Friday the 13th


Ida's rain brought a cool palette and a preview to winter.

After the rain i had a small pond in the valley of satellite dish.

The soaked earth was to the delight of both hound and hen.

The hens are laying because it is still mild in temperature; but soon they will have to stop and concentrate on keeping warm. How about those green eggs from miss Peggy Jean? Now i can serve my guests green eggs and ham. (maybe skip the ham)

The sun came back yesterday and set behind the tree line of Cashes Valley. Early tuesday morning, there will be a meteor shower and i will be back for that. Today, i am driving to the ATL to throw some TLC on V.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the one with the cattle. :) What a pretty place you live in. Have a great weekend!! xox Pam

  2. and he would derseve it.

    enjoy your weekend. Those eggs are beautiful. I've never seen green eggs. What a color.


  3. beautiful photos ...

    I had actually forgotten completely about receiving a 15 things package from you. Poor B. Shamu must wait just a little longer for her package to arrive with love & care from this little village. My cowboy is leaving Monday for 3 weeks on a previously planned 4000k raod trip with his brown hound. I have 3 weeks to get La Shit together. Wink. xo from les Girls Piper Belle & Winnie Dixon

  4. You better check those green eggs. here may be gold in them. Pretty country you live in.

  5. amazing photos. I love #1 especially... highly evocative

  6. green eggs...

    are you serious(?)
    they're pretty, but the color
    would put me off wanting to eat them

    have a great w/e

    × × ×


  7. I love those colors for eggs. Hey have you seen this site?

    Awesome chicken pictures of some wild looking chickens. Please someone get a Bantam Splash Cochin Pullet. PLEASE?????

  8. Surely that is the name for a great song:

    Going to the A-T-L
    to put some
    on the

    Have I read "V" is a musician? You do the lyrics he does the music?

    The variation in the size and coloration of the eggs from your
    "shitresses" is very interesting. Do the eggs all taste the same?

    On the photography,
    I think picture #2 needs to be printed and framed , maybe sold from the market truck... it is sooooo much more than a full loblolly.

  9. i'm a lovin' all the photos .. :)

  10. My goodness, those eggs are beautiful. Last year, a friend of ours – the Louisiana gal I told you about – came to visit and brought me two dozen eggs from her bevy of a bazillion hens and they were all that marvelous shade of green. I hated to bust them, but they were so DELICIOUS!

    Have fun with da Big Dog!

  11. has ya as't if them eggs is real colors--mebbe they's special to Chickory?

  12. Love the photos what a wonderful place to live, so beautiful...yes I'm sure there were plenty of juicy snacks to peck at on the wet forest floor.

    Those eggs are such a lovely soft colour, I have never seen them like that before.

    How lovely the sunshine looks peeking through the treeline, are those cows and bull yours?

    Enjoy your weekend sweet girl and have fun spoiling V, I'm sure he will appreciate having you there.♡

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  14. Amazing photos, especially #2, how did you get that? The cattle on the west coast appear smaller than the beefy cattle I saw last time I was east. I'm wondering if the eastern cattle are given BGH in the feed?
    Drive safe.

  15. Beautiful photos! The last one reminds me of my family's farm in Hood River, looks exactly the same!

  16. K9, I know that brown eggs come from brown chickens and white eggs from white chickens. What explains the green hue and what colour is THAT chicken?

  17. yoborobo: i like the cattle too. they live up the street. i just love that valley - my place is under heavy canopy and i dont get that big sky effect -even in my field the ring of trees makes a high horizon.

    boxer: me either! and i didnt think i had a colored egg breed.

    susan: grherhahaha i take some latitude knowing you are late. however, what i have made for you is very for you and it takes time. i cant open alice's package until you get yours. soon. real soon.

    buzz: there is gold in them: the most brilliant yolk you ever saw. thank you it is a pretty land.

    publius: its my favorite too. the happy accident of the muted background. digital makes everything better -you can take lots of shots and find a good one now and then. you couldnt do that with film too expensive.

    /t: i understand. when i first found it i thought "what the hell has gone wrong here?" then there was one the next day...

    shamu: yes i ordered these hens from there! only Easter is from the feed and seed. you may recall i had the misfortune of Avila dying and the rest being roosters. yeah those splashes are....splashy!

    fishy: you are too kind. that photo reminds me of a famous Escher of trees reflected in a puddle. the shitresses : HA you remember. V will be very dismayed to find that they have started hanging out on the deck of the cabin. V doesnt like my lyrics. ive given him some hit songs and he wont record them.

    foamy: yay! thank you

    moi: they do taste good. even though i see them eat worms and termites/

    aunty: hmmm thats an interesting theory. i will have to research that.

    dianne: V is in a very stressful place so i just try and be very sweet and calm. those cows arent mine-i really dont have enough property for a hooved animal -maybe a goat or two. someday.

    thanks anon

    nina: i dont know about the cattle. but ive found people to do all organic meats in various counties. i found people raising heritage turkeys but the waiting list for a thanksgiving turkey is 2 years. hpw did i get that shot? the forest presented it i only pointed and shot.

    lori: i bet that was beautiful. you speak about your former home a lot. wish you could get back there?

    la diva cucina: welcome! peggy jean is a pale blonde belgium antwerp. i did not expect colored eggs with this breed. her legs are a gray green so maybe that is the connection.

    hope you all had a lovely weekend.

  18. Yes, it was a lovely farm and a great place for to come back to, a haven. But it was a lot of work for my parents as they got older. It's easy for me to romanticize it because I didn't have to manage it!

  19. a fella I met said they had chickens too--an tryin' to get in the kitchen door of his house meant playin' hopscotch to keep yore feet outa the chicken poop.

    I jes' smiled....din't tell him we all knows a Chickory who has them chickens COME IN to the kitchen--an' not in a fryin' pan, but to perch.

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  21. <3 How did that hen get to be that pretty? Everything is so lovely.

    <3 I've never seen green eggs before. We do have red eggs here tho'...

  22. Chicory,
    We had seemingly got stuck in a perpetual winter.
    And then two days ago Hell appeared.
    Temperatures in the 40's - no warning - and the earth baking.
    The crops wilting.
    As within as without.
    Ventured to your page, and drank in the liquid coolness.
    What a balm.
    Those green eggs are beautiful as are the "ordinary' one's.
    A friend of mine in the UK says there is a breed of hens that lay mufti coloured eggs. A marvellous pallette of potential.

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