Red Pyle Rooster




  1. Really love your work; very glad I found your blog!
    Thanks for stopping by.... :)


  2. Somehow you read my mind on what I need for my Super Secret Project.

  3. Nice image for a Sunday morning. Is he based upon anyone you know?

  4. For sale? Where? I don't see in your forgetsy shop. Inquiring minds want to know on a Sunday morning.

    (I really love the blue background with the Rooster.)

  5. Very cool. Did you paint the background too or is it some sort of pre-manufactured paper (I'm no artist)? The background really sets off the rooster (said the non-artist). It's very striking.

  6. color, brilliant!

    moons and planets

    and the postal stamp(?)

    1967 --, c

    × × ×


  7. I love this too; wonderful colors and attitude. And re that 1967 -- if you changed it to 1957, then you would have placed him in the "Year of the Rooster" ... I know because I are one.

  8. anne: welcome! and thank you! right back atcha.

    shamy: really? you really sparked cindy kelley up with the photochop of Peanut. she thinks youve got a great new line to sell. now what are you up to? chicken art?

    xl: well mr. chickory is year of the rooster (like Pam) so all roosters are him. you didnt know me back when he declared there could only be one rooster in our family -so sadly these roosters are all based on ones i photographed at the carpet city bantam club show -none are my own.

    boxer: i just put this one and three others at the blue ridge mountains arts shop last week. if you like him, i give you BEST price. today i am doing photo-paintings of the chicks and they are WAY cool. will post later.

    buzz: i painted the background and then added these vintage stickers and sort of painted over them a bit to blend them in. i scratched into the paint and slung some drips over it to ruff it up; some of the marks i made look like drink rings to me (which is probably why this appeals to boxer. LOL just kidding) the colors are vibrant cause we are close to playing off opposites here...not quite, but sort of.

    /t: were in a moon phase 't! i am making some pieces for this home decorator store in atl and they love this collagey stuff in the work so i did a whole bunch of small pieces with the stickers. thank you!

    pam: yeah, i like the look on his face. up to no damn cool, looks like to me. grherhahaha

  9. up to no damn GOOD, i meant

  10. If I didn't owe half my life to the IRS right now, I'd girl fight Boxer for it. He's incredible. Those blues!

  11. Thanks for the art lesson. You put a lot of effort into this and it looks it.

    Moi - hmmmmmmm girl fight...

  12. A pretty proud sort of strut happening there.

  13. I think the final results will be traveling in April.

  14. Sorry Buzz, Moi is too good about paying her taxes and I'm REALLY good about writing schnizz off for taxes. :-) No girl fight this time.

    Da Rooster has a new home. Yay!!!

  15. moi: ya know, boxer hits on that heavy bag all day....

    buzz: thank you. it is a lot of effort - fun effort though.

    j cosmo newberry: typical cock! grerha they do have a great strut for benefit of the hens...who often are more interested in peanut butter.

    shamy: oh boy! i feel an arty weekend coming

    boxer: YAY! thank you. xoxoxox


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