just the call of the wild for a while. The flowers are beautiful.

  8. oooooh.Queen of the natives!

    beautiful spot in the world--an' I love how ya made yore mark on it--

    Troll never had a sweeter follower that the Dawg! Come home Troll-man we miss ya!!

  9. Love all this beauty in your forests!!

  10. Good Morning, all!

    xl: just to let you down, and push you around? but you love me still! yeah.

    boxer: i have too much clover now. i grew it as a cover crop but it is everywhere. i do like it. it makes a pretty vase of flowers.

    fishy: show was good! I sold the painting of the azaleas and lenten roses which i completed late friday night before i hung it the following saturday. Never even photographed it. Sold one of the chick mixed media pieces and got a commission so it went pretty well considering it is in a non commercial space. Good news is i pay no commissions.

    on the other matter, i do not know that trolls disappearance has anything to do with anything...he actually wrote on his blog he was considering pulling the plug a while back -before i deleted K9's blog. I like the haikus....a fine tribute.

    laughing wolf: it was a good day...backbreaking day as i had to run the mini tiller to prep the potato beds. did you have a good day?

    moi: please go on a flower safari soon and show us the wildflowers of the desert. I do not know them. I remember when iamnot used to photograph the cactus flowers.

    pangolin: great to see you! i will send you a sweet pea fragrance on the wind...and living well is the best revenge. stepping off the hamster wheel is a revolutionary act, as you well know. be well, friend.

    tinkerbell: unfurled. that seems like the one you'd like best. thank you - your own photography is stunning.

    pam: like i told fishy, i dont think that troll would do anything based on what others said; having sparred with him and tag teamed with him on certain blogs ...i just dont think that is why. all i know is i will miss reading his page and seeing him blink up on my own.

    aunty: those trillium are such an amazing flower. I have pink and white, and one that is a real dark red. no sign of lady slippers yet...which i used to have. i wonder what happened.

    dani: thank you so much...its so dense here that light pierces through the trees -it is like a star.

  11. Stunning photos from your piece of paradise in the forest ... I love the buttercups, the trilium and sweetpeas are so lovely, they remind me of my Mum who had an abundance of sweet fragrant flowers every year.
    You are a blessing to everyone dear chickory, that is a lovely thoughtful poem for your friend, I hope it helps. xoxoxo ♡

  12. ...hhmnnn>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    whar' is Iamnot?

  13. Good Afternoon Chickory,

    A fine tribute to our missed friend.

    The photos are lovely and the harvest looks tastey. How did you decide to prepare the Chard?

  14. Nice. I just had an Amaryllis bloom, but my pictures don't turn out as good as yours.

  15. Lovin' the aphid traveler on the Queen of Fragrance road. And oui, snuffle barks and chasing a bunny dreams ... oh how she takes my breath away I love her so.

    your haven looks like heaven
    much love Susan & les Gang

  16. stunning photos. for some reason i'm feeling disconnected from the season. this makes it real for me.

    beautiful poem to your friend. maybe he will come back. it's hard to loose a good buddy even if we only knew them through blogging.

  17. dianne: yes those buttercups are for you. what a pretty field they make..soon the mowers will be back and the yellows will fall into a fresh manicure. i cant wait. I dont think my friend is coming back.

    aunty: i know! whar or whar have our menfolk gone?

    Karl: good morning! i prepared the chard just like you told me: saute with a bit of olive oil and garlic with some leek tops and a hint of salt and pepper.

    heff: thats pretty late for amaryllis. mine bloomed in february!

    susan: your dog love is legendary. i cant argue with any of your loves: dogs, art, beauty....cowboys...xo

    foam: blog people are very real to me and they matter. because i know from experience that they are who they are in the real.

    why are you feeling disconnected from spring? thats not good.

  18. Thank you dear chickory, I would love to wander through that field of buttercups and brush my hands against the flowers ... I have plenty of native plants around me but to find something like your photo I would have to travel far into the countryside, so seeing something this beautiful is very special to me. xoxoxo ♡

    I hope your friend does come back, like you I know my blog friends are real people and I become very attached to them.
    It seems that my Colonel has gone and I now doubt that he will return and this makes me sad.

  19. dianne: then we shall console ourselves with the beauty of nature and poetry - like ladies have throughout history. ;-)

  20. what a heart you are. i love your poem.

  21. So restful. I really enjoyed looking through those :)

  22. don't know ..
    maybe it's cause i can't weed and stuff ..

  23. Thanks for the visit to Weedy Acres. Your Pear Blossom Extreme piece is wonderful. I got a good chuckle from Red laying her eggs in the hose caddy and I will return.

  24. Chickory, when you were a kid did you hold the buttercups under your chin to see the yellow refection?

    And sweetpeas!!! When I got married, I picked a bunch from my garden and put them in my hair, heavenly! When I was younger and living in the cold, I always longed for tropical palms and bouganvilla and now that I have that, I miss lilacs and cherry blossoms!

    The rainbow chard would be nice in a scramble with some feta cheese for my breakfast about now....

    So glad you sold some of your work, it's always so gratifying when you have success at a show! Have a beautiful week Chickory!

  25. wow!

    what a beautiful
    place on the planet, c

    i understand why you spend so much time here

    my crabapple blossoms are just opening -- and you asked if they were pink: the buds are pink, though the blossoms themselves are white -- will post some pics for you at mo'po this weekend

    × × ×


  26. *The flowers that dwell in the expanse of your garden are the type who love to party! They sure dress up for the occasion too! So pretty pretty wild! :D

  27. Beautiful photos, chickory. I love the one of the little traveler. :) I hope you are having a lovely, sunny weekend in your garden. xo Pam

  28. Chick9,
    whar's you?

    Come out an play.

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