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as i prepare to fire sparringk9 up again i have been thinking about my years as a blogger and i have made a decision. i dont like comment moderation and word verification. i cannot understand why these controls that add one or two more steps assists in any way the flow of conversation and exchange of ideas.

comment moderation is particularly annoying. it is a kind of censorship and i refuse to participate in it ever again. some people have it because somebody has harassed them in some way. okay, i understand that. as K9 i experienced that on a fairly regular basis but dealt with it and dispatched the irritants with his bark and bite. i personally would not choose to punish the all for the sins of the few. and if a comment is that bad, it can always be trash canned.

if someone posts about cultural or political topics and then enables comment mod then that tells me they are afraid of being challenged; so no commentary is actually needed. in fact, why not just have no comments at all and say whatever and let it stand. whatever the reason i will not leave a comment on any blog that uses this controller's tool ever again.

word verification. bloggers do it because they dont want spam. i understand. however, how much spam does a blogger get that they think it is worth inconveniencing their readers to prevent them from the task of removing spam? in other words, they are telling me that my participation in their blog is of less value than the time it takes them to remove spam. which makes me not want to comment. this is my new policy. if we are blog mates and you have these controls? im sorry. vaya con dios.


  1. I've noticed some commenters are into a system lately where they find meanings in word verification and enjoy posting these meanings. I hate to take this away from them, sometimes they come up with amazing things revealing key log tracking. Its hard to deny it when some of the verification words are rather pointed.
    I'm with you on moderation ... unless a site has such a voluminous readership it attracts/invites spam.
    I fail to see it for lower profile blogs, ie; readership under a few hundred per day.
    In the four years I've been blogging, there has been ONE obvious spam comment.
    How about this Chickory, I will remove all obstacles on the gallery and keep verification on the blog? Can we compromise on this?

  2. nina: yes we can. and i did notice that about DIALW with the word meanings. actually, i forgot your blog had it. but - i will always READ your blog.

  3. BANG ON, DOG!

    you tell it true, girl

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  4. I don't moderate comments but I do have word verify at the Kitchen. And yes, I get spam. Enough that it's on. Word verify doesn't inconvenience readers, it's an inconvenience for the commenters and a huge deterrent to assholes who want to take advantage of both my readers and commenters to spam my blog. As to the valuation of my time spent all things blogging and your time commenting? I can only judge what's best for me and whether my time better spent writing, photochopping, cooking, or creating. Spam trashing is not something I want to spend my time on. I understand that you've drawn your line in the sand but if my word verify fence keeps spamming trespassers out then I'll live with the consequences. I'm sorry you won't be commenting because I value you as both a reader and commenter.

  5. chickory - I agree about moderation unless you are, oh, I don't know, say Jon & Kate (hahahah). If I get some weird offensive comment, I'll just delete it and block the sender. I'm not even sure I have word verification - maybe if the person is an 'anonymous' blogger? I'll check it out. xox Pam

  6. /t: thanks!

    shamy: i understand. i think at war of the nuts you have a system in place that requires the person who leaves a comment to be signed into google. so there is a layer of control right there - no anonymous. thats fine i have no problem with that. but after a few rounds of word veris that are 8 letters long, sometimes hard to read, and if you type one wrong you have to do it yet again. its just too much. it appears that you have drawn a line in the sand as well. there are lots of blogs that do that and i may still read but im not typing in another word veri. and i will live with those consequences. i value you too -very much. like you said, everybody has to decide how they will spend their time .

    yoborobo: no you dont have word verification. thank goodness because i like telling you how amazing your work is.

  7. Changed that on the Nuts. Never thought enough people read it to matter.

  8. well it is kind of a blog....for "us" . and, its about time for me to resurrect lt. col. maximum damage as well. is that chewing i hear in your attic. uh oh. you'll need new wiring soon. ;-)

  9. For the record, yours truly has ALWAYS been opposed to any activity where moderation is encouraged. However, verification is quite another matter. I find nothing wrong with making sure* one is over 18 and female (* in moderation, of course).

  10. Ah yes, and I'll be sending you squirrel jerky in your mail package. Smoked or teriyake?

  11. Yay! Rotty is coming home! I've never had word verification or moderation for the same reasons. They annoy the crap outta me, but if I really like a blogger I'll put with the wordy thing, but not moderation.

    *sniff*sniff? Is that your cord being cut to your electrcity Shamu?

  12. Sweet, a batch of shells and and jerky for Boxer.

  13. K9 is returning! Can hardly wait to read the opening post! On a lighter note, my MM is up at the Pond so splash on over, no moderation and no verification hurdles to jump. Are you laboring on Labor Day? Turning the garden, making fine art, writing a new blog?

  14. HO!

    The Dawg is headin' home to the yard!!
    Oh yeah!

    I doan have no com moderation (hate hate hate that!) an' no word veri--so please come by when Rottie Pup is up and swingin'.

  15. DOG has spoken! Yeaaay, dawgie. The we's of I agree, grrrrrrl.

  16. I totally agree with you about comment moderation. What's the point of having comments?

    However - the word verification is another story. I've gotten a computer virus because of blogger spam, and it affected some of my other networking sites to the point my computer became a transmitter of the virus. It sent the virus to many of the people on my friend list, and I felt responsible. I don't want that to happen again, so I enlist the assistance of word verification.

  17. *shrug* never explored the psychology of it, Just as I never explored the moderation aspect. Simply figured if there was a word needed that was the price of delivering it. But yes it does slow down my walking every day by a few aggregate minutes.

  18. I invented comment moderation and word verification and that other annoying thing.

  19. I knew that I didn't have comment moderation but admit I had to go and check my settings to see about word verification (and it is set to NO). Now my blog is not a busy blog (less than 100 visits per day) but to date I have had only one incidence of spam (ages & ages ago and I instantly deleted it) and thankfully I have had no comments which I felt were harassing or upsetting in any way - which I find very surprising due to the highly controversial nature of the content dans my blog. Big ol' Canadian Socialist wink.

    Happy you're in the swap - any suggestions or thoughts on new item words or number there of ??

  20. I had mine where it went through email when we first started the blog. But it was used just so nothing would get through that elizabeth might read. I finally took it down and have had no problems. Checked on my settings to see if I had the word v. set up and I did. Took care of it straight away. :)

  21. Well, I'm a little confused by the ways of Blogger. I have never requested Blogger to add word verification to my comments section, but I think it's there nevertheless. It seems to have come as "part of the package".

  22. yeah .. i don't like any of it either ..

  23. puerileuwaite: grrehrhahahaha. is it 18? you have better standards than a Kennedy! you should run for senate!

    shamy: youre asking for it, lady.

    boxer: well if i really like a blog - i'll still read. but seriously, there are plenty of really good blogs that dont put any of these barriers up and i will have to find them. im not doing word veri. im telling the blogs that have it in my final comment what i think so they know why i disappeared. some people may install word veri to drive me away!! grherhhaha

    fishy: time to embrace my darker, hairier side. labour day? im in the studio. had to leave chickory for a few days to take care of some bidness.

    aunty: i know you dont. and you have received some of the most hostile comments ive ever read -and you always reply with wit. impressive! i will always range over to your porches/

    faery: yep. weve been in it from the beginning havent we?

    kmwythay: im sorry about the virus. youve got to do what youve got to do. and i understand. switch to mac. 99.8% of viruses are written for windoze

    walking man: its just such an irritant - i dont have anything i need to say that badly

    al gore: finally an invention i really believe a controller like you WOULD invent

    susan: yes your pages are very controversial. im sure you inspire major hostility. grrrrrherhahaha. you dont know me as K9 - and i probably wont come to your pages as "him" - but i have gotten some hater humdingers of commentary. i love to let it stand too. so revealing. grrrrhahahaha

    i will still visit as chickory. i'll be along later with swap stuff. im excited!

    dani: did you find things flowed a bit better once you took off comment mod? i think so. i was so glad you did that cause i love your blog. really glad you dont have word verification!!

    judy in ky: word veri is the default when you set blogger up. you can turn it off in the settings. i consider it to be a courtesy to your readers. but, as you can see, there are other opinions on the matter. you have to do what is best for you. the right people will always find there way there.

    .................. yours is the ultimate - no word veri, no comment mod and no blog. grrherhahahaha

  24. You shud complain to Blogger to STOP making word veri an opt-in. rather than the current opt-oowut! Most bloggers have and didn't choose to have it ... when you comment on your own blog, you do not get a word veri ... so would not neccesarily know, until someone told them. Such is the case with me. Now I have hung, drawn, and quartered word veri on my blog. Just so you know.

  25. Yes some blogs have comment moderation as a form of censorship and some as form of control...I have left nice and positive comments at two particular blogs but they are never published so what is that telling me?
    I do comment at other blogs with comment moderation and there seems to be no problem there with my comments being published after approval and another couple where word verification is required, I do find it annoying and it does make you wonder why they have a comments box at all.
    I have had a few irritating comments but I just binned them, I have one spam commenter who keeps leaving adds for asian prostitutes at an earlier post, he/she is persistent but I just keep removing them in the hope that he/she will give up. ♥

  26. re your comment to .........................
    LMAO .. lol .. :D

  27. I've taken my word verification off. I didn't want to put it on but was afraid of The Virus too. Was getting strange comments about "nurses are perverts and must be stopped" or something along those lines, so thought I'd be extra careful for a while. I'm still amazed anyone wants to stop by my page and leave a comment, so you are right, I will make it easier for them!

  28. By the way chickory my dear, I couldn't see your images the other day when I stoped by something I had done to my computer...I can now see your little family up there, all hens I hope, they are very cute. xo ♥

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