In Like a Lion



this time, i was ready
i perched the old grey mare
at the top of the driveway
ready for my get-a-way
in case of a chocolate emergency
or a cut paw

the snow this time was
individuals dropped heavy with water
branches cracked and echoed through the forest
and a big limb dropped just as i turned off the video camera

trout dug up a mole
and i startled a huge grey heron
saw raccoon tracks on the creek bed
and started a new painting
lost power
cleaned the chicken coop
and had tomato soup in a coffee mug

trout and i played rough
i kicked snow at her
she nipped my glove
a formation of crows
called in approval
i saw the black and white dog again
trout wont let me meet him
she runs him off the place every time he tries
he watches us from the road
i think he is lonely and scared
i'd like to pet him
and offer him something to eat
but he cant stay
i guess it is how it should be
another exercise in country hardening up

tonight i am safe in the little pumpkin
the news is a joke
diane sawyer is too light and the reporting
too lame
the real story is never told
i'll switch to 804
the 70's music channel
steely dan, america, led zepplin and
tv theme songs
"we finally got a piece of the pie"

tomorrow the snow may melt
and the sun may reappear
by the weekend it will be in the 60's
i have loved the winter lion
but my seeds crave
the spring lamb


  1. Is the orange thing underwater a koi?

  2. no, that would be the rare north georgia vermillion trout.

  3. I can't take the thought of a dog without a home. I SEE it every day, but that doesn't mean I can take it.

  4. Hardening up is tough work. I have to say, I'm not too fond of it. :) You are an amazing artist and writer. xox Pam

  5. Beautiful imagery; poetry about a poetic life. I feel for the doggy; but Trout has the territory. How's the new pup?

  6. because I've had the honor of being where you are, I'll only say,

    I hope it was a good day for you.


    (the dog breaks my heart too.)

  7. Love, love, love your plan ahead activities in case of chocolate emergencies while restating the need to "country up" about the stray dog.
    I think, like your Mother Nature, you too are part Lion and part Lamb.

  8. rubyandelmer3/03/2010 8:21 AM

    got'cha some whiskey an' Rye?

  9. Is there anything better than tomatoe soup on a winter day? I think not. I hope you will share the painting that you started.

  10. moi: it is very difficult. there are lots of strays; lots of feral cats; abandoned roosters. and the papers are full of giveaway horses....some people are having difficulty feeding and caring for them. and not just animals. people are living at the state parks over by lake blue ridge.

    yoborobo: neither am i. i look at it as training...for a few years from now. i am about to leave for my walk..i wonder if i will see black and white today?

    pam: i think trout has already had her space invaded by koby. speaking of which, my week wit koby is next week. mr chickory has her this week. this entire place is a living poem. sounds corny, but its real.

    boxer: even the sad days are good days. every day sacred. (thats the goal; sometimes a re-adjustment of attitude is required)

    fishy: what a fine and cherished compliment. i thank you.

    ruby and elmer: in Lent? no way.

  11. rubyandelmer3/03/2010 10:50 AM

    Lent? Whas' that?

    "an I asked her for some happy news
    but she just smiled and turned away"

  12. ahhh, spring

    and can bbq be far behind

    (lamb of spring beware -- grrherhaha)

    beautifully written, c -- you are so talented in so many ways

    <3 to chickory!

    × × ×


  13. What a beautiful, refreshing, new,


    Stay in the same place.
    And many will visit.



  14. Fishy is right; Lion and Lamb. That's Chickory. :-)

  15. Very beautiful, sad and redeeming at the same time. You are a wonderful photographer and chronicler.
    Kobi is just precious.
    Looking forward to your new painting. (If possible, an in-progress peek would be exciting.)

  16. what a treasure your chickory place is.
    this is beautifully written.

  17. Beautifully written sweet girl,your talents are amazing and many...
    A glimpse into life at chickory, a place to treasure, no wonder that black and white dog looks on with hope, he sees a place of love and wants to belong.
    Nice to be able to shut out the madness of the rest of the world, you can screen out the news you dont wish to hear and choose the music you wish to hear,either on the radio or the music of the forest, safe in your pumpkin house, I would stock up on chocolate as I would never want to leave... xoxo ♡

  18. buzz: no there isnt. and i made mine from scratch. mmmmm mmmm good. I'll show the painting next

    /t: thanks! lambe flambe! nobody bbq's like you.

    ardlair: how tender of you. i just fell out of my chair! thank you; i do hope to stay in this place. less futile here. how goes it with E?

    boxer: lion lamb....hens...

    nina: thank you. the sorrows and the beauties...they are always in concert. i will post the painting in progress later today

    foamy: thanks so much. hows the back? what would you do without the internet? when i was in my neck brace post surgery i would have died of boredom without it.

    dianne: i am so fortunate to be able to shut out noise. that is probably the #1 gripe about the city. that and the incivility; hostility on the and white dog is gone i guess, i looked for him yesterday on my walk. sad about it.

  19. blessed,

    journeying into the absolute wonder of this moment -
    laughing good
    crying good
    the miracle of the falcon
    the puddle on the side of the road
    the full moon rising golden above the mountains, like a coin being slithered into a money box.
    an infinity of things to be amazed and moved by
    everywhere but the mind, does this intelligence reveal its beauty sublime.
    how lucky are we to be sharing this journey where we are dream, dreamt and dreamer simultaneously.

  20. Good writing. Makes one think. Mostly about the black-and-white dog.

  21. Um, could I borrow Trout for a couple of days? We got moles all over the backyard. I wouldn't mind one or two, but they got more tracks here than at Penn Station. Even that would be tolerable, but now the damn critters are posting timetables and setting up a Starbucks at the back gate.

  22. su: gorgeous prose, as always. Your visits are a treasure.

    troll: i know. and i looked for him yesterday, but i think he has moved on. im bothered by it, but i know he is but one of many -one i happen to have seen. Im a bit worried about the gang of roosters on their own as well.

    xdell: remember that video i made of the mole last year? I am always astounded by their digging ability. you let them go and 3 seconds later you cant find them. even in frozen ground. little buggers!


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