Pear Blossoms Extreme




  1. Like the colors & composition!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Seeing it gave me the same feeling as when I was standing shooting photos of my weeping cherry, surrounded by the blossoms.


  3. LOVE IT!!!!!! Is this for the show in early May? How big is it? Love, love the green.

    You should be proud of this one. Truly.

  4. gorgeous !! absolutely gorgeous.
    xo s & les gang


    looks just like a painting!

    (better than real -- it's art!)

    hey, this year is our year for blossoms on the crabapple tree -- soon

    (oh, and apology for getting that last comment on the wrong post...)

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  6. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Now it's time for
    More! More! More!

    GOK could be writhing!

    Can hardly wait for the show post where we get to see all of this series. Er ... it is a series , or a collection , right?

    Really speaks to eye, heart, mind.

  7. xl: thank you!

    Anne-Huskey: its springtime divine? i love the petal snowfalls. and cherrys are exceptional.

    boxer: thank you! yes it is for the may show. i need this one and one more to make a good set. I might make it...i might.
    this is hard. i dont like acrylic. its like painting with snot. but, you know, its plastic so what do i expect?
    its not as fun as my usual painting days but it is instructive.

    susan: thank you! im glad you like it.

    /t: what color are the crabapple blooms - pink? thanks...a painting...lets hope so! ha!

    fishy: i want to do some pine trees at night. remember GOK's? actually, i always kind of liked her new york paintings best.

    these paintings are a bit decoratey. they need an edge..maybe a faint red bio-hazard symbol in the background? red ants?

    foamy: thank you. i need to figure this paint out though. i miss gouache but you just cant take it big ;-(

    aunty belle: you might like the one i am working on now - azaleas. the big pale pink ones with the spotted throats. classic.

    happy weekend all!

  8. This is stunning, I love the greens the softness of the petals and the delicate stamens, no doubt inspired by your blossoms in March, the colours I adore ... just beautiful. xoxoxo ♡

  9. c,

    they are white


    i'll post pics in coming weeks

    your painting is beautiful

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  10. You and Susan continue to inspire me. Sigh. So beautiful.

  11. Most elegant. You have a incredible range. This one will go, fast. But if you can do this, you can do more so don't try to hold on to it. The fun must be in pushing yourself for accuracy. It is O'Keefe-like.

    On second thought, it would be amazing in your new studio.

    Maybe you should make a stationary system with it as your logo?

  12. Was that our Aunty emerging from the siege? Hooray! But actually, she's a gonna find herself in a bidding war with me over this painting and the one before. Looking forward to the azaleas painting. But really Rotty,
    "painting with snot" sort of spoils the pleasure!

  13. Very nice. Amazing you achieved such a delicate look with acrylics.

  14. red?

    slip in a red eft.


  15. I'm amazed at how talented my blog buddies are! This is just beautiful.

  16. I tried painting the lemon tree blossoms but had to stop, apparently bees don't like being covered in paint.

  17. That settles it. In my next life I'm going to be a painter.

  18. Love the pear blossoms ande!
    Your show will be awesome I know

    Cannot wait to see it all in person.

  19. Okay, this is now my new favorite. Absolutely would go with my new current theme in my life. Is this for your show? love it!

  20. It appears you have changed from two dimensional to realism. Impressive work, and way cool, too.

  21. I love everything you do.
    This one is a nice change.
    It's beautiful!
    You have amazing chops...

  22. dianne: yep: this one is from the garden scans of the pear blossoms. way blown up. thank you!

    /t: i cant wait to see them. thanks, 't. i knew "it looks like a painting" was the highest of compliments. i hop i can finish the azaleas today, and then maybe gut out the one of the sweet shrub -a dark red bloom i really need to balance the set.

    shamy: well, seeing your photography over the weekend was equally, if not more so, inspiring. i love that shrimp -and may paint it if you say "yes"

    nina: "fun", i wish it was more fun. if the paint cooperated maybe. on the rainy day, things went better because it didnt dry as fast. which indicates to me i need a retarding agent. i wish i could do more of the drawings like the one you and i love of trout and easter in the night garden. but two things: they never sell as well as paintings and they have to be framed under glass which is very expensive because they are large. when i paint on these nice maple 3" deep boards, the art is finished as is. but i really dont understand acrylic yet. i need to get with a master.

    LaDiva: indeed one of the simple pleasures of life.

    fishy: well fishy, i didnt know how else to put it. it just doesnt move like the lovely velvety gouache i adore. you lay it down, then you try and paint and it lifts off. grrrrrrrrrr. its just...painstakingly difficult.

    troll: you dont know how right you are. thanks, troll.

    aunty: nice idea!

    dani: thank you. and you should know what an inspiration your life is for me. when i saw your garden and chicken set-up i showed V and said "this is what i want".

    PhoKid: hahaha! all the honey bees are inside my lettuce -drinking the dew. i never try and paint them -i give them a wide berth. did you know Mayden is now a beekeeper?!!

    moi: in my next life i am going to be a surgeon. then i can buy your paintings!

    ebd4: hey hey hey! this is my best friend making an appearance on my blog for the first time. thanks, E, wait til you see the group. i will tell you about my grand painting plans on the way to YOUR show thursday night. xoxoxoxox

    Pam: thank you! im glad you like this. Looks kinda florida hotel to me. will show azaleas hopefully by tomorrow. (along with the garden this week)

    boney: thanks. not really....i just had gotten into a rut and had to go back to basics. we all know stylization and abstraction is best when based on a solid foundation of being able to portray things as they are. this isnt that much fun for it is likely i will return to my other path...and - i dont see this as realism even though i tried...its still quite stylized -more like magic realism dont you think?

    im seeing some large (4x6 ft) paintings in my future. animal portraits with mandorlas of these kinds of flowers all around them.

    emilio! hey there! thanks so much. a great compliment from the "chop master" xoxox love to you.

  23. Hi Chickory,
    just stopped in to see this lovely painting again. Actually to see if the anticipated azaleas are up. Hope you found a way to paint with Big Dawg, the Velvet Kobe and the rain present.

    Looks like it's going to be an awesome show!

  24. Wow your artwork is amazing! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for followers for my own and i was blown away!
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    Thanks so much!

  25. But you need commercial pieces to go with your edgier bits. I saw your comment above about making this edgier -- a grunge finish on top perhaps?

  26. NO GRUNGE!!!!! NO EDGE !!!!!

  27. Really breathtaking. I couldn't tell which was real and which was memorest. Tell me this one's in our show!

  28. fishy: no! the damn azaleas are killing me. im struggling. its the shadows on pink that make a terrible purple hue. i paint it as it is, but it looks phony. so i am going to just carry on...and then at the end, dab around on the surface to kind of impressionize the thing. know what i mean? and take a few liberties with odd colors. a flash of turquoise, for example. Koby is at the vet today being spayed. and i am on pins and needles. they need a web cam there! i need to see my puppy.

    valia lind: welcome! good luck with your blog, book and securing followers.

    pam: youre right. theres nothing wrong with representational work. (i just ordered my sketchers btw.)

    anon: i love a strong opinion, and i agree with you. they will be left as is..however i have some ideas for the future.

    jcake: you did!? you are too kind. nice ass! ;-)

    SPOTD: it is for the show. and i am about to finish another. and if i am really on it i might try and gut one out on friday...or possibly hanging it at the last minute thursday....? dont know. but one thing is for sure,,,this is one exhibit that is extremely current work. cant wait to see your stuff. need a ride on sat?

  29. This is fabulous! You've been very busy, I can see. :) xo Pam

  30. Chickory,
    I haven't responded to your email because you've scared the crap out of me.

    Hell yes you can paint that bad boy.

  31. Oooh ! Pretty !

    ...Oh, it'a a painting.

  32. Stunning. Really. You make my stick figures look like junk, and I can do a mean stick figure. :)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Koby report?
    Azalea report?
    Love the idea of banishing the purple and the addition of the flash of teal. Looking forward to seeing the vision.
    Still loving that fabulous art nouveau movement of the pear blossoms. Plus the color balance is perfect, very bold and graphic but with the sense of dancing in air. Just stellar dawglady.

  35. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SHOW THIS WEEKEND!!! Hope you sell loads and don't have too many pains in the a$$ to deal with!!!

  36. Good evening Chickory,

    At first glance I thought it was a photo, nicely done!

  37. well stated.
    I just saw at Boxer's that you're doing a show, too.
    Mine went better'n last year, and I'm quite thankful for that.
    I DID make enough for some 2"x2"s, so, the ford dealio art gallery is now expanding to Indiana!

    Georgia O'Keefe went at her abstracts like that, too. (no...not with a Ford truck,)
    You have to know what you're doing before you can present what you think. But I can't say it any better than you did, so, could I borrow that portion of comment?
    A common question I ask often is: what is "abstract"? and I haven't heard such a good answer as what you said here.

    And, as an extra incentive, if I ever get a book deal (perhaps I should write it, first?) I promise to send you some $ for contributing.

    Now, pressure's over...I have a dog to paint, and I think a nice blue green will do nicely...
    ("here, Coco....[whistle whistle whistle] here, baby...*)

  38. oh yeah...and good luck with your show, too!

  39. "Magic Realism"
    Is this the title for the show?

  40. Of course, you know I love this. I love, love, love blossoms! This reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe; she does so inspire me.

    love to you and your menagerie.



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