Lenten Roses




  1. did you grow these or purchase them, sugar? goofy me, i know, but i JUST discovered this flower! xoxo

  2. Good morning, Sweet Chickory.

    The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Good afternoon Chickory,


  4. Beautiful! Too cold here for anything to be blooming, so I'll enjoy them vicariously. Last night brought another 3 inches of snow, bringing our total for the year here at the house to two feet.

  5. utterly vermeer,

    × × ×


  6. Very nice photo. Are the flowers for he demise of K9?

  7. I am sad. The flowers look sad too.

  8. The flowers are lovely, from your garden ... have they flowered again this year or is there too much snow?

    I am still waiting for my hellebores orientalis to flower once more, maybe in Winter. xo ♥

  9. Azay on the wall. Is that where K9 went?

  10. Chickory sweet girl, I have just tried to visit your sparring K9 blogspot to view your Mute Monday post and the blog is no longer there.
    I do hope everything is all OK with you?
    I noticed there was a critical comment about the format of your blog from some rude and insensitive person on your 'haiku thursday furniture' post, please don't let people like this get to you ... they are not worth it.

    You have been my protector for some time now and guided me with your good advice and kindness out of the darkness into the light, you are such a sensitive soul yourself, now I am looking out for you ... so please don't let people like that hurt you, they are not worthy of your friendship and I would not give them the time of day.

    Thinking of you dear friend, love Dianne. xo ♡

  11. savannah: welcome, sugar. now i would imagine that the lenten rose would be a staple of the early spring borders in savannah. you should plant a few -they are very hardy and are the first non-bulb blooms i have each year. as their name implies, they bloom in the lenten season. they come in several colors, there is a pink and a buttery pale yellow that i like too. i have never seen them available for purchase in a flower market.

    boxer: the sweet to temper the sorrow.

    karl: thank you. they are so fresh and green - they promise an end to winter.

    moi: and they are actually behind a bit due to our own unusually cold winter. little snowdrops were peeking up through the ground last week but the snow crushed them...i hop some will be back.

    /t: indeed. the quiet interior. I was blown away by your winter walkabout and will link it on my sidebar as a must see. oh you had me on those curves last night.

    buzz kill: i suppose in a manner of speaking that could be the case; i am simply overwhelmed and something had to give. i picked out my favorite 10 k9 poems and saved them; but it was a season never meant to last as long as it did..

    xl: and you met him too late. four years ago he started as a bad dog, leaving steaming hot browns in peoples com boxes. i suspect when certain things must be said, the big dog will appear, but his kennel is closed for good.

    dianne: they are a cool weather flower. i have seen them push through the snow..but i do not have very many this year.

    shamu: i am planning a large painting of them.

    anon: seems a fitting place for a former crusader to return, doesnt it?

    dianne: you sweet girl. if anybody on your page needs a good rotty thrashing, i assure you the big dog will appear. but his own page was long overdue for goodbye. dont be too hard on ardliar, his observations were correct. he remembers a time when that blog hosted some spectacular dogfights and he missed them. but as i told buzz, that was a season and its over. K9 said all he could and now its time to move into a different space more indicative of this time. actually, i feel a bit of Freya about to manifest. you have not met the cool danish flip side to K9, but you might. i appreciate your words very much. xoxox

  12. As long as you are OK sweet girl, that is all that I am concerned about ... I am sorry to see your blog go, I didn't want to think that you closed it because of a comment ... but as you say there are more sides to K9 that I have not yet seen and you will no doubt manifest into some other wonderful character ... nothing you do would surprise me, I am in awe of your many talents. xoxoxo ♡

  13. Chickie-Chick-Chick: So sorry to hear about that sparring K9 fella. What is going to happen to the swinging poodle dress? I hope it finds a good home. I'm feeling a spreading of the "simplify your life" theme going on among both my human and cyber friends. I'm telling everyone to turn off the news. We get enough through osmosis to know what is going on in the world. I'm glad to know the forest is still here and Chickory is thriving.

  14. They're beautiful! I must find some for myself now.

  15. Hi Chickory! Just stopping by to give you a hug - such gorgeous flowers. I am all for simplifying my life, and I often consider getting rid of all of it (facebook, etsy, email, all the bla bla bla places). I would keep my blog, though, because I have met some wonderful people. Besides, when I move to that remote cabin with my dogs (okay and my cats, too), I might need some form of communication. LOL! Hang tough, my friend! xoxo

  16. I'm going to see if these Lenten Roses will grow in the PNW. I think I love them. :-)


  17. my favorite harbinger of Spring!!! The Lenten Rose. oh, thank you.

  18. I for one will miss K9 beyond words. Then again, as you say, all that could be said, was. There comes a point when no more words are the only thing that will do and for a window to open, a door must close. Still, I do believe I will pout just a little while longer . . .

  19. to Moi; I'm sure there's a Facebook page just for this? "Those pouting over the end of K9's Reign" Let's all join.

  20. Freya, my first choice,
    it's time to leave Valhalla
    and hunt stag and boar.

    Freya, speak to ghosts!
    In the machines, Disraeli
    gears up for the hunt.

  21. Freya, sing and cry!
    Drive your ships to new lands. End
    your haunted silence.

  22. Robert Plant2/23/2010 5:38 PM

    Baby, you need cooooolin.
    Mama, I ain't foooolin.
    I'm gonna send ya
    back to Schoooolin.

  23. Simple elegance is always the best.

  24. you did get rid of my favorite rottie didn't you?
    oh well, i know he's part of who you are so he's never far then. but i miss seeing that lovable nannie killing look visage. couldn't you at least put up a R.I.L. (rest in limbo) side photo?
    these flowers are something else. they are beautiful.
    my father in law has them growing this time of the year too.

  25. in a vase of clean clear water
    i continue to breathe
    and inspire.

  26. What, the Cruel Virgin makes an appearance and not a peep from you?

  27. Missing that rottie

  28. thanks, everyone for your comments. much appreciated. xo

  29. Good thing you're not giving up roses for Lent.

    I didn't know you guys got that much snow. Trout looked cold to me. Then I realized, Trout isn't wearing any clothes.

  30. Ah, yes: Rottie, not Rotty

    Point anonimously taken, Sherlock...

    Sincerely, Dr. piktor Watson

  31. Er ...........
    Been away for a bit, what happened in the dogyard?
    Beautiful lenten roses, do they grow wild in your forest?
    Stop in at the pond when you get a moment.

  32. Hey chickory! Come visit me on Weds, I am having a blog giveaway, and there is a link on my blog now to Mariann's print giveaway! I think this is how I am dealing with winter...it's like gambling...only I don't lose my shirt. LOL! Thinking of you - xox


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