afternoon snack



  1. I love our chickens. They really do ROCK!

  2. They are adorable. Cluck cluck.

  3. Okay .... I've gotten the chicken update but what is the current status of Trout's injuries and eyes?
    Where are the Greeen eggs from PJ?

  4. dani: they do. but i have to stop with the chicken posts. there is more to life. (right?)

    yoborobo: boy you should hear the "egg songs" owwww my ears are bleeding. :-)

    Fishy: i have had trout on prednisone acetate drops for two weeks. her eyes are back to normal. JUST LIKE I THOUGHT 7 MONTHS AGO. she doesnt have glaucoma. i never believed it. im going to start weaning her off the meds and have the pressure tested every two days. meanwhile, WHAT is making trouts eyes bulge? its here, in the forest. it doesnt happen in the city.

    on the foot? two rounds of sutures didnt hold. now its just granulating in. she wears a boot outside and while in i allow it to be open. i am using a product called smart silver as my antibacterial to great success. its getting better.

    thanks for asking!

    eggs photos to come. i gave a bunch away and scrambled some so i am waiting until i have a nice clutch with a variety of colors and shapes.

  5. Good news about your climbing trout!
    So glad things are better. Come on by the Pond.

  6. endless chicken posts make me happpy. I love the slow mo is that Wren jumping up? Or Easter?

    I can hear the creek. *sigh*

  7. chick chick chick chick. Not quite a cluck is it? I received e-mail this week from a man wanting to reinstate cockfighting in the legal system. Can you believe?

  8. Yes, there's more to life, but who cares when you got chickens!

  9. Good morning Chichory,

    I hope you are serving that green egg with green ham;)

  10. I want chickens! don't see that happening for a while. We live in a duplex with my in-laws, and they don't believe collapse is happening yet... although my sister-in-law just lost her job, and the neighbors, etc. etc.
    God help us.
    And chickens.

  11. I want chickens too!
    I've seen some wandering in and out of barns around the region, fabulous things, multicolored like your paintings, each feather different. In the Southeastern Fair they'd have won prizes.
    I can't get the photo to download. Can you point me to it somewhere? Thanks.

  12. Wait, it showed up. Precious. Beloveds.

  13. hey ..
    post all the chicken posts you want ..
    i love 'em..
    they make a sweet noise, don't they? .. lol ..

  14. Oh they are all so sweet and have beautifully marked feathers, please keep posting pics and videos we won't grow tired of them.
    Was that Easter jumping in the air in slo mo and is that Peggy Jean here at the beginning with her fluffy little ear muffs?
    Pleased to hear that Trout's eyes are better, just like you said, it wasn't glaucoma ar all.
    When did she hurt her foot? Hope it heals quickly. xo ♡


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