a love letter to the one i gave away. 6x6" acrylic on board.


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful. These colors together are so rich. And he looks very contented in the painting. I hope he is in real life, too! I love the shape of this - it's very satisfying to look at. I want to pick it up! LOL! xox Pam

  2. He is GORGEOUS ! Love it ! I'm sure he's havin' himsel a swell new life hangin' with the other farm (and the like) animals and teaching kids to be kind and gentle. kisses to Trout from Winnie D.

  3. Awww. Makes me miss all of them. I must say I always imagine him with his mouth open.

  4. wonderful wonderful!

    Any word on him?

  5. complete with a stamp.

    He's a beauty and did right by him. You worked hard to rehome him. Hoping for good news to Aunty's question.

  6. sweet!

    ¤ ¤ ¤

  7. yoborobo: i like the abstraction of the tail as well. its definitely about shape. i hope he is doing okay too.

    susan: you may remember there was this one little girl i trusted with his care...to be honest, i stopped myself from calling. if it didnt work out or he was killed or something i would have been so blue. i left the school with the names and numbers of the 6 other people who called to adopt him.

    shamy: ive read hens are far more vulnerable to predation without a roo. but my county in the city says no roosters and V was worried theyd make us get rid of all the chickens. and remember, he only likes hens, so...

    faery: and he was good, too. granted, he wasnt fully mature but he was agreeable enough.

    aunty: i cant call. i just had to cut the cord. i miss him though. and dovey and red too. but easter is the best layer ive ever had. an egg a day at the same time of day. no fussing either. amazing bird.

    boxer: see above. er..i hope i did right by him. lately ive worried about it the hawks are on the yard all the time. im going up to tennessee this week to buy bottle rockets - hopefully that will be an effective anti hawk system.

    /t: thanks 't. kinda minimal for me, huh?

  8. sorry you're worried. I get that stress of always being 'on it'.

    you did very right by him. and I wouldn't want to know either. xoxo.

  9. I'm sorry. I can't stop laughing my ass off at the mental image of you in the farm truck, radio blaring, Trout lolling happily out the passenger side window, as you scream off across the border to buy bottle rockets with which to terrorize hawks.

  10. boxer: yeah. they are starting to turn vulture like. and bringing friends.

    enemy: you are TOO kind! thank you friend.

    moi: the REAL shock and awe. grrrrherherhahaha
    no hawks will be injured i promise. hopefully just terrorized. i mean, i want the fed to be audited so i think according to MIAC that makes me a home grown terrorist already; so im training.

  11. That is a such a beautiful painting of Dusty, he looks happy and I'm sure he is in his new home with the other farm animals...
    of course you wonder how he is because you care...

    I'm sure if he hadn't settled the school would have contacted you or one of the other people who were wanting to give him a home, so don't worry sweetie you did the right thing. xo ♡

  12. I'm sure you would have heard from the school if things weren't peachy. And you are so funny with your bottle rockets. Stop by WalMart and pick up a dozen of those plastic owls, sprinkle them around. Maybe the hawks will move on - the competition will be too much! LOL!

  13. Love this painting, sort of has a Griffin and Sabine vibe

    The best art, be it visual, written or heard.. is always derived from a meaningful life experience.

    I find it touching; all these busy months later, a garden cackling full of new hens, and here you are still painting prayers for Dusty.

  14. Awesome! When we had to rehome our roos, I did just what you did. Cut the cord. Too hard as it is getting rid of them.

  15. He's a pretty lucky bird.
    Wonderful image.

  16. Curious if you saw Glen Beck's expose on what the Obamanation is doing through the taxpayer-funded National Endowment For The Arts (NEA) and through his "Arts Czar"?

    Expect a "Triumph of The Will" at your local theatre by December. But probably not as well-made.

  17. another wonderful addition to your collection of chicken art!!
    it's normal to miss him and the others too ..
    they were loved after all ..

  18. I really do like your work very much.

  19. dianne: thanks dianne, i just think that the hens would be safer with a roo in the yard, but i just couldnt not have him. when i dont have to go back to the city with the hens i WILL have a roo.

    walking man: no, not for me. maybe for him. hey maybe he is wildly happy th emost popular guy in school. i hope so.

    yoborobo: those owls are 14 bucks a piece. and, i dont think it will work. these hawks are smart.

    fishy: it IS kinda griffen and sabiney isnt it? its the stamps. i often paint my animals after the fact - like trying to bring them back to me as image. thanks -it is a prayer for a roo.

    dani: yep. its hard to do though.

    troll: thank you. and yes i saw the NEA email and the subsequent discussions. taxpayer money should not go toward creating art for any political party or action. but it happens all the time. had this gone the other way there would be a wail across the land that would split your ears.

    gnome: thank you. i wish youd open up another blog. i miss your posts.

    foamy: im about covered over with chicken art. some of it has to go.

    nina: thank you so much.

    for those of you who do not know Nina, she is an amazing painter. check out her work: click on

    deep into artlife west gallery

    on my sidebar and enjoy!

  20. So the art you've been posting here lately, are they for other projects? I keep checking your etsy to see if they pop up there but no such luck.


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