Vera and Edith: My Quality Control Team




  1. Oh, I love the expressions and the postures!


  2. The colors andcomposition in this photo is fabulous. I love the reds in the chicks, the radishes and the pretty towel. Their expressesions are priceless; "What do we have here?"

    Now, put Easter in this photo and call me super happy.

  3. I can't believe you have radishes already. We just planted ours this weekend. You'll have to try the sauted radishes in oil and vermouth that La Diva did a couple of posts ago. They probably pair well with chicken. Bwahahaha

  4. Heh to Buzzy. Those radishes look super yum -- I don't always like them but I bet these fresh ones are nice and sharp. I'm glad the supervisors approve (chick chick chick)

  5. You're running a chicken sweatshop?!

  6. Love your quality control team! Those radishes look yummy.


  7. Anne: Hi! Thank you. btw, Did you try the hyalauronic acid? (sounds wild doesnt it? LOL)

    Boxer: I composited this picture. theres no way my camera could handle this depth of field. Easter? the non-laying pill? Bah! Im preparing her now, for her life in the PNG. "easter, I know a nice lady who will indulge your every whim. whats that you say? you'd like to perch on the dinning room table? No problemo!" grrrrrrherhahahahahaha!

    buzz: well it will be soon too hot here for radish. i may try them in the partial shade. I also had to harvest all my lettuces and spinach. I have bags and bags of it and brought it to V's office to give out. I dont really like them....i grown them for V. This is the "easter egg" seed pack. Kinda cool, huh?

    Pam: V said they were sweeter than the usual..but that they had a nice finishing "bite". I just like the colors!

    xl: yeah. and you know what happens if they fail *chop*

    thanks for stopping by everyone! i have been so busy i cant do anything but garden and art!

  8. I'd rather see Edith and Vera running the FDA than some industry appointee.

  9. NICELY done on the composit and may I suggest that "our" Easter has been spoiled? Why lay eggs? Lady will give let me in the Big House any time I want!

  10. Good evening Chickory,

    The radishes look great. But, how do the chicks signed their QC forms. A chicken scratch, I suppose.

  11. You're running a chicken chop shop?!

    × × ×


  12. nina: yes. and the girls' next stop: the gulf of mexico.

    boxer: she is a worthless bag of washed out yella feathers. a fussbudget. a revenge pooper. a great date for mickey.

    Karl: lol. tributes of peanut butter.

    /t: a pull-a-part lot!

  13. "revenge pooper"


    She IS like Mickey.

  14. What a lovely photo, the colours are great and by the expression on the girl's faces I am pretty sure that those radishes pass the test...
    Yum, they look so fresh and delicious, the radishes that is, the girls just look so cute,lol, I think they take their job very seriously.
    xoxox ♡

  15. Excellent job on the composite. I'll put you to work on Top Chef head chopping pronto.

    So did the Hens give those radishes their official seal of approval?

    I'm thinking the Coco and Easter Show would be quite entertaining. No table or chair is out of their reach or is safe from their poop.

  16. gorgeous !! both hens & radishes.
    xo les Gang

  17. Love the color mix of the radish.
    So when you "composite" a photo, your are merging 2 photos into 1 but do you also modify the color? And, um,
    the ignorant one would like to know in what program you "composite".
    Wow! Remember when people believed photos didn't lie? How do they use photos as evidence in trials anymore?

    So when a hen stops laying and becomes a revenge pooper, does that mean the execution board and the soup pot? Poor "V" I can still hear the wail of the
    " No Peanut, NO!"

  18. Hey! Where's the peaches in the little plastic cups? I like those the best. You call it "revenge pooping" I say it's "convenient".

  19. i love radishes. this is a great photo!

  20. faery: we must've blog jinxed! the hens inspect everything i take out of the garden "is that for us?"ha.

    boxer: the indulgences we afford elderstates pets...

    dianne: radishes and chicken. sounds like a salad to me! xo

    shamu: not really! im sure you can see it...i didnt try that hard was just rushing to get it to press. but now i am inspired to do it right. ive got a collection of photos that would make a good card set for the farmers market. funny farm pics. the funny farm.
    you know what V calls the hens? the "shitresses'. grrrrrherhaha!

    susan: merci!

    Fishy: i composite with the Almighty Photoshop. I didnt do much - like i tole' shamy i didnt work very hard at it. with more time, id duplicate leaves and insert them. here i just fit two pix together and smudged the seam. it works because of the scale and perspective of the original two images. it was a magic fit from the start.

    having Easter for a meal would be something like that first Thanksgiving at Tara after the war. to damn rangey now. skinny.

    easter: ha! not in garden season, honey. enjoy those radish tops.

  21. "A revenge pooper!" I think Sterling is one of those too!

  22. gotta love the ladies who keep the bugs/grubs down so vegetables can flourish :)

  23. is they checkin' out their handiwork? assume they fertilized them radishes? Delightful pic, Chick9

    The French eat sliced radish sandwiches--a bit of butter on the bread, sliced rads...fer V, cause, like me, I think ya doan do radishes.

    C'mon over to the Porch fer story an' a name fling.

  24. BTW, Vera and Edith are yankee names.
    Ya need a peggy sue an' daisy june

  25. Uncle readin' over mah shoulder say a black chicken in Fanin county? It need an afro-redneck name:
    Twshonda Lou

    Delete this comment Chick after ya reads it, or the whole blog world will make me pay fer Uncle's humor--he ain't bigoted, he jes' refuses to be PC, an iffin' he is funnin' the crackers, the rednecks an' the yankees, he doan leave nobody out.

  26. Vera: Hey, Edith, run on in there and pluck one of those for our lunch, will ya?

    Edith: Um.

    Vera: Go on, girl. I mean, we helped grow them, right?

    Edith: I dunno . . .

    Vera: Aw, come on, what are ya . . . chicken?

  27. Edith means "I dung know"

  28. omg amazing!! holy cow that's an awesome picture!! heheeee

  29. TwshandaLou to Uncle,
    " cackle, cackle, cackle, cracker"

  30. Vera ans Edith look like they can KICK SOME ASS !

  31. gosh.

    i grow weary

    of the medium


    the tedious beauty

    of the produce.

    paint me a picture K

    that comes from your youth


    old flames

    and banish

    the radish


  32. I was reading about your arts festival booth over at Boxer's place ... I do hope you post some pics here! Would love to see what you do with a booth space! Are you taking the hens for local color?

  33. What Pam said. Please share your arts fest experience with those of us who can't attend!

  34. I love how colorful these radishes are! It's interesting how gardening is so different for all of us. South Florida is done, your radishes are finished and Buzz's is just beginning!


  35. I think that Edith loves radishes as much as this one does! :)

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