the poster chicken for the age of anxiety


  1. I gotta ask - why is she the poster chicken for the age of anxiety?

    There is a chicken swap in Jasper next weekend - not suggesting your swap Wren, but it might be a good market for your chicken cards. You can check it out on Backyard Chickens forum.

  2. well, your finely feathered friend does look the part, I'll give you that!
    the beard strutting out from the center to left and right...the red sparks inside the tans...wow.

    Cool chicken!

  3. She is gorgeous. Such a sensitive soul. She may be tuning into how horrible it is for so many of her species and will never completely shake the idea that too could be her fate. Remedy: compassion. Talk to her.

  4. kristen: its just that chickens are very nervous bunch as a prey animal would be. i suppose part of it is that the way their beaks are situated they appear to frown a bit. and she just looks worried. maybe because there is always a hawk about.

    are you going to the swap in jasper? i am always a bit nervous about introducing any new bird into my flock. i always start with 2 day olds. ive never had a chicken disease (knock on wood)

    i do love chicken shows though! good to see ya Kristen.

    boney: funny those little beards. wren is one of my more sociable hens. she will jump in my lap for attention. what is really cool about her is how well she blends into the forest floor.

    nina: isnt she? thank you so much. Wren is at the bottom of the pecking order of six hens. thats good advice youve given: i will be sure to tell her she will always protect her and expect only an egg now and then (if she feels like it)

    i do love my girls - each one of them has a distinct personality. its funny -some like blueberries, some dont. all love vermicelli but only some will take banana. some fly more, others tend to run. some are talkative, others quiet.

    keeping chickens has been a delight. when i ever get that shed together i am going to build also a bigger run for them out by the garden. hopefully by spring.

  5. 'wren'

    is that the
    chicken's name?

    i think a good name
    for a chicken is 'sanders'

    × × ×


  6. I plan to be at the swap - won't have any birds there, and don't plan to bring any more home (famous last words), but it is a great place to pick up information and see different kinds of birds, and I'm trying to convince a friend and my cousin to set up a table with crafts to sell. Hopefully the weather will be much like it was today.

    I understand your point on her being prey - mine just don't show much fear - I've seen them go beak to nose with the dogs for treats

  7. /t: when she was a little pullet she had the markings of a wren! sanders! no. /t, NO! ;-)

    kristen: they love my dog too. they all compete for food. sometimes the hens will administer a "correction" on ol Trouter's nose. LOL. but -they are skittish because hawks land on their protective chicken dome where they free range and so they are a bit uptight. you know i lost my older hens to hawks this spring.

    maybe i will come to the show! i have a guest for the weekend but we might can work it in.

  8. I think little Wren is a beauty. Sure, she looks a little nervous, but hell, so do I. hahah! It's the times we live in. And for her, hawks. :)

  9. hey! that's my teacher look! well the beak part anyway ..
    if those eyes looked a bit more stern it definitely would be right on.

  10. Hi A,
    I came across a blog from Vermont that I thought you might enjoy. Here is a post about training dogs to guard chickens, not eat 'em.
    Cary (can't remember my blogger acct info)

  11. I love our Antwerps! Beautiful as all get out!
    My Vera is the low girl on the pecking order too. :(

  12. She looks like a float on the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Much better than WonderDog.

  13. yobo: now that halloween is over, do you feel a bit let down? a little bit of blues? well at least we are still a bit in it: today is all souls day. wren: she has the coolest worry trill.

    foamy: then you are Easter! easter is the school marm of the flock. the smallest, and the baddest. LOL

    cary! good to see you. are you home? well trout while isnt exactly a protector she is benevolent. the chicks will fly to her if they are startled though. i love that. ive gotta get video of it but it can be manufactured.

    dani: the antwerps are like birds more than chickens. i have barred rocks. THOSE are chickens! solid and very "french" looking. at first i didnt like them that much. now, i adore them. i think id like to get an auracana but they dont come in bantam.

    shamy: LOL that shot is kinda macys thanksgiving day parade isnt it.

  14. She is so beautiful with those big eyes,I like her name...nice that she jumps in your lap for extra attention...
    Is that neck plumage a characteristic of the breed, or is she wearing her high neck Queen Elizabeth 1, fancy frilled ruff collar... so cute...and very regal all she needs is a crown. :) ♡

  15. Well then - based on some of the comments above - you may be interested in my ad from Craigslist:

    "Interested in same room chicken swap. If things cluck, some mutual basting may be involved. Prefer your coop to a public pen, as I am a little short on breading."

  16. your chicken should meet one of my Chihuahuas. Or better yet, for the full anxiety mixture, breed them together.

    (Great picture)

    3 days!!!!!

  17. I could definitely groove on coming back as a chicken if I could be that purdy.

  18. dianne: yes that plumage is specific (i think -dani?) to belgium antwerps. (V calls them the "twerps") its like little ear muffs in a way. peggy jean's are more fluffy than wrens. i think i will make them little crowns for christmas ;-)....you know, ive got to get a few leg bands. i need to identify who is who among the barred rocks. off to the feed and seed today!

    puerileuwaite" LOL!! you know, mutual basting just doesnt sound as fun as thanksgiving day to me. i too happen to be a bit short on the breading front. lets just chill and grill. where have you been?

    boxer: oh no. the chihuahuas would say "finally a ground bird we can tear up. yay!" chihuahuas are vicious monsters LOL

    moi: you would be a "modern" if you were a chicken. look it up youll see what i mean. and, when are you going to start your flock? dont you think the dogs would figure it out that they are part of the family?

  19. Bwahahahahaha! From www.mypetchicken.com, as to their suitability for backyard life:

    Hardy In Winter: No
    Bears Confinement: Intolerant of confinement
    Especially Docile: No
    Setter/Broody: Yes
    Personality: Curious and alert; friendly but quite active

    I will have to wait until next year to start my brood. Other obligations pushed their way to the head of the line for my attention and care.

  20. i like that! i was thinking mostly of the athleticism and long legs of the modern. they are strictly for looking at. intolerant of confinement! cant say i blame them.

  21. I love the chicken lingo. I have no idea what you are talking about but I sound more intelligent talking about chicken matters with my neighbor after peeking at your blog. Her chickens have such personalities, yours does look quite angst ridden!

  22. I also like the fact that moderns are descended from pit fighting birds. Only today, they're all about the wuv, not the glove.

  23. That chicken and I presently look a lot like each other. Only my hair has unmanageable waves.


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