Woman with a Red Hen


I am going to be in a group show that opens at the Swan Coach House Gallery next thursday called "Little Things Mean a Lot". its one of my all time favorite shows: everything has to be smaller than 8x8". There are lots of artists in it so you get to see many styles and framing approaches. i found this vintage frame in a junk shop and snapped it up. boy i wish i could find more of them because they are so charming.

i may just keep this little piece though. the look on the womans face is the mix of resolve and survivorship i feel while looking out towards the storm. the storm i believe we are in. the way she holds that hen is a metaphor for how i hold on to chickory like my life depends on it. because it does. i also really like the fine red halo i outlined her hair with. im going to have to remember that little trick cause it works so well. you know, when i make a work of art; they are all for me. are all ya'll like that too?

today is a beautiful crisp day. i am going to treat myself to a ride to town in the old gray truck.


  1. she's
    beauty & strength, c

    and far out framing, too :)

    good luck & looking forward to show report

    × × ×


  2. I love it and the frame and think it would sell, but would also look great in your life too.

  3. my Chickory video will be up tomorrow.

  4. Sure, we're like that. The red halo is wonderful AND so are your skin tones and reflections. Muy bein!

  5. I love this piece and that frame is PERFECT! Of course you want to keep it. I would, too :o)

  6. Or you could give it to me and I would take VERY good care of it. LOL!!! It's stunning, and the frame is perfect. You should keep it, if it is calling to you like that. Or give it to me. hahahaha!

  7. I get the want to keep it sentiment but in terms of money, would selling it be worth the parting? I too like the red halo technique. Keep your grip on Chickory girl, it is your safe place in the rough seas.

  8. /t: i love these old plastic frames. they are a weird old timey plastic though. thanks, 't.

    boxer: its hard in these little piece shows. cause its still a lot of work even though not much surface. the painting is 3x4"! video tomorrow? be sure to photoshop me ;-)

    nina: thank you! i knew you did because ive seen it. i always think of your painting of you in your boots with the pack. yeah -the red halo. mmmmm hmmmm

    moi: i know. its so me! but im spossed to let them go. i will make myself a little print of it but i can never find a frame as good again. i love when i already have the frames and i make the piece to fit.

    yoborobo! hahaha! you are so funny. i will make you a little copy too.

    fishy: no, youre right. i will never get my shed if i dont sell the work. i wont make much on it though. pitiful. thanks fishy!

  9. indeed, she is a protective of her charge ...
    i love the yellow in the background ..
    almost looks like the texture of gold leaf in this photo.
    and, of course, the frame is awesome.

  10. I just wanted to say hello. I am a new follower...found you through another blog.

    Love Blue Ridge. Love birds. Really loving your work.

    Next time we are up that way maybe I can find if you sell your work in any of the shops.

  11. oh, K9! I die for this frame. I die. and your woman and red hen suit it perfectly. Right now, I die.

  12. The painting is truly beautiful, it is a metaphor for you dear girl, how you hold on firmly but gently to chickory and the ones around you that you love.
    The red aura is simply beautiful and I also love the frame, I hope you can find some more like it. xo ♡

  13. it's up and I kept my promise. :-)

    you look CUTE!

  14. Next time we hears of some woman up in the woods who done keeps a barn full o' cats, or geese, or rabbits, an the folks all round call her the crazy rabbit lady, Chickory readers will know jes' how it could have happened that a wunnerful sweet lady went out to feed ONE WEE WABBIT one sunny day-- an' years an' years later the school chillen's snicker when they pass her place, "LOOKY! Thar yonder is the crazy ole rabbit lady".

    Reckon we'uns will all unnerstand Perfectly!

    love that chicken lady wif' the red hair.

  15. foamy: yellow overlaying ochre. works pretty well!

    lindsay: welcome, welcome! please find me in blue ridge id love to meet you. i will be working at little g's in cherry log this spring.

    kym: dont die! but yeah. that frame is killer. i wish i could make a mold or something and make a bunch more. it really makes the painting.

    boxer: you are the best. and thank you friend. too bad we didnt get any good shots of our autumn feast meal. i just got a detailed step by step from wayne on growing lettuce and carrots through the winter. yay!

    aunty: bock bock bock im sure i dont bock bock know bock what you bock bock mean. lol.


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