the first cool day of fall


a jewelweed on the creek bank heavy with dew

a cool overcast day highlights the warm colors of a cornfield on the way to the dump

dog is my co-pilot

a flock of guinea hens on the road

a country house i pass on the way to town; something is always in bloom here.

yesterday's harvest!

a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1. the ultimate. seen at the Home Depot last weekend along with other classic cars from the "cruise in" to see more classic car photos click here


  1. My mom always said a flock of guinea hens was the best alarm system a farm could have. They are cute.

    Lord those potatoes are beautiful. Winners at the county fair, I gar--run--tee!

    Happy Friday.

  2. WOW! that's some nice looking crop of sweet taters. Looks like you mastered the trick of getting 'em up without breaking the skins. Your place have a root cellar for storing in a cool dry place? If not, what do you do? Can them? Are you putting in a fall crop? If so, what's on the list?

    I have an art question for you, if I want you to make something for you do that? I cannot afford a really nice commissioned piece but ....
    I think I have visited your blog often enough now that I have been
    influenced by all the visions! I keep thinking I want some big terra cotta pots on my deck which have been painted with some of your native creatures in their mountain environment. Course I can fill em with the plants that grow over my way.

    Somehow visiting your blog makes me yearn to have a piece of the feel of Chickory here at the Pond. That desire made me think of the painted pots to combine your nature art with...nature. Let me know! Might be just a dream but one can hope!

  3. I love September/Fall. *sigh* And seeing the ATL version makes me super happy. I think the picture of the country house is beautiful and I like that there is always something in bloom. That's going to be my goal for next year.

    NICE 'taters!

    (I see that Real Housewife has not made his way over here. What a relief.)

  4. stunning photos .. great crop ..
    your neck of the woods looks much like mine .. :)
    it's beautiful, isn't it.

  5. I love the little place you pass on the way to town. It seems so tranquil and serene. I could move right in.

  6. Reminds me of the English countryside, 'cept those Guniea Hens would be Patridges and Pheasants. Mummie, buy me Co-Pilot like that one.

    There's a nice little slideshow at my place ~ from a recent visit to a lovely community garden. Come around sometime, little Chickory grrrrrrrrrl.

  7. Quite the difference between what the earth produces and what man produces. In their basic elements both the crops and the cars are from the earth.

    Got to admit though that '70 Mustang was a bad ass car, hard to beat in street stock Saturday night runs on Telegraph Rd.

  8. Beautiful photos dear chickory, such a lovely place to live,the colours are just stunning, all of those beautiful greens and the deep and soft blues in the distamce.
    Trout looks well, so cute as co-pilot; that winding road with the guinea fowl looks so inviting, a nice place to drive.
    Your sweet potatoes look great and that jewel flower is just so pretty, in happier times Boney sent me a photo of one along with some other pretty flowers.
    I want to move there too and be close to you and foamy. xo ♡

  9. One of the things I really miss about living in Albuquerque proper is running through the residential neighborhoods. We are great gardeners, and like you said something is always in bloom. Out here in the "country," one actually see less flowers and greenery surrounding people's homes. I think it's partly that the natural surroundings are so overwhelming, partly an irrigation issue.

    That Mach 1 is the only Mustang I really groove on. Totally muscly and bad ass. An apocalyptic ride, for sure.

  10. I know you put that Mustang up for Moi.

  11. shamy: a flock of guinea hens. hmmm sounds like a recently discussed band....i just found out that the sweet potatoes have to cure in the sun for a few days. i was also told at the farmers market today that once you pick peppers - you should leave them out in the sun too -then they get hotter. good to know! im learning.

    judy in ky: you have impeccable taste. welcome! its nie to have you here.

    fishy: well i hacked up some of them. but what fun it was to hunt for them. now i am seeing what i can plant behind what. (crop rotation)
    we will have to think of a way to trade are a designer, right? seems like you could be a great DIY gal, but i will help you if i can!

    boxer: we have had ample rain. i think the fall should be brilliant. now. have you ever seen such pretty feet? on a man? ( i did watch an episode of the RHOA and once again find dwight to be the best of the bitches)

    foamy: ive thought that before looking around your blog. very similar. and we are blessed!

    kmwthay: me too. its so cute -but it is on the road so....i like my set up -1/4 mile driveway. cant see me from the road.

    faery: i look forward to that. you might find Trout a bit tiresome with a cat in the house. im thinking of those crazy animation cloud fights. grrhaheherha i'll be over later tonight.

    walking man: that car is sex on wheels. ive loved it forever. it was immortalized in "diamonds are forever"

    dianne: you would be so welcome here. and you would love the landscape - im sure of it. those guineas are a funny bird.

    angelina jolie's tattoo: welcome!

    shamy: its rare though which is why i dont do comment mod or word veri -the banes of blogging

    moi: i think there is truth to your observation. you see far more cultivated gardens in the city - however -in the country you may need to get back behind a house to see what they have going on. i visited a neighbor recently and was blown away by her garden. to look at the house from the road youd think "how dull"

    the car. it is timeless and my only mustang too. check out my other photos there were a couple of nice SS and a dodge challenger...and some old cars i dont know.

    boxer: indeed. for anyone who never understood the correlation between sex and automobiles i submit to you Exhibit A: the mach 1

  12. I love the wheels, and I love the pup in the car.
    How are you, my dear old pup?
    I miss the days of that Rottie in poetry contests...xoxo

  13. Sigh....

    Exquisite photo of dew on jewelweed!

    Autumn is mah favorite time of year. Thanky fer sharin' the tart of yore changin' time--Oh my mercy, but I has to leash mah heart to keep from runnin' up the road to check out yore piece of the woods. How gorgeous.

    Better git mah bed ready--ho!

    I'se a chicken whisperer--I'll git Real Housewife to lay an aig...heh.

  14. Your old truck has character. I like it.

  15. huckleberry: glad to see you again. i left you a comment and am glad you are blogging. but i wont comment on any blog that uses comment modification or word verification again. if you change your policies let me know!!

    troll: i had a couple of guys offer to buy the truck at the farmers market saturday. i love it! V is buying parts for it on ebay. i know its a farm truck. but now he is looking at it like a project. soon i wont even get to drive it. i have to stop him!

  16. aunty: come on up! id love to have you. ill save your some jewel weed.


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