Mixed Media Chicks


A home design store, Davonshire, ordered a set of my baby chicks pieces. I am very happy about the project, but as always it is difficult to pay myself fairly and then have the piece be affordable after the store marks it up 50%. I've taken my photographs of the chicks at 3 days old and mounted them onto canvas or sometimes to board. I add the collage elements and then paint over the photograph using molding paste and paint to build up the texture. the entire piece is then sealed with UV protective varnish and dropped into a silver leaf floater frame.

To celebrate my big win over at Yoborobo this weekend (i won "myrna") i am following Yobo's lead and offering a giveaway of "Easter", the first chick in this post. All you need to do to enter into this giveaway is to tell me in the comments you want your name in the hat. I will have mr. chickory draw a name out and that person will receive an unframed wood mixed media piece of the chick. The winner can choose to have a different chick if they prefer. Good Luck everybody, the drawing will be on Friday!

* Boxer, you are ineligible for this contest. You will receive an "easter" with your purchase of the Red Pyle Rooster.


  1. I want a chick! Love these. Congrats on Davonshire order!

  2. You know I could spend hours discussing how artists have a hard time actually make a living without having their designs mass produced in China. :-( HOWEVER, these are truly amazing and I'm HOPING less labor intensive than the ornaments? I think these could be big for you.

    *sigh* I can't wait for my own "Easter". Thank you!

  3. I'll throw my hat (actually a horn-helmet festooned with the thumbs of my enemies) in the ring to win the chick thing.

  4. Oh yes! Throw me in too!!!
    The chicks are darling; my grandfather used to raise chickens, and I love this time of year, when there are chicks at the farm stores!


  5. Dear Subject,

    You will need to register as a State Approved Charity if you wish to administer a "give-away" and the odds of winning may not exceed those of the People's State of Georgia Lottery.

    Our firm can help you with this matter.

    J. Whitney Benn


  6. You know, it'd be kinda nice to have a picture of a cute chick in my pad.

    I really like Yoborobo's stuffed creations. They look funky. If I were into stuffed critters, they'd probably looked fun too.

  7. They are all wonderful!

    And yes, I want to enter the contest!

  8. oh, throw my name in the hat too. i loved these when i saw them on your fb site!

  9. me me me me me
    They're adorable!

  10. Oh, yes, pretty please, can my name be in your hat? I love these new pieces!!!! And Myrna will be hopping her way to you soon! xo Pam

  11. Throw me in the drawing too! Love that chickie!

  12. I've found your gorgeous blog via Pam at yoborobo. Please please please can you add my name to your hat for your giveaway? Your artwork is so very lovely! I will look forward to returning here and following along.
    Happy Monday!

  13. Count Moi in on the drawing! I love the way little Easter looks like she's about to administer a stern lecture.

  14. I love the first picture and I definitely want in! Your work is amazing.-Becky Gomez McWhorter

  15. You know I was one of ur favorite students! I love ur chicks! Reminds me of my mother who has collected roosters, chickens and chicks her whole life. They bring a warm smile to my face.

    Katina Krass

  16. Good evening Chickory,

    Please put my name in the hat. I like the first one, the look on his face says, "you just wait, you'll see".

    I like the way the Red Pyle Rooster is strutting his stuff.

  17. dani: i am making a photobox to photograph my grown hens too. i am making one of mean dovey cooledge tomorrow - for me. *sniff*

    Ann: welcome to chickory! i will add your name to the hat with pleasure.

    boxer: thats good to know, cause i am sending the real easter home with you. she wont lay after this season much and will be.... expendable. im not ready to butcher my friends for meat.

    art. it is hard to make money. but the journey is without rival.

    troll: i will enter you gladly. however, benn, dover and coff can stick it! grrrrrherhahaha!

    Anne Huskey Lockhard: youre in! oh when the feed stores fill with the baby chicks...the wall of peep sound. yay!

    xdell: i actually have a few yoborobos...mostly calaveras and ghosty things. a chick in your pad is a very good thing. i will enter you happily!

    xl: white cats next. im sure they will just be so agreeable for being photographed. *snort* youre in!

    kathy! welcome to my blog. im glad you entered. as one of my medici's you deserve a prize. xo

    foamy: in ya go. i should have the chicks come do a dance on your back -chicken feet are used in all kinds of potions and elixirs as you know.

    sending pages: you you you! are IN my friend. good luck!

    yoborobo: see what you started!? i want somebody to be as delighted as i was last saturday morning. youre IN the hat.

    pam: chick chick chick! youre in friend!!!

    sally annie macgundy: welcome to chickory! im glad youre here. of course i will add your name to the hat. good luck to you!

    moi: and its true! Easter is my smallest chicken, but a bad ass. and the only one allowed inside. shes just a great hen! good luck to you dear moi!

    becky! welcome to my blog. its great to see you. i still see you on my freshman dorm hall raising hell. youre in like flynn!

    ms. krass: indeed you were one of my favorite students. i knew youd be a great art teacher and after looking at your blog, i was beaming with pride. youre a superstar and your students are very lucky to have you.

    karl: ha! you got that right. i will be delighted to add your name to the hat!!

  18. If I win, does it include chick feed? Love this kiddo.

  19. You love that little Easter, I know it and Easter knows it too. Do they allow chickens on planes?

  20. p.s. it's true, Easter is a bad ass. I love her.

  21. As much as I would love this, I have been incredibly blessed in Chickory Art. Others should feel the joy of looking at an K-9 original.

  22. Though my computer is not loading any images at the moment, I guess I am lucky to be able to see your text and comment box.
    I would very much like my name to be put in the hat for the draw for a photo of Easter.
    That is great news about Davonshire, this will give your art a much wider audience and I'm sure will boost sales.
    Now I am going to attempt to send you an e-mail if my server is working up to speed. xoxo ♥

  23. Well my goodness!
    Congrats on the Davonshire cntract,
    definitely get YOUR price on this as Davonshire will assuredly get theirs.

    Good thing you guaranteed an Easter chic to Boxer, otherwise I was predicting a blogger riot.

    About that Red Pyle Rooster, that boy has got some attitude showing!!!!
    (No surprise he is going to live with a like minded soul)

    If that hat isn't too full, put my name in there too!

  24. *writes in all capitals*

    H E L E N E

    *slightly ruffles and folds the paper to be sure it floats to the top of the hat* =]]

    How fun! This household could use a bit of Easter! =]

    Great news about Devonshire! May it be a long and fruitful marriage! =]

  25. Pleas put my name in that hat!

    Thank you.

  26. OK, I'm in too! These are just too cute to pass up.

    p.s. Ande, how is the studio coming? Sounds pretty exciting to me. I have had the same dream of a studio in my woods with a loft! I, too, am changing my website and will add PayPal. Any advice?

  27. Put me in please. I like chicks.

    Dook! Dook! Dook!

  28. wow

    nothing like a
    freebie to decloak
    your many blog lurkers :)

    congrats & continued success!

    × × ×


  29. Very cool blog! Please put my name in the hat, you can't have too many chicks...

  30. Well, truthfully, gal, I've been looking to do some chickenning as it is, but, not without one heck of a lot of preperation.
    There are two redtails in the area that regularly visit for a slow rabbit or a lazy dove/pigeon.
    The fox is much appreciated by me, too, as he keeps the rodents to a minimum now that the orange cats have gone to only hunting canned cat food with crunchies in the afternoon.
    Now, the vultures or sandhills about wouldn't be a bother...fact is, they don't stay but temporarily for the farm pond over yonder.
    On the other hand, those are the absolutely coolest chick pix I have ever seen!
    And look!

  31. hey! just wait a minite. there's way too many names in the hat. where's the delete button. ;)
    it really is too nice for you to do this, you know.

  32. LOL to /t :)
    I have something of you (or from you) in almost every room of my house- and anyone who has a bit of your art in their home is better for it.
    Yeahhh about the Devonshire news, I will go check out their web page :)
    Hugs friend...are you loving this goregous weather or what??? me too! :)

  33. Which picture is Ethyl?
    WHY did you name a chicken Ethyl?
    Did she have the personality of Lucy's sidekick?


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