Meet me in the Forest Tonight


and we shall dance by pale moonlight. -for dianne


  1. I've a feeling that Buck may be a shady character...

  2. dag! you saw his government name tag.

  3. shades
    of rousseau(!)

    another beauty, c

    lucky dianne

    × × ×


  4. you know what, 't?

    its a big ol rip of Rousseau as you ascertained. its a riff on "carnival night"

    good eye, my good man!

  5. My name is Buck and I'm here in the pale moonlight. Bwahahaha

    It's very nice. I looked up Carnival Night and I don't think you're violating any copyrights. Is there any back-story to this?

  6. not a rip,
    but homage to henri,
    and a beautiful gift to dianne


  7. buzz: a story? other than my children have antlers? LOL. i guess the story is the delight in spotting a big buck in the last light of the day. its rare. i see does all the time, but not the bucks. and in some way it addresses native american ideas of totem animals whose appearance are to direct your attention in some way. also, i was looking for antler sheds as i walked lately -easier to find in the winter. i didnt find any this year.

    /t: seems an image fitting for the lady, does it not? thank you /t!

  8. What a marvelous night for a Moondance .... love this. Beautiful! My favorite from you I do believe! Love everything about it. muy romantic!

  9. Oh! Lovely. Dianne is one lucky grrrl.

  10. stunning! dianne will love it! i love it.

  11. Oh! Thank you chickory my dear friend it is so beautiful, I love it and you are so kind to me and such a wonderful and creative artist. ♡
    I love the night sky, the stars,the clouds, the skeletons of trees, the mist, the carpet of autumn/fall leaves on the forest floor ... I don't need a 'young' buck, but I will happily dance by the pale moonlight with the Spirit of the Forest. xo ♡

  12. Beautiful! And I love the space, the way my eye moves directly down and through the painting.

  13. pam: thank you! i love the stars through the trees

    faery: thank you. are you over run with olympics visitors?

    foamy: thank you. i hope youre feeling better.

    dianne: grherhahaha i wasnt saying you were looking for a young buck. this is just my idea of romantic poetry, a bookend to your poems.

    moi: well, i mean, rousseau does deserve the credit there. im glad you like sure you cant relate to living under such heavy canopy - you of the big sky. i would like to see that again.

  14. I knew that dear chickory, :)
    I knew you were being poetic ... and again I thank you for such a lovely
    post ... xo ♡

  15. I had not seen the painting by Rousseau,yes,it has mist and forest and trees and a girl with a clown, you could see that in many is lovely but I prefer yours.
    May I also say that most of your art is finer and more beautiful than that of both Rousseau and Chagall... and I do have an eye for beauty. xo ♡

  16. let us meet in the woods
    and dance upon the fallen leaves
    and when we in completeness
    choose to rest
    allow me to place my head
    upon your soft belly
    and gaze up at the intelligence
    of stars
    as they display their awareness
    to us
    in the beauty
    of the dance.

  17. Wonderful painting.
    What size is it?
    Is it for sale?

    Thanks for commenting on my blog...
    Hope you are well.

  18. I love the mix of human and animal, in the woods, under the stars. *sigh* It's perfect.

  19. Gorgeous! And a thoughtful gift for a dear-hearted lady. :)

  20. That is gorgeous! Great job!

  21. Please look for me tonight
    in my dress of lace and white
    we will dance under stars
    and the pale moonlight
    take my hand and lead me there
    to the place where we belong
    'midst the shadows of the trees
    and cool mist, the forest air
    hold me gently in your arms
    I have waited for so long
    our music shall be the forest's whispered song
    we will dance around the trees
    on a floor of softest leaves
    and see the beauty of our dream
    'til the morning comes ... ♡

  22. oh Chickory... I die for this. I'd love to have this with just trees in the moonlight stars. just sayin... :)

  23. ! Best, turey.

  24. Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

    Can someone help me find it?

    Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

    Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.



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