Happy Poultry Appreciation Day






i wish you all a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I think they are safe today, but not a turkey in sight! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, I promise to keep the kitties away from your chickies.

  2. is that my little Easter? So nice to see them out in their favorite place.

    xoxoxox. Happy Day.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the chickies!

    Oh Hai Boxer!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Chickory! Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  5. Happy Poultry Appreciation Day!! I hope you got the day off. Good to see all the girls, even their cute little tail feathers.


  6. that last photo is really amazing .. :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, chickory! I hope you and the little chicks have a wonderful poultry-free day! :) xoxo Pam

  8. I have a video up that's just for you..................

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey Pup!! Happy Birthday!!

    Hope yores is a chocolate one. Heh (consult wif' Shamu on that)

    Did yore chicks have a nervous breakdown when they seen a bird carcass on the table?

    Have a terrific weekend sweet chile'.

  11. Technically, I'm late...but then, I never stop giving thanks for friends.


    Hope your holiday was wonderful!

    (how did the art salon show turn out?)

  12. I shall not gaze at the beauty of your birds, today.
    Perhaps later next month, and many apologies I lay
    at the feet of those fine birds of yours
    Playing and enjoying the fine outdoors!
    The apologies are but written in chalk;
    you see, I'm every bit as bad as that hawk.
    I dislike the taste of (white or dark) turkey meat.
    For thanks giving I cooked chicken to eat.

    Took it to a widows house and with wine
    sat and ate the bird's thighs, (used a favorite recipe of mine)
    and squash pie and shrimp, and a few cookies, too.
    That is why the apologies to you.

    Oh not YOU, Chickory, I'm still running swiftly.
    Sure that the Rottie will find boneman quite tasty!
    But the beautiful birds you have raised from chicks?
    My eyes would fill with tears if I even looked, so, nix...
    Maybe next month, before the holidays
    before I buy BBQ sauce and mayonaise.

  13. Hello, I'm new here! Happy Birthday!

  14. pam: i hope you had a great Thanksgiving. did your FB teams win?

    boxer: indeed that is she. isnt she wonderful? she is such a tiny little thing. the french hens are getting bolder now and bossing her a bit -she might be losing her top hen status. i dont like it but i cant do anything about the pecking order.

    xl: thank you! hope your cranberry surprise turned out great. grherhaha!

    dani: i hope yours was too. did ollie enjoy his first Thanksgiving?

    shamy: thanks! everybody had a good day. i served the green beans and squash i froe from this summers garden. and the sweet potatoes i grew. they were the best. How was yours?

  15. aunty: oh there was chocolate. from the grocery store. when i was a wee newlywed the V would bake me a cake. thats over now. grherha. but it was fine. thanks for the sweet wish.

    jean: hey stranger. well, the salon wasnt too bad. i heard the new brewery in town was looking for rooster paintings so i went over there and showed him a few of mine...he bought one so my saturday turned out pretty good...i had a few little sales. how goes your shop? and, happy belated thanksgiving.

    bdb: you know, that is one of your best poems ever. very tender and funny and with a good flow. i loved it. thank you. ...for a minute there i thought you were talking about the widows thighs....grherha

    making space: well welcome aboard! i hope you like chickens. grherhaha...no i think i will get OFF this chicken centricity soon.

  16. It was an excellent Thanksgiving, thanks. I thought for sure you would have made some sort of beet-cranberry relish...hahahahahhahahah. I love that you used your own foodstuffs. I did use parsley from my own herb garden. That's great about the sale of your artwork. CHICKENS RULE! At least that's what Dani tells me.

  17. Lovely photos of your 'girls' chickory dear, I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving day. xo ♥

  18. I'm a free range chicken.
    I do what I want.
    I'm a free range chicken.
    I go where I want.

    I peck a little here.
    I peck a little there.
    I'm a free range chicken.
    That's what I'm doing here.

    – T.S. Bogorad

  19. Hope you had a great holiday! Love the photos!

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  21. Just thinkin' about yah girlfriend. (Hugs)

  22. Hey there K9! Just wanted to remind you that I'm doing my culinary throwdown for Dec. 9 if you want to participate!

    Click here for info

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Poultry
    Appreciation Day?

    T h a n k s g i v i n g !


    (some fine pics)

    × × ×


  24. Gracious Pup--when is ya comin' up fer air?

  25. Merry Christmas to you and the chickies!

  26. I just love the shot with all their butts up in the air!


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